As a Frequent Traveler, I’m Passing on the Newest Version of the Apple iPhone

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Today is the big day lots of techies look forward to.  In just a few hours, Apple is expected to announce several new products.  It’s likely this will include a new version of the iPhone.  Remember to buy your iPhone with one of the best credit cards for extended warranty coverage!

I’m a loyal Apple fan.  Year after year I’ve purchased the new version of the iPhone on the first day they’re available.  Usually, I purchase a dozen or so and sell most of them on eBay.  The purchases help me earn valuable credit card points.  Plus, I use the profits to offset the cost of keeping one of the phones for myself.  But this year, I’m going to hold off on purchasing the latest and greatest version of the smartphone.

Lots of Folks Eagerly Await New Apple Product Launches! I’m Usually One Who Can’t Wait to Get My Hands on the Latest and Greatest iPhone!

Typically, I justify my iPhone purchase by telling myself that all of the new features will help enhance my travels.  A better camera will allow me to capture awesome shots on vacation.  A larger screen will make it more enjoyable to watch live TV on Southwest flights.  Extended battery life will keep my phone alive when I can’t find a charger.

Even though I have no idea what new iPhone features will be announced today, I’ve already made the decision to stick with my current iPhone X.  It’s less than a year old and it cost me more than $1,200.  Instead of spending $1,000+ on a phone each year, I’d rather use the money for a getaway with my wife!

For those of you with an older version of the iPhone who can’t wait to upgrade, I totally understand!  But before you make the purchase, be sure to use a card that offers purchase protection in the event your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged.  Here are a few of the best cards to cover your big-ticket purchase.

Or check out this post with the best cards for extended warranty coverage.

Even though I won’t be buying the new iPhone this year, I’ll definitely be tuning into live coverage of the Apple event starting today at 12:00 pm Central Time.

Are you planning to buy the new iPhone?  Let me know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

You can sell your X for 7-8 hundred dollars which would help pay for your new phone. It’s my understanding Apple won’t let you buy more than one phone pp at the launch. How’d you buy a bunch to resell on ebay?

Reply to  rockaday
2 years ago

Yes, it’s surprising how well the iPhones hold their value. I still think I’ll pass this time. When it comes to buying more than one, I typically place multiple orders online on the night of launch.

2 years ago

The dual SIM capability of the new models is a draw to me as a frequent international traveler who would like to save by buying local SIM cards instead of a travel plan.

Reply to  Clarissa
2 years ago

Definitely a sweet perk. Thank you for commenting.

Spencer Bachus
2 years ago

How do you buy so many?
One from each carrier?

Kyle v
Reply to  Spencer Bachus
2 years ago

I’m also interested in this? Don’t the fees on eBay eat up all your potential profit or are you essentially selling at break even for the points only?

Reply to  Kyle v
2 years ago

In my experience, the phones usually sellout within a few hours and there’s a 2 to 3 month backorder. As a result, the phones sell for a hefty premium on eBay and you can make a nice profit.