Will Points Earned From All Southwest Promotions Count Toward the Companion Pass?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Bert commented:

I came across this promotion offering Southwest Rapid Rewards points for purchasing MGM Resorts gift cards.  Any idea if the points would count toward a Companion Pass?

How long do these promotions typically run for?  And how long for the points to post?  At any rate, it could be a good opportunity for your readers (like me) who like Vegas!

Southwest often runs promotions through which you can earn bonus frequent flyer points.  Until January 15, 2015, you can earn up to 6,000 points when you buy an MGM Resorts gift card.

Will Points Earned From All Southwest Promotions Count Toward The Companion Pass
Earn up to 6,000 Southwest Points When You Buy an MGM Resorts Gift Card

But will these points count toward the Southwest Companion Pass?

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Southwest Promotions

Link:   Earn Southwest Points From MGM Resorts Gift Cards

In my experience, BONUS points earned from Southwest promotions typically do NOT count toward the Southwest Companion Pass.  But the regular points you earn from spending money generally DO count.

For example, the bonus points for new members who join the Southwest Rapid Rewards dining program do NOT count toward the Companion Pass. But points earned from eating at restaurants DO count.  (This promotion is expired.)

There was also a Rocketmiles promotion where folks earned 3,000 bonus Southwest points on their 1st booking.  Those bonus points did NOT count either (but regular points earned from hotel stays did count).

Will Points Earned From All Southwest Promotions Count Toward The Companion Pass
Confused About Which Points Count Toward the Southwest Companion Pass?

However, we spoke with a Southwest representative and they confirmed that the points earned from the MGM Resorts gift card deal WILL count toward Southwest Companion Pass status!

Here’s how it works with the MGM deal:

  • Buy a $100 MGM gift card – earn 1,200 Southwest points
  • Buy a $250 MGM gift card – earn 3,000 Southwest points
  • Buy a $500 MGM gift card – earn 6,000 Southwest points

You can earn a maximum of 24,000 Southwest points per account.

This could be a good deal if you plan to stay at an MGM Resort in Las Vegas anyway.  But I wouldn’t change my travel plans just to earn bonus points!

Strangely, there’s no field on the gift card order page to enter your Southwest Rapid Rewards number!

Will Points Earned From All Southwest Promotions Count Toward The Companion Pass
Where Do You Enter Your Southwest Account Number?

So we called Southwest and asked how the points would be credited.  The representative said that you’d get the points if you signed-in to your Southwest account 1st, then navigated to MGM gift cards from the Southwest promotions page.  She also said folks could always call Southwest customer service at (800) 435-9792 if for some reason the points don’t post.

Note:   It can take 6 to 8 weeks for points from Southwest promotions to appear in your account.  That said, in my experience it usually only takes ~ 1 to 2 weeks (like when I ordered flowers and gifts to re-qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass!).

How to Tell If Points Count Toward the Companion Pass

If you’re not sure if points from a Southwest promotion will count toward the Companion Pass, it’s always safest to call Southwest at (800) 435-9792 to confirm.

To see if points you’ve already earned will be credited to your Companion Pass status, sign-in to your Southwest account and navigate to “My Rapid Rewards.”

In the “Rewards Activity Details” section, there’s a pull-down menu where you can select “Companion Pass Qualifying Points.”

Will Points Earned From All Southwest Promotions Count Toward The Companion Pass
You Can View Transactions That Counted Toward the Southwest Companion Pass

This way, you can double-check that you got credit for points you’ve earned!

Bottom Line

You can earn bonus Southwest points when you buy MGM Resorts gift cards until January 15, 2015.

In general, BONUS points from these deals do NOT count toward the Companion Pass.  Points earned from spending money through these promotions usually do count.

Thanks for the question, Bert!

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