My 6 favorite Delta Comfort+ perks

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Have you ever noticed that certain airlines generate die-hard fans who will happily and without prompting chat you up about all of the benefits that won them over? These folks can be quite convincing, especially when they’re on minute five of a monologue about additional legroom. I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of extra space to stretch out on a long flight? When you’re looking for a stellar flight experience the Delta Comfort + upgrade offers some of the best benefits out there, check out our list below and see if you agree.  

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Benefits to Delta Comfort+

When you’re thinking about upgrading your ticket, it’s helpful to know some of the Delta Comfort Plus perks that you’ll enjoy. Some of our favorite Delta Comfort Plus benefits include: 

Up to 4 more inches of additional legroom

One of the best benefits of Delta Comfort Plus is the extra legroom, depending on which aircraft you’re traveling on, you’ll get up to four extra inches of space. That makes a big difference when you want to stretch out on those longer flights! 

Dedicated overhead bin space

For those of us who constantly stress about finding enough overhead bin space to store our carry-on luggage, Comfort Plus gives us one less thing to worry about. 

Complimentary snacks, beer, wine, and cocktails

To be honest, one of my favorite benefits of Delta Comfort Plus is the snacks and drinks! You’ll receive complimentary alcoholic beverages, snacks, and meals on select domestic flights and all international flights. After that glass of pinot, you might realize that your seatmate is the funniest person you’ve ever met. Either way, it just makes the flight go by a bit faster. 

Reclining seats

The Delta Comfort+ seat reclines 35 inches, which is about 50% more than the economy fare seats. This is especially nice for those who are looking to take a nap or get a full night of sleep on an overnight flight and don’t want to spring for the full class fare. Having this extra room can make a lot of difference in your comfort level. 

Complimentary Sky Priority Boarding access

There are some really nice perks with Delta’s Sky Priority Boarding access. Sky Priority Boarding access gives you priority service at check-in, baggage drop, and when you’re boarding. 

  • Check-in faster at any of the dedicated Delta Sky Priority check-in counters. 
  • Drop off your bags quickly and easily at the Sky Priority baggage dropoff locations.
  • Board the plane in the Priority boarding group to get settled into your seat without rushing. You won’t be first in line, but you’ll board before the majority of the folks in the main cabin seating group. 
  • Priority immigration is a fantastic perk for those traveling abroad, allowing you to skip the long lines with a dedicated priority lane. 

Seats near the front of the plane

I know this one might not matter to everyone, but I love sitting near the front of the plane. For some reason, it just provides a sense of security. Plus, for practical reasons, it’s especially nice to be one of the first people off the plane when it lands, especially if you have a tight connection to catch. 

FAQ about Delta Comfort+

Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about Delta Comfort Plus. 

What is Delta Comfort Plus?

So what exactly is Delta Comfort+? Delta offers five different levels of seating, basic economy, main cabin, Comfort Plus, First class, and Delta One. The Comfort plus tier offers a lot of attractive benefits that are not available in the lower-tiered fares. Depending on your status with Delta, you might qualify for an automatic upgrade to a Comfort Plus fare. Otherwise, when you book a ticket on Delta you’ll have the option to purchase an upgraded Delta Comfort+ fare. 

How much is Delta Comfort+?

There are a few different ways that you can upgrade to a Delta Comfort+ seat. Some Delta elite passengers and cardholders will receive an automatic upgrade based on their status. Otherwise, you can upgrade your ticket with miles or pay a little extra to sit in Comfort+. The price difference between main cabin seating and Comfort+ ranges depending on your flight, anywhere from as little as ~$20 to $100+.

Delta main cabin vs Comfort+

The big difference in the main cabin versus Comfort Plus fare is the price and features. If you’re thinking about spending a little bit extra to upgrade your ticket, you might be wondering – is it worth it?

Think about the benefits of Comfort+ outlined above and then compare the price of the main cabin versus Comfort fares. If you’re on a shorter domestic flight it might not seem worth it. But if you’re on an international flight that extra legroom and reclining seats start to sound really nice. 

Bottom line

When we travel, certain things are out of our control — flight delays, long lines at TSA, your favorite airport restaurant closed for renovation. So for the things that we can control, why not make travel as easy and comfortable as possible? Sometimes that means spending a little bit extra to gain that little bit of extra legroom. Small wins can have a big impact. 

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