Million Mile Secrets Team Member Meghan: The Family Traveler With an Appetite for Adventure

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Hi there Million Mile Secrets readers, I’m Meghan! I’ve been writing for the blog for ~2 years now.  And I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to integrate travel and my obsession with miles & points into what I do for a living.

My addiction to travel started long ago when I decided to quit my job and travel to South America.  What was supposed to be a 2-month trip turned into nearly a 10-month stay.  And I was able to see so many amazing spots.

Million Mile Secrets Team Member Meghan The Family Traveler With An Appetite For Adventure
I Love a Comfy Airport Lounge Just as Much as the Next Gal. But My Favorite Memories Come From the Trips That Take Me (Way!) Off the Beaten Path

I took a jeep tour through Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, hiked the W in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, trekked to Macchu Picchu in Peru, and even flew to Easter Island to see the Moai (those incredible carved figures).

Since then, my travel style has morphed a number of times throughout the years.  At first it was about traveling on a backpacker’s budget.  Or finding other ways to travel to save money.  For example, I spent nearly 2 months cycling around Cuba in 2010.  And cycled through Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in 2011!  At some point maybe I’ll share my story of escaping the revolution in Egypt (sorry again, mom!).

Million Mile Secrets Team Member Meghan The Family Traveler With An Appetite For Adventure
Obligatory Yoga Pose With the Salt Flats Backdrop

It wasn’t until around 2013 that I really started taking the hobby of miles & points seriously…digging deeper into the rules, figuring out how to maximize my expenses, signing up for more credits cards, etc.  And I’ve used travel rewards to get to European countries like France, Spain, England, and Italy, to islands like the Galapagos and Seychelles, and spots (a little) closer to home like Hawaii and Mexico!

Even though my travel style has evolved since then, I’m still all about the adventure.  “Where do you want to go next?” is such a difficult question for me to answer, because my answer is “basically anywhere!”

It’s kind of like being asked to choose a favorite credit card.  Because my favorite card is whichever card is the right card for whatever purchase I happen to be making at that moment. 🙂

My must-see list is LONG.  And I’m so happy to have found miles & points to help get me to whichever destination I happen to decide upon next.

These days, because I have my 2 year old daughter in tow, I’m more focused on finding kid-friendly destinations.  I’ve found that the beach makes for the perfect spot to keep her entertained, while allowing me time to relax (ok it’s more like relaxing for 3 seconds here and there, but you get the idea).

Million Mile Secrets Team Member Meghan The Family Traveler With An Appetite For Adventure
Resting Peacefully on the Train From Marseille to Nice, France. I Was Happy She Slept so I Could Enjoy the Amazing Coastal Scenery!

And while I could throw her in a pack and go almost anywhere when she was 0 to 2 years old, it’s getting harder and harder to carry her for long periods of time.  So I’ve had to learn to adjust my typical travel style and slow down a bit.

There’s been a learning curve (for me and her!), but there’s definitely something wonderful about being able to share travel experiences with a child.  And I can’t wait to share more of my stories with you all!

Bottom Line

I’m here to write more so y’all can travel more.  Tell me what you want to learn more about and the Million Mile Secrets team will make it happen!

Meghan Hunter is an editor for Million Mile Secrets. She covers points, miles, credit cards, airlines, hotels and general travel. Her work has also appeared in The Points Guy.

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