How to Use ReceiptMatch With AMEX Small Business Cards

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I’ve written about a tool that can help AMEX small business cardholders organize receipts and track expenses.  LINK TO POST

Using ReceiptMatch is a great way to save time!  And you won’t have to worry about losing receipts because you’ll have electronic copies right in your AMEX account!

How To Use ReceiptMatch
Stop Collecting Those Paper Receipts by Using AMEX ReceiptMatch to Save Time and Track Expenses

I’ll show you how to use ReceiptMatch!

How to Use ReceiptMatch

Link:   American Express ReceiptMatch

The benefit of using ReceiptMatch is you can link business expense receipts directly to credit card purchases.  This means you won’t have to keep physical copies of receipts.  And the electronic copies will be saved and organized in your AMEX account.

To use ReceiptMatch, you’ll first need to download the mobile app on an eligible Apple or Android device.

After you have the app, you can follow these 4 steps.

Step 1 – Log-In to ReceiptMatch App

First, you’ll want to log-in to your AMEX account.  You’ll use the same user ID and password for ReceiptMatch that gets you into your online AMEX account.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
Log-In to Your AMEX Small Business Account Using Your AMEX User ID and Password

Folks without the app can also use the ReceiptMatch program through their online AMEX account.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
Manage Receipts From Your AMEX Account on Your Computer

You’ll still need to save a photo or scan a copy of your receipt to your computer in order to upload to ReceiptMatch.

I’d recommend using the mobile app to upload receipts because it’s much quicker!

Step 2 – Three Ways to Upload Receipts

There are multiple ways to upload receipts for your purchases through the app.  One way is to click the receipt icon next to the transaction description on the recent transactions page.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
You Can Upload a Receipt From Your Recent Activity Screen

Or you can click on a specific transaction.  Then, click on the receipt icon to upload your receipt.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
You Can Upload a Receipt After Clicking on a Specific Transaction

You can also upload a receipt without linking it to a specific transaction.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
There’s Also An Option to Upload a Receipt From the Transactions Page

Then, AMEX will automatically match the receipt with your recent purchase.

Step 3 – Upload Receipts

Now, it’s time to upload your receipt.  You can either:

  • Take a photo of a receipt
  • Choose a photo receipt from your library
  • Pick a receipt already uploaded
How To Use ReceiptMatch
Easily Link Your Transaction by Taking a Photo of Your Receipt

Alternatively, you can email a photo of your receipt (from the email registered to your AMEX account) to [email protected].  AMEX will automatically assign the receipt to the corresponding purchase.  And you can email multiple receipts at one time.

Step 4 – Back to Business

After you upload a receipt, you’re all set!  You’ll now have access to view the receipt through the mobile app or on your desktop.

How To Use ReceiptMatch
You Can Go Back to Your Business! No Need to Worry About Collecting Paper Receipts!

Bottom Line

With the ReceiptMatch mobile app, you can quickly upload and link receipts to your AMEX small business credit card purchases.

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can also email a photo of your receipt (from the email registered to your AMEX account) to [email protected].  AMEX will then automatically link the receipt to your purchase.

Have you used ReceiptMatch?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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