Use This Handy Travel Checklist When Packing for Your Next Getaway

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Preparing for a trip can be stressful, especially if you’re leaving for more than a few days.  I put together a travel checklist you can use, so you don’t forget anything important!

Using a checklist can save you time and possibly even money.  Because certain items, like electronics chargers and medicines, can be expensive in foreign countries.  And you don’t want to spend your precious vacation time searching for an item you could have brought from home. 😉
Travel Checklist
Power Adapters Are an Important Item to Consider When You’re Traveling Abroad

Let’s take a look at the list!

My Travel Checklist

Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important when you take off on your next adventure!

1.   Things to Do Before You Leave

  • Make copies of important travel documents – It’s nice to make a copy of your ID so you can carry the copy around and leave the real thing somewhere safe in your hotel room.
  • Alert credit cards and banks of travel – Charges or ATM withdrawals can be declined if the bank doesn’t know you’re traveling.
  • Download maps and entertainment – This is important if you won’t have internet in-flight or when you land.
  • Send flights and accommodation information to trusted person – This is helpful in case something happens to you.
  • Prepare your home – Throw out the trash, wash dirty dishes, hold newspaper delivery and mail, etc.
Travel Checklist
Don’t Forget to Call Your Bank Before You Leave Town

2.   Items to Bring

  • ID (passport, driver’s license, student ID, etc.) – You’ll need a passport for international travel and a driver’s license if you plan to rent a car.  It’s also important to check your passport’s expiration date, because some countries require a certain number of months of validity past your date of travel.  And some spots offer student discounts!
  • Tickets – Don’t forget your plane, train, or bus tickets!  Or your entry tickets for an event or museum if you printed or received them at home.
  • Credit cards and cash – Make sure you’ve figured out how you’ll pay for things once you land.  This is especially important in more remote locations, like Cuba.
  • Health insurance cards – It’s important to understand what your insurance does and does NOT cover while abroad.  In case you need extra coverage.
  • Letter of consent for children traveling without both parents – If you’re traveling abroad with a child under 19 years old, you’ll need a letter of consent if one or both parents aren’t present.  You can find more information about a parental consent letter here.
  • Power adapters – Make sure you know which type of adapter you’ll need to charge things like phones and computers.  This chart from REI can be useful in figuring that out!
  • Comfort items for your flight – Don’t forget those “must haves” during your time in the air.  Million Mile Secrets team member Scott brings moist towelettes on long flight to combat face dryness.  And lots of folks bring items like pillows, face masks, slippers, and more.
  • Technology – Double check to make sure you bring along your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever other devices you plan on using.  And don’t forget your camera either!  Plus an extra memory card, charger, and tripod or selfie stick if you need it.
Travel Checklist
Selfie Sticks Are Especially Important When Traveling Via Camel
  • Headphones – Noise cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver!
  • Medicines and toiletries – I always recommend carrying any important medicines in your carry-on.  Consider toiletries like contact solution, mouthwash, and lotion for longer flights.  And anti-itch cream if you’re going to a bug prone area.
  • Loyalty cards and lounge passes – Don’t forget to bring your Global Entry card, Priority Pass card, or lounge passes if you have them.
  • Guide books and reservation information – If you won’t have an internet connection when you land, it’s important to write down things like reservation confirmation numbers and hotel addresses.  And you can’t go wrong with a great guide book!
  • Change of clothes – After a long flight it’s nice to be able to put on a clean shirt.  This is likely a MUST if you’re traveling with kids (a set for you and them)!

Bottom Line

You can use this handy travel checklist every time you’re packing for a trip to ensure you don’t forget any important items!

Because you wouldn’t want to be stuck on a long flight without your favorite neck pillow. 😉  And you don’t want to spend your vacation searching for items you could have brought from home.

What are your “must haves” for longer trips?

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