Everything You Need to Know About Southwest’s In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi

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Everything You Need to Know About Southwest’s In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi

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Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Lyn blogs about Southwest Airlines on GotoTravelGal.com and has written a free ebook titled, “The Step-by-Step Guide to Earning the Southwest Companion Pass” to help those of you looking to fly one person nearly free with you for up to TWO years.  Since she and her family regularly fly Southwest, I’ve asked her to share her best tips for using the airline’s in-flight entertainment system.

Lyn:   My family has flown all over the US on Southwest Airlines.  We have mastered the use of Southwest’s entertainment systems.  With kids ages 9 and 13, digital devices are key to keeping occupied.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
My Son Playing on His iPad on a Southwest Flight

I’ll explain your options for inflight entertainment (along with the cost), show you how to use Southwest’s entertainment system, and share which devices are compatible.

How to Check If Your Southwest Plane Has Wi-Fi

Link:   Southwest Wi-Fi Access

While Southwest says all planes will have Wi-Fi by the end of the year – and that they are upgrading the quality and speed of their Wi-Fi – unfortunately, not all planes are Wi-Fi equipped right now.  If there is no Wi-Fi, there is no entertainment, other than what you bring yourself.  Books, anyone?!  🙂

To check if your plane has Southwest Wi-Fi, visit Southwest.com/wifi within 24 hours of your flight’s departure time.  Enter your flight confirmation number and passenger name.  Then click “Continue” to see if you’re in luck!

When I booked a flight recently it showed me on the reservation confirmation my flight would have Wi-Fi.  So you can check there, too.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
Your Reservation Confirmation Screen May Tell You If Your Flight Has Wi-Fi

If you forget to check ahead of time, look for the Southwest Wi-Fi sticker as you board the plane both on the outside (right) when you enter and inside where the flight attendant is typically standing when you board.

Southwest Entertainment Options

If your Southwest plane DOES have Wi-Fi – hooray!  Now you can take advantage of their entertainment options.  Some of which cost, while others are free.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
Watch Live and On-Demand TV on Your Device Using Southwest’s In-Flight Entertainment

Here is what you can choose from.

1.   Live Television and On-Demand TV Episodes

Cost:   FREE

Link:   Southwest TV Channels

Live television on 18 channels and select on-demand television shows are currently your free options for entertainment on Southwest.  You can watch them free on any compatible device (read below for compatible devices on Southwest).

I was disappointed to find on our most recent flight that Cartoon Network, my kids’ favorite TV channel, is not an option any longer – bummer!  But you can choose from 18 channels that include ESPN, Fox News, HGTV, CBS, Discovery, Disney, Bravo and FX.  View the complete list of Southwest TV channels.

There are also on-demand TV shows available for viewing.  These seem to vary.  During our last flight there were some HGTV and National Geographic options, as well as some older classic TV shows.

2.   Flight Tracker

Cost:   Free

While this is nothing you’d want to do the whole flight, it is fun to see where your plane is geographically and see how much time is left in your flight.  You can keep an eye on both for free by visiting SouthwestWifi.com during your flight.

3.   Movies

Cost:   $5

For $5, you can watch a movie on your device, but first you will need to have downloaded certain plug-ins, which include the free Airtime Player from iTunes or the Google Play Store.  Be sure you do this while you STILL HAVE ACCESS TO WI-FI BEFORE boarding the plane.  We have been burned on this one a couple of times!  Even if you already have the app, you’ll want to be sure it’s updated before you get on the plane.

To watch a movie on your laptop, Southwest says you will be prompted to download a plug-in once you try to watch the movie.  I have not tried to watch a movie on my laptop yet, as I am always working when flying!  I like to call planes my office in the sky.  😉

You can also watch the same movie across multiple flights within the same day.  Just reopen your app or browser, go to SouthwestWifi.com, find your movie and select “Watch Now.

4.   Wi-Fi

Web Browsing:   $8 per day per device

Messaging:   $2 per day

Your fourth option for Southwest inflight entertainment is Wi-Fi either for Web access or for texting.   For full Wi-Fi access, select the $8 option, which also includes messaging.  They do limit access to some high-bandwidth applications and websites like Netflix, HBO Go, and VoIP.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
This Little Guy Can Watch His Favorite Kids’ Movie Using His Device on a Southwest Plane

If you just plan to send a few texts, go with the $2 option.  You will need to use pre-downloaded apps, which include iMessage, WhatsApp, and Viber.  For texting, both parties must be connected to the same app.  For iPhones and iMessage, that means the blue “bubble” instead of the “green” bubble (which means they may be using a different type of phone or are not connected to Wi-Fi).

I always purchase full Wi-Fi and my web surfing experience has varied from so slow it’s unusable to decent.  I am looking forward to the upgrade in Wi-Fi service to increase speeds and make it more useful!

5.   NFL RedZone

Cost:   $4

Football fans, good news!  For just $4, you can catch your favorite NFL teams on Sundays during football season with this option.

How to Use Southwest Wi-Fi

1.   Find the Network

No matter which entertainment option you choose, start by turning your device to Airplane Mode in Settings and then connect to Southwest Wi-Fi under Wi-Fi options on your device.

2.   Navigate to SouthwestWifi.com

Next, go to SouthwestWifi.com in your browser where you can select a free service, like live TV or the flight tracker, or paid options like a movie or Wi-Fi.  

3.  Watch Live TV on Southwest

To watch TV, you’ll typically see an option to “Watch Live TV,” which then forces you to watch a video commercial.  Once the commercial is done, look for small print – usually on the bottom right of the commercial – that says Take Me to Live TV.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
Watch Free TV on Your Tablet or Phone on Southwest

Click that link and then scroll through the live TV channels and on-demand TV shows.

4.   Watch Movies on Southwest

To watch a movie, on the main SouthwestWifi.com page, view your movie options below the TV choices, select a movie, and enter credit card information online to pay.

5.   Text or Browse the Internet

Similar to movies, to enjoy texting or internet access, you will select that option and then enter your credit information.

Compatible Devices on Southwest

Link:   Southwest Wi-Fi Compatible Devices

Southwest does not offer seatback screens, so you will need to bring your own device with you on board.

Southwest Airlines Wi Fi
Most Laptops, iPhones, Android Devices and iPads Can Access Southwest’s In-Flight Entertainment System

For Wi-Fi only, you can use:

  • Any Wi-Fi-enabled device (802.11a/b/g or n) with a browser

For TV or Movies, bring:

  • Laptop with operating system of Windows 7.0 or OSX 10.9 or higher
  • iPhone, iPad, etc. with operating system iOS 8.0 and above
  • Android phones and tablets with operating system Android 4.1-4.4 and above

Complete list of Southwest Wi-Fi compatible devices.

Final Notes

There are no outlets or charging devices on board Southwest planes, so be sure to arrive with a fully-charged device or carry a portable charger with you.  Also, if you pay for Wi-Fi or other entertainment and it doesn’t work, call Southwest afterward for a refund and be sure you have your flight number and departure time.  Or, you can send them an online message.

Parents, Southwest does attempt to filter inappropriate content though it may not catch everything, so keep a look-out on your little ones if they are surfing the web!

Bottom Line

Southwest Wi-Fi can be convenient and entertaining if your flight has it!  Be sure to bring a compatible device like an iPhone, laptop or iPad to access.  By logging on to SouthwestWifi.com on your device, you will be able to enjoy everything from live TV and movies to internet access and texting.

Check out my complete tips on Southwest Wi-Fi.  Happy surfing!

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