Don’t Leave Miles & Points on the Table!  Power up Your Rewards Earning With a Digital Wallet!

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Don’t Leave Miles & Points on the Table!  Power up Your Rewards Earning With a Digital Wallet!

Million Mile SecretsDon’t Leave Miles & Points on the Table!  Power up Your Rewards Earning With a Digital Wallet!Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Once you’ve started signing up for multiple credit cards, you can easily run out of room in your wallet!  And because each card has different bonus categories and benefits, you’ll want to carry as many of them with you as possible.

With digital wallets this problem is quickly becoming a thing of the past!  Apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, and Samsung Pay, allow you to store and pay with your credit cards from your phone.

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying around a stack of cards or forgetting the card you need!  And it’s easier than ever to earn bonus rewards with mobile wallets because the competition has encouraged providers to have better promotions.

And setting up a mobile wallet for yourself is easier than you think.  I’ll show you how with step-by-step instructions.

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How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Using Mobile Payment Services Can Be A Lucrative Way to Earn Miles & Points!

As digital wallets are increasing in popularity, they are being accepted at more locations every day.  And there can be great bonuses and incentives for paying with your phone!

So let’s take a look at how to set up these 4 mobile wallets so you can earn more miles, points, and cash back for travel!

Earn Bonus Rewards With Your Virtual Wallet

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, and Samsung Pay are 4 popular virtual wallet apps.  Once you add your cards, they are just a click away!

Because you can bring lots of your cards with you, it’s much easier to earn more miles, points, or cash back for your everyday purchases.  And there are often generous bonuses for using mobile wallet services.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
With Mobile Payment Apps, You Can Fill Your Wallet With Rewards, Not Credit Cards!

For example, until March 31, 2018, you can earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (on up to $1,500 in combined bonus category purchases) when you use your Chase Freedom card with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, or Samsung Pay!  And one of the Chase Freedom card’s 2nd quarter 5X bonus categories for 2018 is Chase Pay!

The information for the Chase Freedom® has been collected independently by Million Mile Secrets. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Some cards even have bonuses for mobile wallet purchases as a standard feature.  The US Bank Altitude Reserve card earns 3X Altitude Reserve points on travel AND certain mobile wallet purchases!

And the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card earns 20% more cash back (1.8% cash back vs. 1.5% cash back) on qualifying mobile wallet purchases during the first 12 months you have the card.

Mobile Payment Apps Aren’t Accepted Everywhere (Yet!)

Digital wallets still aren’t accepted everywhere.  But as they become more popular, many chain stores, and restaurants are beginning to accept them as a form of payment.  And you can use most mobile payment apps to make online or in-app purchases as well!

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Credit Card Terminals With This Contactless Card Reader Symbol Typically Work With Most Types of Digital Wallet

While digital wallets will make it easier to organize your credit cards and earn category bonuses, they aren’t all a complete solution yet.  That’s because you’re also sometimes limited to how many cards you can add.

For example, you can only add 8 to 12 credit cards to Apple Pay (depending on the device) and up to 10 cards to Samsung Pay.  Lots of folks in this hobby have more than 8 to 12 credit cards!

Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay all work with most major banks’ cards.  But with Chase Pay you can only use Chase Cards.

Here’s a more detailed look at the major digital wallet platforms:

Digital WalletWhere It WorksCompatible DevicesType of Cards Accepted
Apple Pay22+ Countries- Any iPhone 6 or higher

- Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5 or higher

- iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3 (iPads can only be used for in-app and online purchases)
AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Chase PayUS- iPhone 5 or newer
- iOS versions 9 and up
- Android OS 4.1 and up

Download the Chase Pay App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store
Chase issued cards only
Google Pay18+ Countries- Any Android device with KitKat 4.4 or higher

- If your phone doesn't come with the app, you can download it here
AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Samsung Pay21+ Countries- Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9

- Samsung Galaxy Note 5, 7, FE, 8

- Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7, A8, A9

- And many other Samsung models!
AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

Virtual wallets are great for folks who are concerned about the security of their credit card information.  When the mobile payment app communicates with the card reader through NFC (near-field communication) most of them will NOT send your credit card number.  Instead the app creates and sends a new digital card number (or token) for each transaction.  So if the bad guys hack the retailer, (like what happened with Target a few years ago) they’ll be much less likely to get a hold of your credit card information!

And even though digital wallet services may sound complicated or confusing, they are actually simple to install and use.  And with more folks (and merchants) using them every day, it’s only going to get easier!

So if you’re ready to start earning more miles & points, here’s how you can setup a mobile wallet for yourself!

Step-by-Step:   How to Set up Your Virtual Wallet

The digital wallet service that makes the most sense for you will depend a lot on what brand of mobile phone you have.  For example, Apple Pay is only available on Apple devices (mostly newer models).  But Samsung Pay and Google Pay aren’t available for download with Apple products.

Once you’ve decided which app you want to go with, here are instructions for setting up each one.

1.   Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay in stores with contactless card readers and for certain in-app or online purchases.  So when you want to use Apple Pay in-store, look for the contactless card reader symbol or Apple Pay logo.

Apple Pay is one of the more popular digital wallets because it comes pre-installed on new model iPhones as part of your Apple Wallet.  Once you have it set up, it’s easy to use.  You can double click the home button from the lock screen and it should come up.  Then just hold your phone near the NFC (near-field communication) card reader and scan your fingerprint with the home button.

Step 1.   Open Your Apple Wallet

To add cards to Apple Pay, you’ll need to open your Apple Wallet.  Then click the “+“symbol.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Open Your Apple Wallet and Click the “+” Symbol
Step 2.   Click Continue

Now click “Continue.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Click “Continue” to Add a Card to Apple Pay
Step 3.   Add Your Card Information

Now you can add your card information or verify a card that is already on file in your iTunes account by adding the security code.  Then click “Next.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Add Your Card’s Number and Security Code
Step 4.   Confirm Your Card Information

Add the name on the card and card number.  Then click “Next” to continue.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Confirm Your Card’s Details
Step 5.   Verify Your Card

Get a verification code by text, email, or calling the bank.  Then select “Next.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Get a Verification Code to Finish the Process
Step 6.   Your Card Is Activated

Your card is ready to use.  Now click “Done.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
You’ll Receive a Confirmation Your Card Was Added, Then Click “Done”
Step 7.   Pick Your Card & Pay

When you’re ready to use Apple Pay, open the app and pick the card you want to use.  Then verify your identity with your fingerprint or authorization code and hold your device near the card reader to make the payment.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Select the Card You Want to Pay With and Hold Your Device Near the Card Reader

2.   Chase Pay

You can only use Chase Pay with Chase cards.  That’s a bigger limitation than the other digital wallets.  But it is easier to set up.  And so far, Chase Pay has been running better promotions than the other apps.  For example, in the past Chase Pay offered 10X Chase Ultimate Rewards points for purchases at Walmart.

Chase Pay also doesn’t use NFC (near field communication) technology, so you don’t need to look for a contactless card reader in order to use it.  Instead, it generates a QR code for each transaction that must be scanned, just like a bar code.

The biggest drawback to Chase Pay is that it’s accepted in fewer stores than the other apps.  Also, currently Chase business accounts can’t be setup with Chase Pay (thanks to Reader Josh for the tip!).

Step 1.   Log Into Your Chase Account

Open the Chase Pay app and enter your Chase credit card account login information.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Sign Into Your Chase Pay App With Your Chase Account Login Information
Step 2.   Click “Pay”

Click the “Pay” button at the bottom of your screen.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Click “Pay” to Begin Paying With the Chase Pay App
Step 3.   Select a Card

Swipe left or right to choose which card you want to pay with, then click the “Pay” button again.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Swipe Left or Right to Choose the Card You Want to Pay With and Then Touch the “Pay” Button
Step 4.   Scan the QR Code

Next you’ll need to scan the QR code to finish paying.  Because most mobile payment apps use contactless payment technology, you might run into a cashier who won’t be completely familiar with this method.  So be sure the store accepts Chase Pay and you might have to explain how to use it.

Team member Jason had a problem using Chase Pay at Starbucks.  He explained to the barista he was using Chase Pay.  The barista then found a Chase Pay button on the cash register screen which they needed to select before the payment was accepted.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
To Finish Your Payment, Have the Cashier Scan the QR Code That Appears

 3.   Google Pay

You can use Google Pay for contactless in-store purchases wherever you see these symbols:

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
If the Card Reader Has One of These Symbols, You Can Use Google Pay!

Google Pay works with most major banks’ cards.  And occasionally they have promotions to encourage you to use the service.  You can also use Google Pay for select in-app or online purchases.

Note:   Android Pay and Google Wallet were recently replaced by Google Pay.

Step 1.   Download Google Pay

Install Google Pay and open the app.  Then click “Get started.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Click “Get Started”
Step 2.   Add a Card

Now select the “Add a card” button to continue.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Select “Add a Card”
Step 3.   Choose a Card to Add

At this point, you can add a new card to Google Pay or you can add a card that has already been saved to your Google account.

Then click “Continue.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Choose an Existing Card or Add a New Card, Then Click “Continue”
Step 4.   Agree to the Issuer Terms

Review the terms & conditions and click “More.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Review the Terms & Conditions and Click “More” to Get to the Next Step
Step 5.   Set up a Lock Screen

If you haven’t already set up a lock screen on your phone, you will need to set it up for security before you continue.

To do this select “Set it up.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
You’ll Have to Setup a Screen Lock If You Haven’t Already
Step 6.   Verify Your Card

Choose how you want to receive a verification code and then click “Continue.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Pick How You Want to Receive a Verification Code: Text or Email
Step 7.   Activate NFC

To use Google Pay in stores, you’ll need to turn on NFC.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
You’ll Need to Have NFC Turned on in Order to Use Google Pay
Step 8.   Make Your Payment

Now you can pick the card you want to pay with and hold it near the card reader to complete the transaction.

Take note of the virtual account number because this is the number the card reader will be receiving.  So if the cashier asks for the last 4 digits of your card, give them this number, NOT the last 4 numbers from your actual card.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Choose the Card You Want to Pay With and You’re Ready to Go!

4.   Samsung Pay

You can use Samsung Pay with almost any credit card reader.  The technology Samsung uses is able to communicate even with older card readers that aren’t NFC (near-field communication) enabled!  And once you’ve got it set up, you can use it from your lock screen by swiping up) from the bottom and verifying your identity (fingerprint or PIN).

You can also use Samsung Pay to make select in-app purchases.  And you can link it with Visa Checkout to make online payments to 350,000+ merchants!

Step 1.   Install Samsung Pay

Once you have downloaded Samsung Pay, open the app and click “Start.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Open Samsung Pay and Click “Start”
Step 2.   Add Credit Cards

Now click “Credit/debit cards” to begin adding cards to your Samsung Pay account.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Select “Credit/Debit Cards” to Begin Adding Your Cards
Step 3.   Activate NFC

You’ll need to grant Samsung Pay access to certain features of your phone (camera, etc.) and activate NFC for the app to work properly.  And if you don’t have a PIN or fingerprint enabled for Samsung Pay, you’ll be prompted to do that as well.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
In Order to Use Samsung Pay You Will Need to Turn on NFC
Step 4.   Add Cards to Your Samsung Pay Wallet

At the bottom of your app screen select “Wallet.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Choose “Wallet” From the Bottom of the App
Step 5.   Add Payment Cards

Choose “Add payment cards” to add a card to your Samsung Pay app.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Click “Add Payment Cards” to Add a Credit Card

Then you’ll be able to scan your credit card information or enter it manually.

Step 6.   Verify the Card You Added

Once you’ve added your card’s information, you’ll need to verify it by getting a code through either text, email, or by calling the bank.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Get a Verification Code to Continue

Note:   If you are adding a card you are an authorized user for, the verification number & email will be the primary account holder’s information,  NOT your own.  So even though your name is on the card, you’ll have to get the security code from the primary cardholder.

Step 7.   Add Another Card or Begin Using Samsung Pay

Now you can add another card or start using the app!

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Now You Can Add Another Card or Press “Done” to Start Using Samsung Pay
Step 8.   Choose the Card You Want to Pay With

To use Samsung Pay, open the app, select “Wallet,” and then click “Payment cards.”

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
When You’re Ready to Pay, Go to “Wallet” and Then Select “Payment Cards”
Step 9.   Pick a Card

Now you’ll see all the cards you’ve added to the app.  Choose the one you want to pay with.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Pick the Card You Want to Pay With
Step 10.   Enter Your PIN or Fingerprint

Now you can see the last 4 digits of your actual card number.  And you can see the last 4 digits of the digital card token the app has generated.

You’ll see instructions along the bottom to either enter your PIN or hold you finger over the Home Key for a fingerprint scan.  The security options you have will depend on which ones you set up earlier.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
On the Bottom of Your Screen You’ll Have the Option of Entering Your PIN or Using a Finger Print, Depending on Which Security Measure You Setup
Step 11.   The Card Reader Will Read the Digital Card Number

If the cashier asked for the last 4 digits of your card number, share the digital card number’s last 4 digits, NOT your actual card number’s last 4.

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
Digital Wallets Are More Secure Because the Store’s Card Reader Will Never Have Your Actual Card Number!
Step 12.   Pay for Your Purchase

Now you can hold your phone close to the card reader to pay for your purchase!

How To Setup A Virtual Wallet In 2018
To Pay for Your Purchase, Touch Your Phone to the Credit Card Reader

Bottom Line

Not having the right credit card in your wallet when you want it is quickly becoming a thing of the past!

With mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Chase Pay, you can digitally store your cards’ information and pay with your phone!  So it’s easier to get the most out of your credit cards’ bonus categories!

And some cards, like the US Bank Altitude Reserve card, even offer bonuses on mobile wallet purchases.  Mobile payment apps may not be accepted at every store.  But they are being accepted at more and more locations everyday!

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A MAJOR drawback with Chase Pay is the fact that, if your online login ID is identified as a “business” account, even if you have personal cards associated with that business login ID, you cannot set up Chase Pay, at least not on an iPhone. This is according to Chase customer service. Makes no sense at all. I didn’t want separate online login IDs for my Chase biz and personal cards, so they combined all my cards under a “business” online ID.

Million Mile Secrets

Thanks for sharing that tip, I’ll add it to the post!