10 Unbelievable Places to Celebrate Airbnb’s 10th Anniversary

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Since Airbnb started 10 years ago, it’s been a game changer for the travel industry.  For the price of a luxury hotel, you can rent a house that offers more space, sleeps twice as many people, has outdoor access, and allows you to cook meals in a beautiful kitchen.  One of the best features of Airbnb is the flexibility and variety of options.  You can customize your vacation based on where you want to stay, how much time you think you’ll spend at home, and what amenities are important to you.

The doors are open, and the ceiling has been lifted (both literally and metaphorically).  Are you traveling with your dog?  Search for pet-friendly locations.  Are you on a business trip?  You can search specifically for corporate-ready Airbnbs that offer flexible cancellation policies, high-speed Wi-Fi, and self check-in.  For those traveling with small children, you can search for a family-friendly location as well.

Looking Out at the Ocean From the Infinity Pool of an Airbnb in Costa Rica

Airbnb started when 2 guys moved from New York to San Francisco and saw a growing need for flexible, inexpensive, short-term rental space in these cities.  They went out to test their idea, and after relative success, were able to grow the company into what we know today as Airbnb.

In the last 10 years, what started as simply renting a small space to sleep in a person’s house has expanded to everything from staying on a boat in Brazil to learning how to surf in Hawaii.  I love exploring new destinations through Airbnb and feeling like a local wherever I go.

So to celebrate Airbnb’s 10th anniversary, I’ve put together a list of incredible places you can rent.  These unbelievable rentals might just be worth planning your trip around!

10 Epic Airbnbs You Can Rent Right Now

1.   Stay on a Houseboat in Amsterdam

Sleep Right on the Water in One of Amsterdam’s Coolest Houseboats!

Venice is known for its picturesque canals, but the sinking city isn’t the only European city with historic waterways.

Did you know that Amsterdam has over 100 kilometers of canals, far surpassing Venice, many of which run right through the city center?  Even better, with Airbnb, you can actually stay on a houseboat right in the middle of the city!

2.   Retreat to the Desert at the Coyote House Near Joshua Tree

Enjoy Rustic Comfort in the California Desert

I follow the Coyote House on Instagram with the hopes of one day booking a few nights here.  I love the decor and the owner often posts before and after photos to show how they’ve updated the original dwelling.  Sitting in the hot tub at night, outside counting the stars seems like the perfect way to disconnect and enjoy a truly reinvigorating vacation.

3.   Sleep in a Modern Art Exhibition in Oaxaca, Mexico
The Floating Library at La Calera Is One of the Unique Shared Spaces You’ll Have Access To

Traveling through Oaxaca, Mexico a few years ago, I wanted to book an extended stay somewhere that had fast and reliable Wi-Fi so I could work remotely.  Airbnb made it easy to sort through different rentals that met my criteria, which took all the stress out of my trip planning.  I was especially intrigued when I discovered La Calera, an old lime factory that had been converted into a combination of temporary residences and modern artistic space.

This place truly defies imagination.

It’s like walking around a modern industrial art museum.  You’ll be amazed and inspired here, plus every individual loft and apartment is eclectically decorated with upcycled features of the old lime factory.  A true gem in the middle of Oaxaca!

4.   Rent a Magical Yurt in the Bauges Mountain Range
Is #Yurtlife the New #Vanlife?  I’m Willing to Find Out If It Means Staying in This Charming Airbnb for a Few Nights!

For those who are seeking both activity and relaxation for their next adventure, this charming yurt in the middle of the Bauges Mountain range near Annecy, France could be the perfect solution.

Although it’s a bit of a trek to get here, and you might have to snowshoe during the winter months, once you’re here, the views are incredible.  And the access to hiking and mountain biking trails makes the journey completely worth it.

5.   Pretend You’re Royalty at This Castle in Ireland
You Can Stay in This Nearly 600 Year-Old Castle!

Those who love watching Game of Thrones, The Crown, or Downtown Abbey have probably, at some point, considered what it would be like to live in a castle.  The Cahercastle, located in Galway, Ireland, has been standing since the late 1400s and rents out rooms nightly.  Superhost, Peter is very upfront about what it takes to manage a property like this, saying “one needs to be somewhat crazy to own a castle.”

Many of the reviewers commented on how informed and helpful the hosts were, and how special it was to stay at a place that was so integral to the history of the area.  This is your chance to see what castle living is all about!

6.   Explore an Eco-ranch Surrounded by National Forest in Scottsdale, Arizona
This Stunning Retreat Surrounded by Miles of National Forest Is a Rare Find!

Last year, my husband and were looking for a secluded spot to enjoy some mountain biking and trail running over the winter holidays.  I booked a room at this cool eco-ranch in Arizona after falling in love with the photos of the pool and surrounding property.

We stayed for a week and absolutely adored every minute of it.  The landscaping was immaculate and the interior decor totally matched the chic-Western vibe.  Easy access to miles of scarcely populated trails and an evening dip in the pool made for the perfect getaway.

Get to know the friendly hosts and they might even let you feed the horses!

7.   Experience Living in a Lord of the Rings Novel
This Small Earth House Is Tucked Into the Side of the Hill

Anyone who has read The Hobbit, the first of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, has probably wondered what it would be like to live in The Shire.  If you’re not sure what that sentence means, imagine a small and round house that’s built into a lush hillside and designed for a person who is no more than 4 feet tall.

Welcome to Earth House in the small town of Orondo, Washington (which is known for its orchards).  This unique small space looks perfect for two people.

Who wants to join me there?!

8.   Sleep in the Middle of a Cemetery in Hudson, New York
The Spooky View Out Your Window at the Cemetery Schoolhouse

One of the aspects of Airbnb I love the most is you can book some truly unusual locations.  This one might be at the top of the spooky and weird list.

The Cemetery Schoolhouse is exactly what it sounds like – a historic 4-room schoolhouse in the middle of an old cemetery that has been converted into an Airbnb.  The listing explains that the cemetery was fashioned after similar graveyards in Europe, as a park that encourages visitors.

With Halloween right around the corner, this would make for a fun weekend getaway!

9.   Stay on Isla Mujeres at the Seashell House
How Cool Is This House That Was Built to Look Like a Seashell?

I’m not sure if this house is somewhat tacky, completely amazing, or a combination of both.  Regardless, it is absolutely unique.

It’s reminiscent of sculptures in Gaudi’s famous Park Güell in Barcelona, but you can actually stay here!  The owner describes this place as a retreat from the crowded hotels and beaches of Isla Mujeres.  And it’s easy to see why you would never want to leave the property if you rented this house.  Between the ocean inspired swimming pool, the quirky interior with various shells inlaid throughout, and the giant seashell shaped bed in the master suite, it’s safe to say this house is one of a kind and super fun.

10.    Simply Relax in Nature Near a Quiet Lake in Montana
A Fun Stay at a Beautiful House on Flathead Lake, Montana

Recently, I organized an extended weekend girl’s trip at a gorgeous lake house in Montana.

We had planned on going hiking all day, renting a boat, spending hours on the water, and then crashing at the house at night.  When the weather turned and our adventurous outdoor schedule was no longer possible, we just relaxed at the house and in the backyard instead.

It was a perfect place to spend time together, with a lot of community space to play games, cook meals, and enjoy each other’s company.  This is one of the reasons I love renting an Airbnb, you can stay in a lovely place and immediately feel comfortable when you’re away from your own home.

There are so many fantastic options for renting a unique property with Airbnb.  Have you stayed at a truly epic Airbnb that’s not on this list?  Let me know in the comments below!

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