10 Secrets to Better JetBlue Travel

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Emily and I love to share secret ways to help ya’ll get Big Travel with Small Money.  And there are plenty of secrets I have to tell you about travel with JetBlue!

Folks love JetBlue because there are never blackout dates for award seats.  And they have extra legroom in coach, free in-flight Wi-Fi, and awesome snacks.

But, there’s so much more to know about JetBlue!

I’ll share 10 secrets to help you make the most of your JetBlue experience!

10 JetBlue Travel Secrets

1.   Free Bags to Certain Destinations & With Certain Credit Cards

JetBlue changed their free checked bag policy last year.  If you purchase the cheapest fare on most flights, you’ll have to pay $20 (online) or $25 (at the airport) to check a bag with their lowest fares.
10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel
You’ll Get a Free Checked Bag to Certain JetBlue Destinations & With the JetBlue Plus and Small Business Credit Cards


But, did you know you’ll get a free checked bag to and from these destinations?

  • Bogota
  • Cartagena
  • Cuba
  • Kingston
  • Lima
  • Medellin
  • Mexico City
  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Port of Spain
  • Quito
  • Santiago
  • Santo Domingo

And on all flights, folks with the JetBlue Plus and JetBlue Business cards get a free first checked bag.  And so do up to 3 companions on the same reservation when you use your card to pay for your ticket.

2.   No Need to Choose Even More Space Seats

JetBlue offers the most legroom in coach compared to other US airlines.  So unless you’re very tall, like ~6’4″ or over, the regular coach seats should be fine.

There are a few added perks with Even More Space seats like:

  • Early boarding
  • Expedited security at certain airports
  • Power outlets in select rows

And of course, you’ll have 38″ of legroom, which could be worth it if you’re tall OR if you’re traveling with a pet that goes under the seat.

3.   Board Early Without Elite Status

Want to board earlier to make sure you get access to overhead bins?

JetBlue usually boards the back of the plane first starting with row 20.  To board earlier, choose a seat in rows 20 or 21.  This way you’ll be away from the restrooms, but still among the first to board.  

Note:  Different aircraft have different numbers of rows, so this doesn’t always apply.

Folks who really want to board first can pay for the Even More Space seats.  But, I don’t think it’s worth the extra fee.

4.   Mint Business Class Suite Seats for Solo Travelers

If you’re flying solo in JetBlue’s Mint Business Class, you’ll want to select a seat in Rows 2 or 4.  Besides the lie-flat bed and great service you’ll enjoy, there will also be more privacy.

There’s only 1 seat on each side of the aisle in these two rows compared to 2 side by side seats in the other 3 Mint Business Class rows.

The seats in Rows 2 and 4 have a sliding door that turns the seat into a suite.

10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel
Enjoy More Privacy in Rows 2 and 4 When You Fly JetBlue’s Mint Business Class

I wouldn’t recommend these seats for couples or family members traveling together.  Because you won’t be able to talk much during the flight.

5.   Different Airplanes Have Different Seats

JetBlue flies 3 types of airplanes:

  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A321
  • Embraer 190

The Airbus A320 seats are slightly more comfortable and have 34″ of pitch (legroom) compared to 33″ on the newer Airbus A321 airplanes.  Both are better than most coach seats on other US airlines.

If you enjoy JetBlue in-flight entertainment, the Airbus A320 airplanes have smaller 6.5″ screens while the Airbus A321 has 10″ screens.  But the seat cushions on the A320 are thicker and more comfortable.

JetBlue will be updating their fleet of A320 airplanes next year to match the look and feel of the A321.  So enjoy the more comfortable seats while you can!

The Embraer 190 is used by JetBlue for shorter flights like from New York (JFK) to Nantucket.  Seats on these planes have 32″ of pitch in coach.  While it’s slightly less than the Airbus airplanes, you’ll still have a good amount of leg room for a short flight.

6.   Free In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work Everywhere

JetBlue in-flight entertainment and free Wi-Fi is terrific.  There’s free DIRECTV for live sports, news, and more, movies, and SiriusXM radio.

But keep in mind the in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi is not always available.

If you’re flying to the US from Mexico or the Caribbean, you will likely not have access to DIRECTV or Wi-Fi until you get back to US airspace.  And if you’re flying to Mexico or the Caribbean, the service will end when you reach international waters.

10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel
You Might Want to Bring a Personal Device for In-Flight Entertainment on a JetBlue Flight to or From Mexico or the Caribbean

7.   Earn JetBlue Points Flying Partner Airlines

I’ve written about crediting miles from certain flights to your favorite frequent flyer program.  This way the miles don’t go to waste!

You can earn JetBlue points by flying these partners:

  • Emirates
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Silver Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways

Team member Keith recently earned thousands of JetBlue points by crediting the Emirates flight he took on his honeymoon!

8.   Pool Your JetBlue Points With Friends & Family Members

Link:   Earn Award Flights Faster by Combining JetBlue Points Accounts for Free

Most airlines charge expensive fees to share points between accounts.  But JetBlue allows friends and family members to pool their points for no charge!

JetBlue allows up to 2 adults and 5 children (under age 21) to combine their JetBlue points in a Family Pooling account for free.

This is a great way to get your JetBlue points in 1 account to make it easier to book award flights!

9.   Earn Bonus Points When Traveling With a Pet

Link:   JetPaws Pet Flying Program

Did you know you earn 300 JetBlue points when you pay a pet fee?

JetBlue charges a $100 pet fee each way for small dogs and cats (under 20 pounds combined weight of pet and carrier) to travel on the airplane with their owner.

10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel
Bring Your Small Cat or Dog on a JetBlue Flight and 300 Bonus JetBlue Points

Pets can travel to all JetBlue destinations except Barbados, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Note:   JetBlue only allows 4 pets per flight.  Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  So book ahead if you’re planning to bring a pet!

10.   Book on JetBlue.com to Earn More Points

Link:   JetBlue Loyalty Program Sign-Up

Folks can earn more JetBlue points by booking fares directly on JetBlue.com.

You’ll have a choice of 3 fare levels when you buy a coach ticket – Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Flex.  Plus, Mint Business Class fares on certain flights.

All fares earn 3 JetBlue points per dollar spent, regardless of how you book the airfare.  But if you book online with JetBlue, you’ll earn bonus points!

10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel
You’ll Earn at Least 6 JetBlue Points per $1 Spent When You Book Online at JetBlue.com

Bonus Tips When Flying From New York (JFK)

JetBlue has a state-of-the-art terminal at New York (JFK) airport.  And there are some great perks at the terminal like:

  • Airspace Lounge – folks can get access with the AMEX Platinum or AMEX Centurion cards
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Terminal 5 Rooftop – enjoy open air outdoor space after going through security across from gate 28

There are also some terrific restaurants and shops in the terminal!

Bottom Line

You can enhance your JetBlue experience with these 10 travel secrets.  From getting bonus JetBlue points for traveling with a pet to boarding early by selecting certain rows, there are many tips you should know!

And don’t forget you can earn great sign-up bonuses and perks like free checked bags with one of the 3 new JetBlue cards!

What’s your favorite part about flying JetBlue?

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