Do You Have the Dangerous “Someday” Attitude?

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Are you one of the many folks desirous to travel, but can’t find the time?  If so, here’s some excellent news!

Odds are you will NEVER find the perfect time to achieve your travel goals.  Your schedule will always be busy.  And that makes NOW the perfect time to travel.

Importance Of Traveling
The Ancient City of Petra Isn’t Going to Explore Itself. Make Time for Your Travel Goals, or You Could Regret It Forever

Too many folks have a harmful “someday” approach to traveling.  And it can make for a lot of regrets!

Don’t Procrastinate on Your Travel Goals

Back before I had the opportunity to work at Million Mile Secrets, I would still travel a lot.  Friends would ask how on earth I managed to travel so often.  But it’s because I viewed travel as important enough to make time for it.

I’m surrounded by people who would love to travel.  Folks who’ve been talking about the same destination for years and years.  The problem is, they don’t truly see the importance of traveling.

They don’t view travel as an meaningful part of life.  They think of it more as a relaxation or a diversion.  Something to do when the opportunity presents itself, or when there is extra time.

Travel is much less recreational than folks might think.  It’s not just disposable margarita glasses under a beach umbrella.  It’s an opportunity to learn about different cultures and struggles and perspectives.

Importance Of Traveling
It Was Moving to See a Shanty of Tin and Sticks Sandwiched Between 2 Gated Estates in Pampanga, Philippines

There’s never a perfect time for any big decision in life.  Whether it’s switching careers, having a baby, or taking a 2-week trip to Malta, you can always find good reasons to procrastinate.

If a goal is important to you, and you plan to do it someday, just do it now!  If you wait for the ideal opportunity, you may look back on a much less exciting and gratifying life.

Bottom Line

Having a “someday” attitude won’t help you achieve your travel goals.  “Someday” never comes for lots of folks.  Don’t be one of them!

You’ll always be able to write a list of pros and cons to any decision.  If travel is important to you, stop finding excuses to postpone your dreams and just do it!

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