Flying Squirrel? Frontier Airlines Removes Passenger From Flight Along With Her “Emotional Support Animal”

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Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s not something you hear about every day, but there was almost a flying squirrel on Frontier Airlines Flight 1612 from Orlando to Cleveland.

A passenger was able to make it through security and onto the flight with a pet squirrel she considered an emotional support animal.  Apparently, the passenger didn’t get the memo that rodents are NOT considered emotional support animals.  Frontier Airlines may have to reconsider painting animals onto their aircraft tails because apparently some folks take it as an indication to bring any and every animal companion along with them.

The flight was delayed 2 hours because the unidentified woman who boarded with her squirrel refused to get off the plane.  **Queue the drama**  The local police were called in and all passengers were asked to exit the plane, prolonging everyone’s travel day a bit longer.

To top it off, the woman proceeded to flip off passengers and tell them to “shut up” as she was being escorted off the plane with her squirrel.  Passengers have long tried to bring unique animals on the plane ranging from snakes and spiders to peacocks and hedgehogs, but a squirrel?  You can’t make this stuff up.

As of November 1, Frontier Airlines is limiting support animals to a cat or dog.  Hopefully, this clears things up for future travelers who want to board with exotic pets.

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