British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked, What to Do

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Update:  Many folks on FlyerTalk report their British Airways Avios points have been returned!  So check your account!

Check your British Airways frequent flyer account!  Today, many folks are reporting that they’ve been locked out of their accounts and had their British Airways Avios points balances drained to zero.

This appears to be a result of a security breach or hack.  The details are not yet clear, but some folks are speculating that British Airways is temporarily shutting down accounts and removing points to prevent further fraud.

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
Have You Been Locked Out of Your British Airways Account? Or Lost ALL Your British Airways Avios Points?

I checked my account and can confirm I’ve been locked out too!  I reset my password, but I’m missing all my Avios points.  😮

What to Do?

Link:   FlyerTalk British Airways Hack Thread

Link:   British Airways Executive Club

1.   Sign-In to Your British Airways Account

You should sign-in to your British Airways frequent flyer account right away to see if you’ve been affected.  If you’re able to access your account, I strongly suggest you change your password!

But if you’re locked out (like I was!), you can click the “Forgotten PIN / Password” link on the British Airways sign-in page.  They’ll send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
If Your Membership Number or Password Aren’t Recognized, Use the “Forgotten PIN / Password” Link to Reset Your Account

I hope your British Airways Avios points balances are intact when you access your account.  My account shows ZERO points (it wasn’t zero before!).

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
Noooo! Where Are My British Airways Avios Points?

If your points are missing, do NOT panic.  You’re not the only one!

2.   Call British Airways or Wait It Out?

If you want to make a British Airways Avios points award booking soon, call British Airways at 800-452-1201 to verify your identity and have your points reinstated.

Folks on FlyerTalk report some agents have told them it will take a few days for the points to reappear in their accounts.

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
This Could Be Bad for Folks Who Want to Make Bookings Right Away

And don’t be surprised if you have to wait on hold for a LONG time.  So I wouldn’t call unless you urgently need to book a flight (they should be able to do this for you over the phone, and waive the phone booking fee).

Otherwise, relax.  There’s no reason to panic and spend hours on hold if you don’t need your points right away.

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
Even Though It’s Unnerving to See NO Points in Your Account, Try to Calmly Wait for British Airways to Fix This

Hopefully British Airways gets to the bottom of this soon.  Because so many folks are affected, I’m sure British Airways will send an email or post information about these issues once they have more details.

Would AwardWallet Help?

In this case, it’s unlikely AwardWallet users got advance notice of this issue, because they use the same username and password to check your British Airways account balance as you do.  So they’d be locked out of your account, too.

AwardWallet is a service that tracks all your miles and points in 1 place.

British Airways Avios Accounts Hacked What To Do
AwardWallet Returned an Error When I Tried to Update My British Airways Account Balance

That said, I like using AwardWallet because it usually notifies you if your account balances change.  So you might notice unusual activity in your accounts sooner.

If you change your British Airways account password, don’t forget to change it with AwardWallet!

Bottom Line

Many folks have reported being locked out of their British Airways frequent flyer account today.  And when they change their password and regain access to their account, their British Airways Avios points balances are ZERO.

Don’t panic.  This is a large-scale issue affecting many of us!  If you want to make a British Airways Avios points booking right away, call British Airways at 800-452-1201.  But expect to be on hold for a long time.

Otherwise, it’s best to change your account password and wait for British Airways to sort out the problem.  I’ll update you all when there’s more information!

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