8,000 Free Miles for Hating an Airline!

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You can get 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles for free when you tell Spirit Airlines how much you hate them or another airline.

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline
Get 8,000 Free Spirit Airlines Miles By Telling Off Spirit Airlines

Spirit Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway

Link:   Spirit Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway

Your hatred of Spirit Airlines (or another airline) can get you 8,000 Spirit Airlines for free!

Send a hate message of 140 characters or less to Spirit Airlines about them or another airline and Spirit Airlines will give you 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles.

You’ll get the 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles within 10 days.  Each person is limited to 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles.  But you and your partner could both send Spirit Airlines a “hate” message and get 16,000 Spirit Airlines miles.

Are 8,000 Spirit Miles Worth It?

Link:   Spirit Airlines Award Chart

Unless you have a Spirit Airlines credit card, 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles doesn’t get you much.  Spirit Airlines credit card holders can get a 1-way ticket for 2,500 Spirit Airlines miles.  So 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles can get card holders three 1-way tickets.

However, a 1-way flight on Spirit Airlines costs more for non credit card holders.  But most of the award flights I found cost over 10,000 Spirit Airlines miles each way.

A 1-way flight from Houston to Oakland on November 8, 2014, costs 27,500 Spirit Airlines miles!

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline
You Would Pay 27,500 Spirit Airlines Miles to Fly 1-Way From Houston to Oakland

On Southwest, you would only pay 11,135 Southwest points AND you get 2 free checked bags!

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline
You & 2 Free Checked Bags Can Fly on Southwest From Houston to Oakland for 11,135 Southwest Points

But you could find flights for fewer miles.  And free miles are free miles!

What You Should Know About Spirit Airlines

1.   You Pay for Bags, Including Carry-on Bags

You pay for checked and carry-on bags with Spirit Airlines.  You are allowed 1 free personal item that is 16 x 14 x 12, so a small backpack or purse.

2.   $10 to Print Your Boarding Pass

You’ll pay $10 if you have to print your boarding pass at the airport.

3.   Water is Not Free

You do NOT get water or snacks unless you pay for them.

8000 Free Miles For Hating An Airline
Those Free 8,000 Spirit Airlines Miles Could Cost You Lots of Money

2 Things to Know About Spirit Airlines Miles

1.   3 Months Expiration Date

Your Spirit Airlines miles expire after 3 months or more of inactivity.  You get at least 18 months before your miles expire with other airlines and there are lots of ways to keep your miles from expiring.  So if you aren’t flying on Spirit Airlines or earning Spirit Airlines miles through the credit card or other mileage earning activity, you’ll lose your Spirit Airlines miles.

2.   Can’t Gift or Share Miles

Unlike other airline miles programs, like US Airways, you can’t gift or share your Spirit Airlines miles.  Although, you can redeem your Spirit Airlines miles for someone else.

Bottom Line

You can get 8,000 free Spirit Airlines miles if you hate Spirit Airlines or another airline.

But 8,000 Spirit Airlines miles won’t get you very far, unless you have the Spirit Airlines credit card.  And you have to pay for carry-on bags, boarding passes, and water.

Your Spirit Airlines miles expire after 3 months of inactivity.  So unless you’re flying a lot on Spirit Airlines or have the credit card, your Spirit Airlines miles could expire before you get a chance to use them.

But free miles are free miles and Spirit does have cheap redemptions to certain destinations!

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