JetBlue Will Introduce Basic Economy Fares…and They’re Not That Bad!

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Later next year, JetBlue will hop on the industry trend of adding a basic economy fare option.  Other airlines rolled out basic economy fares to mixed results.  But JetBlue is committed to humanity – and not making basic economy passengers “feel like second-class citizens.”

While these fares will have limitations, you’ll still be able to bring a personal item and a carry-on.  And you’ll get unlimited soft drinks and snacks, in-flight entertainment, and free Wi-Fi when you fly.

These fares sound like a move in the right direction!  And JetBlue continues to have an increasingly useful loyalty program, now that they are a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner!

JetBlue Basic Economy Fares Will Have Limits, but Avoid the Worst Restrictions Associated With These Fares

I’ll share more details!

Basic Economy Coming to JetBlue in 2019

Whenever I see “basic economy” pop up, I think, “Uh oh.”  But it seems JetBlue will keep the best parts of their experience and trim in other ways.

In a blog post, we learn JetBlue’s basic economy might be called “Blue Save,” and could limit:

  • Your boarding order (you will likely board last)
  • Seat selection (you’ll have to take whatever they assign)
  • Tickets changes and cancellation (these fares will likely be nonrefundable)
JetBlue’s New Fare Options Will Launch in 2019

The good news is you can still bring a carry-on item in addition to a personal item.  And you’ll get to enjoy all the other perks that set JetBlue apart, like their overflowing snack baskets, free soft drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

The announcement details an overhaul of their fare classes.  But nothing is set for now, so we will have to wait to see what happens.

If you want the lowest price and don’t care about when you board or where you sit, these new fares could be a great way to save.  I like how they’re not trying to limit luggage.  Who can travel with only 1 personal item?

Perhaps JetBlue’s basic economy fares will inspire other airlines to step up their game!  What do you think of these upcoming changes?

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1 year ago

Well, it will be nice if they do, indeed, include 1 carryon bag with their basic fare. However … be prepared to have to gate check the bag if you’ll be among the last to board the aircraft, or stow your bag in an overhead bin far from and/or behind your seat if others are filled.

If that is bothersome, perhaps they’ll offer priority boarding to passengers who hold the airline-affiliated credit card, as do the other major carriers.

Reply to  Ron
1 year ago

Yes, it’s always frustrating to board last and not get access to overhead bin space. Good suggestion on priority boarding for cardholders. We’ll have to see if they offer this. Fingers crossed!

1 year ago

Sooo… it’s like Delta’s basic economy?

Reply to  Lrdx
1 year ago

Same thought occurred to me. Delta’s Basic Economy sounds similar, and T-Mobile users get an hour of free Wi-Fi — Delta is even looking at offering free Wi-Fi to every passenger in the future, even though no timetable has been set. So I suppose the loyalty program will be the one thing that sets JetBlue Basic Economy apart from Delta Basic Economy?

1 year ago

Do any basic economy limitations change if you have one of the airline’s credit cards, like boarding order or seat selection etc?

Reply to  CF
1 year ago

We’re still waiting to hear if JetBlue cardholders will get additional benefits when purchasing a basic economy fare.