Stacking Deals: How to Melt Hearts and Earn Tons of Miles This Valentine’s Day

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Pay attention, because this is a good deal!

Via Points, Miles, and More, 1800Flowers has an excellent Valentine’s Day promotion with Southwest and JetBlue that you can use to jump start your next vacation!

You’ll earn 1,750 bonus Southwest or JetBlue points when you make a purchase of ~$35+ at 1800Flowers.  And you can use this promotion up to 5 times per loyalty account.  That’s up to 8,750 points!  But you’ll have to make your purchases by February 15, 2018.

Stacking Deals How To Melt Hearts And Earn Tons Of Miles This Valentines Day
Fresh Flowers Can Equal Free Flights to Fun Destinations

I’ll show you why this is an excellent deal.  And give you some strategies for how to get the most for your money!

Buy Flowers and Earn Flights

Link:   1800Flowers Southwest Points Promo

Link:   1800Flowers JetBlue Points Promo

Every year around Valentine’s Day, we see lots of airlines offering up to 30 miles per $1 spent on flowers.  But there’s always one deal I’m especially excited to see; the 1800Flowers promotions with Southwest and JetBlue.

Southwest usually sells points for between 2.75 and 3 cents each.  And JetBlue sells points for ~3.5 cents each (though both airlines frequently have sales on purchased points).  But with this deal, you can “buy” points for just 2 cents each.  And even MUCH lower, if you know what you’re doing.

Plus, you’ll get free flowers in the process!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Prices and discounts do NOT include taxes or service and shipping charges
  • Limit 5 orders per loyalty account
  • Use promo code SW46 at checkout for 1,750 Southwest points
  • Use promo code TB1750 at checkout for 1,750 JetBlue points
  • Southwest points do NOT count toward Southwest Companion Pass
  • Points will NOT be awarded if you cancel your order
  • Points will deposit into your account within 8 weeks
  • Offer expires February 15, 2018

Note:   This can NOT be combined with other deals, like shopping portals or discount codes.

What’s the Strategy?

Depending on which credit cards you have, you can “buy” points for cheap with this 1800Flowers offer.  You’ll get the best deal if you can do the following:

1.   Locate 1800Flowers Discount in AMEX Offers

If you’re targeted, AMEX Offers is currently offering a $15 statement credit when you spend at least $50 in one or more transactions with 1800Flowers.  You can use this discount on multiple eligible AMEX credit cards.  So you can get the discount more than once!

Stacking Deals How To Melt Hearts And Earn Tons Of Miles This Valentines Day
You’ll Automatically Earn a Statement Credit After You Add an AMEX Offer to Your American Express Card and Meet the Spending Requirement

Check out my post on how to add the same AMEX Offer to multiple cards!

2.   Buy a Celebrations Passport

Shipping for ordering flowers can be VERY expensive.  And if you plan to take advantage of this deal, you’ll be making lots of separate orders.  So it adds up quickly!

The best way to minimize your shipping costs is to purchase a Celebrations Passport, which costs ~$30 for a full year of free shipping and no service charges.


3.   Make Purchases as Close to $34.99 as Possible

Because the airline bonuses kick in for purchases of $34.99 and over, you’ll get the best deal the closer you spend to $34.99.  For example, you’ll get 1,750 bonus Southwest points whether you spend $35 or $150.

To make the most of this promotion, you’ll have to make 5 separate orders as near to $34.99 as possible.

Stacking Deals How To Melt Hearts And Earn Tons Of Miles This Valentines Day
There Are Plenty of Flowers to Choose From for $34.99

Is It Worth Buying Flowers JUST to Earn Points?

If you can follow all the steps above, it could definitely be worth it.  If you can’t, but you were still planning to send flowers to a loved one, it’s still a great deal!

To earn 8,750 Southwest or JetBlue points, you’ll pay:

  • $30 for the Celebrations Passport (free shipping for a year)
  • $175 in flowers ($35 per order to trigger the bonus X 5 orders per loyalty account)

That comes out to ~2.3 cents per point ($30 for Celebrations Passport + $175 in flowers = $205 / 8,750 points).  That’s NOT an earth-shattering discount.  But if you can use the steps I mentioned above, your points will be even cheaper!

Stacking Deals How To Melt Hearts And Earn Tons Of Miles This Valentines Day
Surprise Your Loved One With $175 in Flowers

For example, you can use your American Express card with the attached 1800Flowers AMEX Offer to buy your Celebrations Passport for $30.  Then use the card to purchase $35+ in flowers.  This will trigger the AMEX Offers $15 statement credit for spending $50+ at 1800Flowers, as well as the 1,750 Southwest or JetBlue point bonus for spending $34.99+ on flowers.

Then, you can use $100 in Discover cash back to purchase $150 in 1800Flowers gift cards ($100 X 50% bonus).  And use the gift cards to make 4 more orders of $34.99+.

Doing this allows you to buy points for as little as ~1.71 cents each ($30 for Celebrations Passport + $35 in flowers – $15 AMEX Offers statement credit = $50 + $100 in Discover cash back = $150 / 8,750 points).  That’s a pretty great deal, considering Southwest points can be worth between 1.6 and 2 cents each towards flights.

Stacking deals like these makes it possible to buy flights at discounted prices, while receiving $175 in free flowers!

Just know that the 1800Flowers website can occasionally be troublesome, and not all flower purchases will qualify for this promotion.  That said, I have always received my bonus points when taking advantage of deals like these.

Bottom Line

You can earn up to 8,750 bonus Southwest or JetBlue points with 1800Flowers through February 15, 2018.  You’ll get 1,750 points for each order of $34.99+ you make, on up to 5 orders per loyalty account.

By stacking deals like AMEX Offers and Discover cash back, you can “buy” points for as little as ~1.71 cents each.  And receive a boatload of flowers in the process!

Let me know if you take advantage of this deal!

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