Developing Story: Emirates Flight Quarantined at New York (JFK)

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Update:  While the original number of sick passengers was reported as 100, Emirates has released a statement saying that only 10 passengers are ill and have been treated.  At least 3 passengers have been taken to the hospital.

An Emirates flight from Dubai is in quarantine at JFK at the moment, awaiting Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials.  During the flight, about 10 passengers became sick with high fevers and coughs.

The New York mayor’s office said that the plane made a brief stop in Mecca which is currently experiencing a flu outbreak.  So it’s possible this incident is related.

Photo of the Quarantined Emirates Flight Courtesy of ABC News

According to WNBC, the passengers are expected to be checked individually by CDC members.  The Airbus A380 had at least 500 passengers on the near 14-hour flight.  So I’d imagine this story will continue to develop throughout the day.  We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.

Have you ever been in such a situation?  Or how do you think you’d handle it?  I have to admit, I’d be pretty worried.  Hopefully, it’s just a bad case of food poisoning or something fairly harmless!

If you are currently at JFK and have any tips as to what’s going on, please let us know.

Hat tip:   NBC New York

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Steven M
2 years ago

“Have you ever been in such a situation?”

Nope. People say I am missing out by refusing to fly on an A380 but this is yet another reminder that when you’re on a plane with 500 people on a nearly 14-hour flight you are statistically more likely to experience any sort of issue. I stick to lower-density 787’s whenever possible.

Reply to  Steven M
2 years ago

That’s an interesting strategy I hadn’t considered. I usually just prepare for the flight by taking Airborne to boost the old immune system.

Steven M
Reply to  Jason
2 years ago

Airborne might boost your immunity and prevent e.g. a cold but it won’t do anything against something highly contagious such as cholera, Legionnaires, Ebola, plague etc. Yeah I know the likelihood of the person sitting next to you having any of these is likely close to zero but once we find out what caused this outbreak on Emirates it’ll underscore how when sitting in a metal tube for 14 hours you’ll hope to limit the number of people around you…especially if you, the plane, and/or some of the passengers are coming from a place where disease is endemic