I’ve Never Rooted for a Late Amazon Prime Delivery — Until Now (Thanks to This Tool)

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INSIDER SECRET: When Amazon delivers something later than promised, you get free money! I’ll show you how.  Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided.

If you’re a tightwad, there’s no better time to be alive. There are so many tricks and tactics to save money, and they’re becoming easier every day. Fully automated, even!

Example: Paribus by Capital One. Two minutes after reading an email from Paribus, my Amazon Prime account received a $5 credit. I’ll show you how this incredible tool works!
Amazon Prime guarantees two day shipping on most orders. When delivery is late, you’re entitled to compensation!

Paribus Keeps an Eye on Your Amazon Prime Account

Paribus is a fantastic money saver. You can sign-up here with your Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft account and it’ll immediately begin helping you along.

The tool scans your email account for any potential savings with:

  • Online purchases (if you buy something and the retail price decreases, you may get some money back)
  • Hotel stays  (if you book a hotel and the rate drops, Paribus will help you rebook)
  • Late delivery (Paribus examines emails from certain online retailers like Amazon and monitors the tracking information)

This last bullet is how Paribus has most recently helped me.

I recently ordered a wedding gift from Amazon for some friends, meant to be delivered by June 5. On June 6, I received an email from Paribus advising me that my Amazon order would be delivered late. This email contained:

  • My Amazon order number
  • A pre-written message pointing to Amazon’s shipping promise policy, which I could simply copy and paste into an Amazon chat
  • A link to Amazon live chat

Astounding. No monitoring necessary on my part, no rummaging through old emails for pertinent information, no navigating to Amazon.com and finding the customer service page with the live chat option. It was, in actual fact, effortless.

I copied the pre-written message, pasted it into Amazon chat, and changed it a little bit (I made it a bit softer). Below is the transcript of my chat, so you can see just how quick Amazon was to make things right (LESS THAN 60 SECONDS).

As you can see, my Amazon account received a $5 credit. I’ve read of folks receiving up to $15 in credit for late shipments, so this is a great little trick for anyone who orders from Amazon with any frequency. But the automation of Paribus makes the tool a no-brainer for anyone. Just sign-up and live life. You’ll be sure to get an email if any money-saving opportunity crops up.

Though this tool is provided by Capital One, it’s worth noting that you do NOT need any kind of relationship with Capital One to use it. And the whole program is entirely free.

Let me know if Paribus has saved you money, or if there’s a similar (and even better) tool out there! And remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more frugal tips and tricks in the future. We’ll always tell you when we find something worthwhile.

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