How to Use American Express Serve Bill Pay

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How to Use American Express Serve Bill Pay

Million Mile SecretsHow to Use American Express Serve Bill PayMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Now that you can use gift cards to load American Express Serve accounts at Family Dollar, Million Mile Secrets’ readers have been asking how Serve works and what you can do with it.

Like Bluebird, Serve can be used to pay bills online.  You can pay any bill, including mortgages, car loans, student loans, utilities, and credit cards.  You can even pay individuals, like your landlord, handyman, or kid’s music teacher!

And since you can load Serve with gift cards bought with a miles and points earning credit card, this means that you’ll get miles and points paying bills that can’t normally be paid with a credit card.

Serve Bill Pay
You Can Use Serve to Pay Any Kind of Bill or Even People!

How Does Serve Bill Pay Work?

Link:   American Express Serve

Serve allows you to pay a business (like a bank or utility) or an individual person.  Many common businesses, like credit card companies, banks, telecom companies, and utilities are already pre-registered.  This means that Serve can transfer money to them electronically rather than sending them a paper check.

Serve Bill Pay
Serve Has Many Pre-Registered Payees They’ll Send Money to Electronically, Including Banks and Credit Card Companies

For businesses that aren’t pre-registered, or for individuals, you can enter the payee’s details (account number, address, and phone number) and Serve will mail them a check.

It takes 2 days for pre-registered business to receive payment, and 4 days for other businesses or individuals.  And as long as you pay a bill at least 6 days before it’s due, Serve guarantees that payment will arrive on time.  If it doesn’t, they’ll cover any late payment charges, to a maximum of $50 per bill.

How Do You Add a Payee?

Once you log-in to your Serve account, select “Pay Bills” from the “Pay and Transfer” pull-down menu.

Serve Bill Pay
Find the “Pay & Transfer” Menu Then Select “Pay Bills”

Then, from the Pay Bills page, select “Pay a Bill.

Serve Bill Pay
Select “Pay a Bill” to Add Payees or Pay Existing Payees

Pay a Pre-Registered Business

You can add a business or a person.  For businesses, you can search to see if your payee is already pre-registered with Serve.  I searched for Citi and it returned lots of results.

Serve Bill Pay
Enter the Name of Your Payee In the Search Box to See If It’s Registered

Once you’ve found the business you want to pay, you’ll be prompted to add a nickname for the bill and your account number.  Then you can save and pay the bill.

Serve Bill Pay
Add Your Account Number and Nickname for the Payee If Desired

After adding the payee, you’ll have the option to pay a bill right away or come back later and pay.  You’ll just need to enter the amount and a memo if you wish.  Serve will also advise you of the delivery date at the bottom of the screen.

Serve Bill Pay
Enter the Amount You Want to Pay and a Memo If Needed

Pay a Non-Registered Business

If the business you’re paying isn’t pre-registered with Serve, or if you’re paying an individual, you’ll have to enter the payee’s address details and your account number if required.  For example, I searched for “Joe’s Lawnmowing” and it’s not a registered payee.

Serve Bill Pay
You’ll Be Prompted to Add Details for Non-Registered Payees

Fill in the payee’s nickname (optional), address, account number, and telephone number.  Then, when you pay this business, Serve will send them a paper check.

Serve Bill Pay
Add Your Payee’s Details Including Address and Phone Number

Then, when you’re ready to pay a bill, you can enter the amount and a memo just like with a pre-registered business.  But it takes 2 days longer to pay because they’ll send a paper check.

Serve Bill Pay
Payments to Non-Registered Businesses Take 2 Days Longer Because They’re Mailed

Pay a Person

Much like paying a non-registered business, you can pay a person by entering their name, address, and phone number.  Serve will also send them a paper check when you pay them.

Serve Bill Pay
Add Your Payee’s Personal Details Including Address and Phone Number

When you pay a bill, you’ll be able to enter the amount and a memo.  As with non-registered businesses, because they’re sending a paper check, Serve takes an extra 2 days to pay the bill.

Serve Bill Pay
You Can Pay Your Babysitter, Handyman, Music Teacher, or Landlord

Note:   If the person you want to pay also has a Serve account, it’s much quicker to do a direct money transfer.

Once you’ve added a payee into the system, you don’t have to re-enter their details again.  The next time you log in and select “Pay Bills,” a list of payees you’ve already set up will appear.

Serve Bill Pay
You Won’t Have to Re-Enter Payees Info Once You’ve Set Them Up

Bottom Line

You can pay any bill to a business or person using American Express Serve‘s bill pay feature.

Many payees are already pre-registered in their system, and Serve will pay these businesses electronically so payments take 2 days.  For non-registered businesses or individuals, payments take 4 days because Serve mails a paper check.

In either case, as long as you pay a bill at least 6 days before it’s due, Serve guarantees it will be paid on time (and will cover up to $50 in late fees if it’s not!).

What do you think of paying bills with Serve?

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Will the Serve bill pay work even if my utility company does not accept American Express online, in person, or over the phone? My utility companies are pre registered payees with Serve but they do not accept American Express.

I think that’s a big waste of time

Hello please I can respond to this do you have a serve account.

How do i go to online banking. For my account


Serve can mail a check to anyone including your utility, so yes.

if i load my serve with my amex gold i don’t get points on it because it wasn’t hard swiped. i thought this website was about tricks for gaining points and miles on your amex card and this was a way to do it. but i called my amex and they said no points are given to me for transferring money onto serve so i can pay my mortgage and rack up major points…am i missing the “secret” here on million mile secrets???

I am wanting to cancel my Serve account to open a RedBird account. I last issued two checks to pay bills from my Serve account. Those checks have already been issued and the amounts have been deducted from my account.

If I cancel the Serve card and those checks have not yet been deposited by the payees, will the checks still work and not bounce? Thank you all for your advice!

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