Europe Electronics Ban Update: Good News for Business and Leisure Travelers!

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Emily:   A week ago, we found out the electronics ban between the US and Europe was a sure thing.

But via the New York Times, the ban will NOT be implemented, at least for now!  So folks can still use their laptops and tablets in-flight for work and entertainment.  That’s great news!

Europe Electronics Ban Update
You’ll Still Be Able to Bring Your Laptop on Board Flights From Europe to the US

I’ll share why I think the ban did NOT go through.

No Electronics Ban on Flights From Europe

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We told you what we knew about the electronics ban last week.  But we still didn’t know if the ban would be similar to the previous ban from Middle Eastern and African airports, which required folks to check electronics like laptops, tablets, and e-Readers.

And now we have a positive update!  European and US officials have met, and for the time being, they will NOT prohibit folks from bringing large electronics in their carry-on luggage.  The New York Times reports:

The proposed ban would cause serious disruptions on one of the world’s most frequented air routes.  About 65 million people fly every year between the US and Europe, many of them for business.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned that if implemented, the ban could cause as much as $1.1 billion in lost time.

Europe Electronics Ban Update
If Laptops Were Banned From the Cabin, Business Travelers Couldn’t Work, and Toddlers Couldn’t Watch Doc McStuffins! 🙂

That’s great news for everyone!  Because flights between the US and Europe are so popular (for both business and pleasure), it’s possible the ban didn’t hold for 2 reasons:

  • Pushback from businesses with employees carrying sensitive and classified information on laptops, or who expect their employees to work on flights
  • Pushback from airlines (demand would likely decrease for European travel!)

And we’ve seen a lot of incredible deals to Europe lately!  This might be due to airlines trying to encourage more transatlantic travel in anticipation of this ban!

Bottom Line

The proposed electronics travel ban on flights from Europe to the US will NOT go forward for the time being.

That’s good news for both business and leisure travelers.  Because your productivity won’t be interrupted!  Whether that means writing a report, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

Are you happy about this news?  Or did the proposed ban make you feel safer?

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