6 Ordinary People Who Put the Magic Back Into Air Travel!

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Air travel is a modern miracle.  Yet airports and airplanes can easily bring out the worst in people.  And with the inevitable long lines and delays, it’s easy to lose focus on the bigger picture and to have a bad attitude about the whole experience.

But every once in a while you’ll run into someone that reminds you how much of a gift the modern day travel experience is.

So if you’ve got the airport blues, here are six people who are the perfect antidote!

Every Airport Experience Could Use a Little Entertainment!

Hopefully you’ll have a good laugh and maybe even be inspired to add a little fun to your next trip!

6 People Who Put the Magic Back Into Air Travel

1.   Kyran Ashford – the Dancing Air Traffic Controller

The next time you’re flying through the Greater Rochester International Airport I hope Kyran Ashford is working, for your sake.  It’ll certainly make your day a bit more enjoyable.

He has become famous for his dance moves.  And he loves sending out the positive vibes to passengers one shimmy and hand flip at a time.  He must also be in great shape because I’m not sure how he keeps this up for an 8-hour shift!

2.   Zach Haumesser – the Looney Toons Impersonator

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  Southwest employee Zach Haumesser may not have made it to the big screen (yet), but there is no doubt he’s prepared for when Hollywood gives him a call.

Until then, you can find him spicing up your in-flight announcements with his spot-on impressions of all the famous Looney Toons characters.  Here’s to hoping all those hours he spent practicing in front of the mirror pay off and he eventually gets a call to the big leagues.

3.   The Southwest Flight Attendant Who Tells It Like It Is

Southwest is popular for a lot of reasons, like no change or cancellation fees.  And they’ve also gained notoriety for their freedom to let the flight staff add a little personality to the announcements you have to sit through on every flight.

This attendant tells it like it is and every once it a while that’s just what we need.  I’d like to know how long she had to work on that spiel, ’cause she nailed it!

4.   Mahshid Mazooji and Her Airport Music Video

Last year, Youtuber Mahshid Mazooji was stranded at Charlotte Douglas International Airport overnight.  Instead of being upset and angry, she decided to make the best out of it.  She made a music video to Lionel Richie’s 1983 hit “All Night Long.”

What makes this video so great is she invites, what seems to be, every airport employee working the late shift to join the fun.  And some of them really relish the opportunity to let their stars shine.

Overnight flight cancellations don’t have to be all frowns!

5.   Shemika Charles – the Limbo Champion

If you’re lucky enough to get stuck waiting to board your next flight with Shemika Charles, you might be in for a treat.  She’s the current Limbo world record holder.  To earn the title, she managed to shimmy under a bar set only 8.5 inches off the ground!

From time to time a video will turn up of her effortlessly limboing under chairs at an airport.  Excellence comes in so many forms!

6.   The Employee Who Celebrates the Small Things

I love this guy because I get the sense he doesn’t know anyone is watching.  He’s just taking a normal job most of us would find miserable and adding a little life to it.

The world needs more people like this.

What’s your all-time favorite airport experience?  Let me know in the comments!

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