Here Are the 25 Highest-Paying “Work-From-Anywhere-So-You-Can-Travel” Jobs for 2018

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Do you dream of location independence?  Lots of folks would cherish the opportunity to work from anywhere, which means freedom to travel around the world!

We’re not talking about a permanent vacation.  But professional careers or small business ideas that give you flexibility to generate an income while working in any destination.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Imagine This as Your Office! Thanks to Technology, There Are Lots of Opportunities That Can Make This Dream a Reality

Advancements in technology have given many companies the option of expanding their virtual workforce!  This is great for folks who enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger organization, but don’t like to commute to an office every day.

And for entrepreneurial folks, there’s no shortage of money making opportunities you can take advantage of, regardless of location.

25 Best Opportunities for Folks Looking to Work Remotely

If you aspire to travel the world while making big bucks, here are 25 jobs to consider.

Keep in mind, pay can vary greatly in each job.  For example, some freelance writers make 6 figure incomes, while other struggle to generate any revenue.

Also consider, some remote careers can require advanced degrees or significant experience.

1.   Teleradiologists

If you’re a medical specialist who reviews X-rays or CT scans, you can do well as a teleradiologist.  According to Forbes, folks who review patient images from their computers can consult with doctors via videoconferencing and make $100,000 to $400,000 per year.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Teleradiologists Can Review Patient Images From Any Location and Consult With Doctors or Patients via Video Calls

2.   Virtual Attorney

If you’re licensed to practice law, you could easily make 6 figures working remotely, depending on your specialty.  You might not find yourself in the courtroom, but you could still review legal cases and hearing documents.

I found a virtual patent lawyer position, which pay $100 to $125 per hour.  And there are other freelance law opportunities reviewing contracts or working with companies on policies and procedures.

3.   Real Estate Investor

If you’re looking to generate passive income while traveling the world, you can invest in real estate.

This is a venture that typically requires money to make money.  For example, you’ll need to have a lump sum of cash to make a down payment for a rental home, office building, warehouse, or hotel.  But once you’re the owner, you can pay someone to manage the property and collect the rental income.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Investing in Rental Real Estate Means You Can Generate Passive Income! And If You Have a Property Manager, You Don’t Have to Be Near

Keep in mind, there are risks associated with buying real estate.  So if you don’t have experience, you might consider partnering with someone who does.  Or you can explore online crowdfunding investment opportunities, which give qualified investors a chance to own a piece of a real estate project.

4.   Remote Order Pharmacist

With the proper license you can work from home (or anywhere) as a pharmacist to verify orders and interact with doctors and patients about potential concerns.

I found many job listings for remote pharmacists.  And my research shows these jobs can pay more than 6 figures!

5.   Online Teacher

Many colleges and universities offer online courses.  I’ve read professors for online courses can make $1,500 to $2,500 per class per semester.  So teaching multiple classes can be a great way to boost your income!

6.   Airbnb Host

Renting rooms in your home or operating a vacation rental is something you can do just about anywhere.  For example, Million Mile Secrets team member Keith knows a couple that relocated to Bali and make a living managing several local Airbnb listings.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
You Can Establish Your Home in an Exotic Location Like Bali and Make a Living Hosting on Airbnb

Million Mile Secrets team member Harlan shared how he earns 4 figures per month renting a spare room on Airbnb.  Be sure to check local laws and regulations before pursuing an Airbnb venture.

7.   Graphic Designer

Many businesses hire freelance graphic designers to complete logo designs, packaging, flyers, posters, and much more!  As long as you have a computer, you can do this from anywhere!

As a freelancer, you can set your own price and make your own hours.  It’s possible to make $75 to $150 per hour.  Or you can charge a flat price to complete a project.  You’ll want to have a rolodex of clients to consistently have design opportunities.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Freelance Graphic Designers Can Work From Anywhere While Setting Your Own Prices and Hours

8.   Blogger

If you’re a passionate writer looking to share unique content on the internet, you can make a living starting your own blog.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a travel blog.  You can write about health & wellness, celebrity gossip, or other topics that will generate a following.

The key is to convert your blog content into income, which you can do with ads, affiliate links, and paid sponsorships.

9.   Computer Programmer

Folks savvy with computer coding and software development can be in high demand.  Creating mobile applications is a skill that’s definitely been in demand recently.

Some programmers prefer to work on a freelance basis to take on multiple projects at a time.  But I have a few computer programmer friends that work remotely for larger companies.  Depending on your experience, you can make nearly 6 figures as a programmer.

10.   Social Media Manager

Are you an expert at increasing followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube?  You can pitch your skills to local businesses and manage their social media pages for a fee.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can do this job from anywhere in the world!

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Entrepreneurial Social Media Experts Can Pitch Your Skills to Local Businesses to Generate Income

11.   Translator

If you read, write, and speak more than one language, you could put your skills to work as a virtual translator.

A virtual translator can work on translating a wide variety of documents, including press releases, news articles, research reports, and resumes.

According to ZipRecruiter, virtual translators can make up to $60,000.

12.   Customer Service Representative

The demand for customer service representatives increases as more folks continue to shop online (like I do!).  For example, Amazon hires virtual call center agents and customer service associates.  And I found a job listing for a virtual customer service position at American Express.

13.   Business Consultant

Business consultants can help companies in a broad range of industries increase efficiency or improve profitability.

If you have your own clients, you can do this job from anywhere.  That said, even consultants at larger corporations have flexibility to work remotely when you’re not traveling to client locations.

For example, Million Mile Secrets team member Keith’s neighbor in California is a business consultant working for a company based in Connecticut.  Because she can complete most of her work on a computer, she travels to destinations around the world.

14.   Day Trader

Are you a financial wiz?  Folks savvy with stocks and bonds can make lots of money by trading their own investment accounts.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money this way because financial markets can be volatile.  But with an internet connection, you could be buying and selling stocks from anywhere, even on a boat off the coast of Los Cabos!

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Daytraders Can Turn Profits Buying and Selling Stocks! You Can Even Do This From a Boat, Assuming You Have an Internet Connection

15.   E-Commerce 

Selling products on the web is BIG business!

If you don’t have the resources to start your own internet retailer, you can sell merchandise as a third-party through platforms like:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Facebook

I’ve read about full-time eBay resellers that generate millions in revenue.  If you’re traveling around-the-world while operating your e-commerce business, you’ll need a good system to manage your inventory and shipping.

16.   Web Developer and Designer

Companies pay thousands of dollars to folks capable of building and redesigning websites.  This is another work from anywhere job that just requires a computer and internet connection!

You’ll likely want to have a portfolio of previous projects to show off to potential customers if you’re working as a freelancer.  Or perhaps work for a larger company that permits you to work remotely.

17.   AutoCAD Consultant

If you’re savvy with computer-aided design programs like AutoCAD, you can complete projects on a freelance basis for property owners and developers.

I found numerous opportunities for remote AutoCAD designers throughout the US available on  The postings range from $250 for a 1-week task to $45,000 for a 6-month project.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Architects and Engineers Can Earn a Nice Living Working Remotely on Design Projects

18.   Property Inspector

You can make $500 (or more!) per visit to travel around checking out homes and commercial buildings.  This is a work from anywhere job that requires connections to get started.

For example, some banks hire inspectors to examine buildings and locations before they provide a loan.  Besides visiting the buildings, you’ll also likely have to prepare a thorough written analysis too!

19.   Photographer

Skilled photographers can make a living anywhere!  There are many types of photo-taking opportunities, including fashion, wedding, and wildlife!

Top destination wedding photographers can charge $10,000+ plus travel costs for a package.  And you get to travel to terrific destinations!

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Travel With a Drone and Photography Equipment and Earn Money Selling Your Photographs to Hotels and Other Businesses

20.   Social Media Influencer

With a large social media following, you can make lots of money promoting products with paid sponsorships.

Consider the well-known Bucket List Family who recently told CNBC they charge several thousands of dollars to promote destinations and products through their Instagram accounts.

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Build Your Brand on Social Media Platforms and You Can Make Lots of Money Traveling the World Like The Bucket List Family Does!

21.   Virtual Tax Preparers

Not many folks like dealing with tedious tax filings.  That’s why some are willing to pay a virtual tax preparer to ensure everything is completed accurately and on time.

With a few years of experience, you can make $50,000+ crunching numbers on your computer from anywhere in the world!

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
Work as a Virtual Tax Preparer Anywhere in the World to Help Folks Complete Their Return Accurately and in a Timely Manner

22.   Nutritional Consultant

If you develop the clientele, you can use Skype and other videoconferencing software to work with customers on nutritional planning and health coaching.

Online nutritional consultants can make $150 per session talking to customers through the web.

23.   Job Recruiter

Both small and large companies utilize job recruiters to help fill a variety of positions.  You can review resumes and coordinate interviews with companies and job candidates from anywhere in the world.

Depending on the type of job you’re looking to hire, you can make a 30% commission.  So a position that pays $100,000 means you can earn a $30,000 paycheck for yourself!  This is a competitive industry, so having experience is helpful.

24.   Travel Agent

While you’re traveling the world, you can help others plan their travels.

Travel agents usually make commissions based on the total cost of a trip, which usually range from 10% to 15%.  So booking lots of trips or expensive adventures can result in you getting a nice paycheck!

Highest Paying Location Independent Jobs
As a Travel Agent, You Can Work From Anywhere and Help Folks Book Trips Like Caribbean Getaways

25.   Traveling Chef

Folks with culinary backgrounds who are willing to move around while traveling the world can become traveling chefs.  You can work on cruise ships or at resorts.

I’ve read these positions can pay $45,000 and your travel costs can be covered, which is a nice perk!

Bottom Line

If the standard office work environment is not for you, there are many jobs you can do from anywhere in the world while getting paid well at the same time.

Some opportunities are require an entrepreneurial spirit, like establishing a photography business or working as a travel agent.  But you can also find freelance positions for larger companies if you’re a computer programmer, graphic designeror translator. 

Keep in a mind, a few of the highest paying remote jobs require experience and advanced degrees, including virtual attorneys, telepharmacists, and online teachers.

Did I miss any?  If you know of any great career opportunities, feel free to share in the comments!

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