Double & Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program (Sign-Up Now Open!)

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I wrote that a new American Express rewards program, called Plenti, was coming soon.

Now you can sign-up for free and start earning points at certain stores.  What I like about this program is it’s easy to double and triple-dip to save money!

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
You Can Use Your Plenti Points to Save Money on Gas

I’ll show you how it works!

What’s Plenti?

Link:   Register for Plenti Rewards

Link:   Plenti FAQ Page

With Plenti you’ll earn points when you shop at:

How you earn and redeem your points varies with each store.  So be sure to check out the list of exclusions.

You can sign-up for a free Plenti account (must be 13 or older) at participating stores, on the Plenti Android or iPhone app (not available yet), or on the Plenti website.

And although this is an American Express loyalty program, you do NOT have to use an AMEX card.  You can pay with cash, debit, or credit card.

To earn the points, present your Plenti Rewards card, digital card (through the app), or phone number and PIN at check out.
Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
Plenti Is a Loyalty Program That Works With Any Form of Payment and Across Multiple Retailers

5 Ways to Earn Plenti Points

When you make purchases with your Plenti rewards card or your PIN and phone number on your account, you’ll earn points.  The points you earn can be redeemed at ~1 cent per point at any participating store.

Plenti points expire after 2 years.

How many points you earn varies depending on your purchase.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
You’ll Earn 200 Plenti Points (~$2) When You Buy 2 Select Olay Products and 100 Plenti Points (~$1) for 2 Select Pampers Diapers Packs

1.   Partner Offers

You’ll find partner offers in your online account.  Some are automatically available and others you need to activate.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
You’ll Have to Add Certain Offers to Your Account to Get the Bonus Points

2.   Household Offers

By linking certain grocery store rewards cards, you’ll also earn Plenti points when you purchase household products.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
You Can Earn Plenti Points When You Purchase Specific Items at Participating Supermarkets

Enter your zip code online to see which supermarkets in your area qualify.

3.   Shopping Portal

Plenti also has its own shopping portal where you can earn points for online purchases.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
Earn Plenti Points Through the Online Shopping Portal

However, I’d rather use a shopping portal like the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall where I can earn points for Big Travel.

4.   Transfer Membership Rewards Points

If you need more Plenti points, you can transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points.  But you’ll get more value from your AMEX Membership Rewards points by transferring to airline and hotel partners.  That’s because Plenti points are only worth ~1 cent each.

5.   AMEX Plenti Credit Card

There’s also the new Plenti Credit Card from Amex

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
You’ll Earn 1 Plenti Point per $1 Spent on Eligible Purchases With the AMEX Plenti Card

This is NOT a good card for folks looking for Big Travel.  There are much better AMEX cards.  You can find my favorite AMEX credit cards on the Hot Deals page.

I like the Plenti points program, but I’ll skip their credit card!

How Can You Redeem Plenti Points?

Plenti points are good for discounts at member stores for ~1 cent per point.  But there may be special promotions where you can get more value for your points.

Redemptions start at 200 Plenti points (~$2).

Currently, you can only use the points you earn to save on purchases at:

  • Exxon
  • Macy’s
  • Mobil
  • Rite Aid

So the points aren’t that flexible.  Plus, certain items are excluded.

If you have 500 Plenti points you can use them to save ~$5 on gas at Exxon by showing your card (or phone number and PIN) at check-out and following the instructions.

You can usually redeem any number of points (200 points or more) towards your purchase.  However, at Exxon and Mobil you may be required to use all the points in your account for each transaction.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
With Plenti, You Can Save Money on New Clothes, Gas, and Drugstore Items

I like that you can use ANY credit card to make a purchase and earn Plenti points in addition to your card’s bonus points!  So you’ll earn Plenti points on items you’d be buying anyway.

Double and Triple-Dip!

You can double-dip by using a credit card that earns bonus points on your purchase.

Double-Dipping Examples

For instance, at Exxon or Mobil you can earn 3X Citi ThankYou points when you pay with the Citi ThankYou Premier card, plus you’ll earn Plenti points!

Another easy way to double-dip is to use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card to pay your AT&T phone bill.  Because those cards earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points on cell phone services.  And you’ll earn Plenti points with AT&T!

Say you spend $200 on AT&T bills.  You’d earn 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points ($200 X 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points) with the Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash.  That’s worth $10 as a statement credit or much more when transferred to partner airlines or hotels!

And you’d earn 200 Plenti points worth $2 at participating Plenti retailers such as Exxon and Mobil.  So cell phone bills you’d be paying anyway earn you Chase Ultimate Rewards points for Big Travel and $2 off our next fill-up.

Triple-Dipping Example

Triple-dipping is when you can save in 3 different ways.  For example, if you make a purchase at Macy’s you can:

1.   Earn Plenti points for a discount on a future purchase.

2.   Pay with a card that earns bonus points or cash back at department stores, like the US Bank Cash+ (5% cash back if you select department stores as 1 of your categories for the quarter).

3.   Use a coupon you find online or in your local paper.

Double Triple-Dip Savings With Plenti Rewards Program Sign-Up Now Open
Get Triple Savings at Macy’s

And starting tomorrow, May 5, 2015, you can earn Plenti points at  So you should be able to quadruple-dip by also earning points through shopping portal deals you find on evreward.

Bottom Line

You can now create a free account with the American Express Plenti Rewards program.  You do NOT need to pay with an American Express card to earn Plenti points.

So you can use any credit card to pay for your purchase to earn credit card bonus points along with Plenti points.

The points you earn will save money on gas, clothing, and more.

Plenti points are worth ~1 cent per point.  So 200 Plenti points will save you ~$2 on a future purchase at a participating store.

Plenti Rewards is a free way to earn savings in addition to using your miles and points credit cards.

But I do NOT recommend the Plenti American Express card!  And I will NOT transfer American Express Membership Rewards points into the Plenti points program!

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