Everyone Needs an Obsession – Here’s My Plan to Eat at Every In-N-Out Burger In One Epic Adventure Before I Die

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Being a Southern California native, I have been obsessed with In-N-Out Burger since I was a kid.  If you have ever been to In-N-Out you know what I mean.

Happy employees, clean restaurants, well made food at a reasonable price, and an intoxicating smell from a mile away.  My wife and I even had it at our wedding!

In-N-Out Made Our Wedding Day That Much Better!

No matter where I have lived – California, Arizona, and now Utah – I’ve always been within a short drive of an In-N-Out Burger.  To add to that, my wife worked for In-N-Out in Midvale, Utah.  And Seeing first-hand how well their employees are treated made me fall in love with the restaurant even more.

And after I saw the viral article about a couple visiting every Cracker Barrel, I made up in my mind that I was going to visit every single In-N-Out Burger location in America!

335 In-N-Out Burgers Here I Come!

In-N-Out Burger currently has 335 locations in 6 states – California, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Texas and Nevada.  They recently announced an opening for a store in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I am only talking about visiting operating stores at the published date of this article.  I’m guessing I’ve already been to nearly 40 different In-N-Out Burger locations, but I will be visiting EVERY location on this journey.

There Are A Lot Of Burgers And Fries In My Future!

I am planning on flying from Salt Lake City, Utah to Dallas, Texas to start my adventure there.  Then I’ll hit up the ~20 locations in the Dallas area and make my way down to San Antonio.  From there, I’ll fly from San Antonio to Medford, Oregon and take an epic road trip to tackle the 200+ stores all throughout Oregon and California with a brief jump over to the Reno-Tahoe area.

Once I reach the most southern store in Chula Vista, California, I’ll take a drive on I-8 into southern Arizona and work my way up to Nevada.  Once I’ve hit the Las Vegas area stores, it is into the final stretch of a lot of animal fries and shakes throughout Utah, and I will end at the most northern store in Utah, which is in Riverdale.

Why This Matters So Much To Me

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized how I’ve become attached to my favorite brands.  Whether it be In-N-Out Burger, American Express, or Delta Airlines, I find myself going to bat for these brands.  When someone tries to tell me that Five Guys is better than In-N-Out, it becomes an all out war!

With how close my wife and I have grown to the brand together as a couple, it has sentimental value.  At a company picnic we even got to meet In-N-Out’s CEO, Lynsi Snyder.

We Got To Meet Lynsi Snyder, The Owner Of In-N-Out!

Bottom Line

As far as I can tell, no one has ever accomplished this publicly.  This would be a lifelong memory.

Travel was never meant to be cookie-cutter.  Make your own adventures, even if these may seem crazy.  It’s dreams like these that are realistic for me thanks to the miles and points I earn from travel rewards credit cards!

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1 year ago

Too bad innocent cows will be slaughtered to feed this passion from the blogger. Please think about it when you eat your burger. The cow wanted to be free and wanted to live.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

I’m sure you take your kids to the wild animal park to see the cows in their natural habitat. Their natural habitat is a farm where they wait patiently to be milked or to become burgers and steaks.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

Cows evolved to be consumed by humans. And if we didn’t domesticate them and eat them, they’d be extinct anyway.

1 year ago

Get a good life insurance policy before you start, because eating that much fast food before you die, especially in a short time, may kill you… or at least give you diabetes… which also sucks.

1 year ago

This is one of the most pathetic goals I’ve ever heard of.

1 year ago

AWESOME! I grew up in Baldwin Park and proud to say three generations of our family feel the way you do. I think your plan is GREAT! Safe travels and God speed! Enjoy!

Brett Holzhauer
Reply to  Dory
1 year ago

That is awesome, Baldwin Park is HQ to In-N-Out as I’m sure you know.

Ted Ortiz
1 year ago

I’m a native southern Californian who once worked at the Azusa in-n-out . What you are doing definitely deserves a free shirt with the location and store number. Enjoy your adventure and keep in touch. By the way I now reside in New Orleans wish they had one here.

Brett Holzhauer
Reply to  Ted Ortiz
1 year ago

Ah yes, I know the feeling of being away from In-N-Out. Every time my wife and I travel away from In-N-Out territory, we always end our travels at our closest In-N-Out in Draper, Utah.