3 Great Travel Secrets To Avoid Disney World’s Ridiculous Prices

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We all know that Disney is insanely priced.  Earlier this year, we found that Disneyland had upped its ticket and annual pass prices once again, following suit with a move by Disney World.

But there are few things you can do to avoid sky-high prices once you’re there.  Sign-up for our free newsletter so you don’t miss tips like these in the future.

My wife and I visited back in 2017, and in my frugal-ness, I was able to find a few way to dodge prices.  However, we did NOT dodge the awkwardness of being the only couple in the park without kids…

We Avoided the Insane Prices as Best We Could

Quick Tips for a Cheap Disney Trip

1.   Water Is a Must

We visited Disney World in June, and it was a sweaty visit to say the least.

Regardless of when you visit, drinking lots of water is critical.  We averaged ~9 miles of walking per day!  While the soda and creative cocktails sound great, I wouldn’t recommend it.

One great way we were able to stay hydrated is to bring a ‘water sack’ with us.  As we would run out, we would visit a concession stand that served water and asked them to fill our sack up.  They had no issue doing so.  When a small water bottle costs $3, this could easily save you close to $100 over a few days.

You can get similar water sacks for under $20 on Amazon or Walmart.

2.   Pack A Lunch

This is an obvious one, but it has to be said… The food and drink at Disney World are a ripoff.  My wife and I made sure to pack sandwiches and snacks during our visits to the park.  Of course there are novelty foods like a delicious hot dog with mac and cheese on top, but food can prove to be incredibly expensive.

$12 Well Spent!

Disney states on their website that all food and drinks are allowed in the park, with the exception of alcohol.

3.   Hotel Selection Is Key

We discovered very quickly that where you stay can affect your costs.  If you stay at a Disney World Resort, you do not need to pay for parking at Disney World.  The trade-off is that you’re paying a premium to stay so close to the park.

During our search for a hotel, our most important criteria was having a shuttle to and from the park.  We were able to have that at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Orlando.  While it was extremely rigid in schedule, it was convenient to not worry about driving, parking, or gas during our trip.

Side note – Orlando has the cheapest rates for rideshare companies in the country.  If you are planning on visiting, consider bypassing renting a car for Lyft or Uber.

Bottom Line

Disney is one of the world’s biggest attractions, and something everyone should experience at least once.

However, these money-saving hacks can really make the difference in the final cost of your adventures.  Through these tricks, my wife and I estimate we saved roughly $400 through 4 days at Disney World.

Do you have any other frugal tips for those who love Disney?  Let’s hear them in the comments!

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