Alaska Airlines Adds a New Airline Partner!

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You’ll soon have more options for earning and redeeming Alaska Airlines miles!

Via One Mile at a Time, Alaska Airlines is adding German budget airline Condor to its list of partners.

Alaska Airlines Adds A New Airline Partner
You’ll Be Able to Earn Alaska Airlines Miles When You Fly German Low-Cost Airline Condor

I’ll tell you why this is good news for folks who collect Alaska Airlines miles!

Condor Joins the List of Alaska Airlines Partners

Link:   Alaska Airlines’ Partner Condor

More options for redeeming airline miles is always a good thing!  That’s why I’m glad to see Alaska Airlines adding Condor to its list of airline partners.

Alaska Airlines Adds A New Airline Partner
Condor Is Alaska Airlines’ 19th Airline Partner

Condor is a low-cost German airline that flies to lots of destinations around the world, like the Caribbean, South Africa, Maldives, and Greece.

Who Will Benefit From This New Partnership?

Condor flies to lots of US cities, including:

  • Anchorage
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Fairbanks
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles (starting May 2, 2017)
  • Minneapolis
  • New Orleans (starting May 3, 2017)
  • Orlando
  • Pittsburgh (starting June 23, 2017)
  • Portland
  • Providence
  • San Diego (starting May 1, 2017)
  • Seattle

So if you live near any of these cities, you’ll have the option to purchase international flights at a low price instead of booking an award flight.

When you purchase a ticket instead of booking an award flight, you’ll earn miles based on the distance you fly with Condor.  And depending on the class you book, you can credit the miles you earn to Alaska Airlines and earn lots of redeemable miles!

Here’s what you’ll earn in Alaska Airlines miles when you fly Condor:

  • Business Class – 300% redeemable miles
  • Premium Economy – 125% redeemable miles
  • Coach Flex – 100% redeemable miles
  • Base Coach – 75% redeemable miles
  • Promotional Coach Fare – 50% redeemable miles

If you fly from Baltimore to Berlin on Condor, you’ll travel ~4,300 miles.  So if you buy a ticket from Berlin to Baltimore, you’ll earn:

  • Business Class – ~12,900 redeemable miles (enough for a free one-way award flight in the US!)
  • Premium Economy – ~5,300 redeemable miles (enough for a free short-haul flight in the US!)
  • Coach Flex – ~4,300 redeemable miles
  • Base Coach – 3,225 redeemable miles
  • Promotional Coach Fare – 2,150 redeemable miles

And even more if you have elite status!  And as One Mile at a Time points out, you can find Business Class tickets for less than $900 one-way!

Want More Alaska Airlines Miles?

There are plenty of ways to earn Alaska Airlines miles.  A quick way is to sign up for:

And because of the Alaska Airlines Virgin America merger, you can transfer Virgin America points to Alaska Airlines at a ratio of 1:1.3.  So you can sign-up for these Virgin America credit cards:

Note:   The Virgin America cards will likely be discontinued soon.  So I wouldn’t wait long if you’ve been considering these cards.

Bottom Line

Alaska Airlines and Condor are partners!  You can earn Alaska Airlines miles when you fly with Condor.  And soon you’ll be able to redeem your Alaska Airlines miles for Condor flights!

When you buy a Condor flight, you can earn between 75% and 300% redeemable miles, depending on the class you purchase.  And you can credit those miles to Alaska Airlines for free flights later!

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