Bluebird’s 3 New Changes to Getting Cash

We devote thousands of hours of research to help you get Big Travel with Small Money. You support us by signing-up for credit cards through partner links which earn us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Bluebird’s 3 New Changes to Getting Cash

Million Mile SecretsBluebird’s 3 New Changes to Getting CashMillion Mile Secrets Team

We devote thousands of hours of research to help you get Big Travel with Small Money. You support us by signing-up for credit cards through partner links which earn us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

For folks using Bluebird, there are 3 new changes you should know.  Two of the changes are good!

Bluebirds 3 New Changes To Getting Cash
Bluebird Has Changed 3 of Its Rules for Withdrawing Cash at ATMs

Getting Cash Faster for Less From Bluebird

Link:   Bluebird

Link:   How to use Bluebird

Bluebird from American Express is a way to deposit money, pay bills and make purchases without a traditional bank.  But many folks in our hobby also use it to help pay bills which you otherwise can’t pay with a credit card.

You can buy prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit cards from places like Staples or Simon Malls with your credit card.  Then you load those debit cards onto your Bluebird at Walmart.  See this post for details.

Then you can use the money in your Bluebird account to pay your credit card bills, send a check to your landlord, etc.  Or you can withdraw the money from an ATM.

I received an email today from Bluebird with changes to the ATM fees.

First the bad news:

Withdrawing cash from out-of-network ATMs will increase 50 cents to $2.50 beginning October 30, 2014.

Now the good news:

It’s now free to get cash from your Bluebird at in-network MoneyPass ATMs.  You can find your nearest MoneyPass ATM here.  It might even be in the Walmart where you load your Bluebird.

(Previously you had to have direct deposits to your Bluebird to get free withdrawals.)

While you’re still limited to withdrawing $2,000 per month, you can now take out as much as $750 per day.

So for folks who aren’t only using Bluebird to pay credit card bills and sending checks, it’s now easier to get cash.

Bottom Line

Loading Bluebird with prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards purchased via credit card is 1 of my 40+ ways to meet minimum spending requirements.  You can use your Bluebird to pay bills (such as your credit cards), send checks, and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Bluebird now charges $2.50 for withdrawing cash at out-of-network ATMs.  But it has increased the daily withdrawal limit to $750 per day until you reach the $2,000 per month maximum.

And it’s now free to withdraw cash at in-network MoneyPass ATMs.

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can u withdrawal inside Walmart store just like when u put money in also can you get money orders

I used my 4 digit Bluebird card password but I was declined.

What is the cause for this particular situation?

Happens to me all the time, run it as credit! Works for me..

How much total can be deposited on a bluebird account?

If you lose your bluebird card you CANNOT get to your funds. Even the Money Center at Walmart will require your 3 digit code on your card, (that is missing and likely suspended while you are waiting on your new card). Bluebird support is quick to tell you they can not recommend an alternative to getting your funds until you activate your new card.

When will Bluebird Amx allow EFT or electronic check transactions ?

Where in Walmart I can withdraw or add money to Bluebird?

At any “human- maned register” in other words, NOT SELF CHECK registers. And p.s…
It does not have to be done at the “Money Center” either (inside Walmart), which closes typically at 9:00pm
Hope this answered your question.

Be careful when paying bills through Bluebird. I have a loan from my dad that he did a cash advance off of his Bank of America Credit Card. They do not typically accept a credit card payment, so I called Bluebird to verify that I could use the routing number and account number linked to the account to call them and pay BOA. The person I spoke to on the phone assured me that it would go through with no issues, so I took her word for it, and guess what? It was declined. Turns out, this account will only pay bills if you use THEIR bill pay. I would have, but it takes a little too long for them to process payments which is a minimum of 6 days, and I didn’t want to take any chances on a late payment. Well, my dad got a letter in the mail that the payment had been declined and a fee was added. I called back and was informed by another representative that this account is for direct deposits, SSI, and tax refunds and that it does not do Electronic Transfers at all. So anything that comes through the card that is not a deposit, a purchase, or their own bill pay, then it will get declined. Ended up owing the payment, and now a fee because I was told incorrectly and Bluebird only said “sorry”. My cell phone payment went through because it was an in store purchase even though it was paid online, but the credit card payment was declined and I was informed that my auto draft car insurance will also be declined. Will be closing this account effective today as will several others that were under the same impressions as I was. Guess I should have done a little more research before using this card and not taking a paid representative who is “very highly trained” word.

Typically you cannot make a credit payment with another credit However, at least I’ve never heard of such a thing. However, the magical thing about BLuebird Amx, is when you add $ (cash) to your Bluebird account,it becomes credit but you can always withdraw it out FREE at any Money Pass© ATM in cash. So in your case withdrawing the cash and possibly getting a money order from the usps for.99cents would have been a better choice.

Way easy to transfer or receive money and u can put the least amount. Also has set aside account

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