My All-Time Favorite Car Upgrade!

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I’m not loyal to any rental car brand.  When I rent a car, my biggest concern is finding the agency with the best price.

I usually rent the cheapest car, which is usually an economy car.  Often times, I get upgraded to a compact or a mid-size car, because car rental companies don’t have a large stock of economy cars on the lot.

During my recent visit to San Francisco, I received my all-time favorite Avis free upgrade!

Avis Free Upgrade
Driving Narrow, Winding Roads Helped Keep My Lead Foot in Check

I’ll show you my latest Avis free upgrade, the best I’ve ever had!

Finally, an Avis Free Upgrade Worth Bragging About!

I always appreciate getting more value for my money.  That said, I’ve never been blown away by my previous rental car upgrades.

Avis Free Upgrade
My Complimentary Upgrade Usually Puts Me Behind the Wheel of a Minivan

Well, I finally received an upgrade worth sharing.  Avis handed me the keys to a sleek red 2016 Ford Mustang!

I can confirm the speedometer needle is fully functioning.  The windows must have been smudged, because everything on the highway was blurry.

Avis Free Upgrade
Side View of the Pony

I loved the experience of driving such a fast car, but I would never buy one.  I’m happy with my 10 year old Honda Civic!

Bottom Line

I was delighted when Avis upgraded my rental to a 2016 Ford Mustang!

What’s the fanciest rental car upgrade you’ve received?

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