Trick to Keep Your Airline Miles From Expiring Using Uber

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With most airline loyalty programs, you have to earn miles or use them by a set date to prevent them from expiring.

To reset the clock, there’s an easy way to to earn airline miles from Uber rides.

Use Thanks Again to earn 25 points on every Uber ride (even cheap fares).  Then, transfer the points to 7 eligible airlines to keep your existing miles or points from expiring.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Tick, Tock! I’ll Show You an Easy Way to Earn Points to Keep Your Airline Miles From Expiring With Uber Rides!

I’ll show you how it’s easy to earn and redeem Thanks Again points to keep your airline account active!

Easy Points With Thanks Again Rewards Program

Link:   Thanks Again

Thanks Again is a neat rewards program that earns you points in addition to any miles and points you earn from a rewards credit card.

It’s free to sign-up and easy to use.

Once you register, you can link your credit cards.  Then, you’ll automatically earn Thanks Again points on purchases at eligible merchants, including Uber!

For example, you can earn points when you pay for parking at airports.

Or at certain non-airport merchants like restaurants.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Earn Thanks Again Points on Top of Any Miles and Points You Earn With a Rewards Credit Card
The earning rate varies by merchant.  For example, you might earn 1 Thanks Again point per $1 on certain purchases.  And 7 Thanks Again points per $1 at other merchants.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber

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Uber is a participating Thanks Again merchant.

So when you pay for an Uber ride with a credit card linked to your Thanks Again account, you’ll earn 25 Thanks Again points on ANY fare.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
You’ll Earn 25 Thanks Again Points on ANY Uber Fare, Even Cheap Rides!

Then, you can transfer as little as 10 Thanks Again points to one of these 7 airlines:

  • Aeromexico
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines
Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Transfer Thanks Again Points to Southwest to Keep Your Existing Southwest Points From Expiring!

Transferring Thanks Again points to an airline is an easy way to keep your existing airline miles from expiring.  Similar to getting miles for dining out.

Keep in mind, JetBlue points don’t expire.  But transferring Thanks Again points to JetBlue can still be a good idea if you need to top off your account for an award flight.

Note:   There are other ways to redeem Thanks Again points, like for Uber credits or hotel points.  So transferring to airlines is not necessarily the best value.  But it’s a no-brainer way to keep your airline account active.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1.   Sign-In to Your Thanks Again Account

First, sign-in to your Thanks Again account.  If you’re not registered, it’s free to sign-up.

Or you can log-in with your Facebook information.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
to Your Thanks Again Account

Step 2.   Redeem Points

Next, you can redeem points.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Click “Redeem Points” to Get to the Transfer Page

Step 3.   Select an Airline

Now, you can can select one of the 7 airlines to transfer your Thanks Again points.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Pick an Airline to Turn Your Thanks Again Points Into Airline Miles

Keep in mind, Thanks Again points transfer to airlines at a 2:1 ratio.

This means 10 Thanks Again points are worth 5 airline miles.

Step 4.   Transfer Points

Then, you can enter the number of points you’d like to transfer.

The minimum number of Thanks Again points you can transfer is 10.  This means, you’ll get 5 airline miles with the 2:1 ratio.

You’ll also have to enter your loyalty account number so the points go to the right account.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
Enter the Number of Points You Want to Transfer and Airline Account Number

Step 5.   Wait 7 Days

It takes up to 7 days for Thanks Again points to transfer to your airline account.

Earn Airline Miles With Uber
It Will Take 7 Days for Thanks Again Points to Appear in Your Airline Account

Keep this in mind if you’re in a rush to get Thanks Again points into your airline account!

Bottom Line

With the Thanks Again rewards program, you can earn 25 Thanks Again points for any Uber ride.  These points are in addition to the miles, points, or cash back you’ll earn with your credit card.

Then, transfer Thanks Again points to 7 eligible airlines to keep your existing airline miles or points from expiring.  Or to top of your account for an award ticket.

Just one Uber ride (even a cheap fare!) can get you enough points to extend the life of your airline miles!

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