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City Double Cash. Why are all you not mentioning this card.

Your recommendation sucks. Oh sure, lots of bonus

points in the front end and than comes the annual fee and now its a nothing card with 1.5 on everything. I have lots of 1.5% cards stashed because it not worth the trouble. Saw one with 3% first year, annual fee waived, then 2.5% with an annual fee of $59.00. If that’s all out there, I may have to succumb and get it. Still, the annual fee kills my enthusiasm to even bother. Different strokes for different folks. Still looking for something better though.

I have been accumulating American Airlines miles to redeem for a Business Class ticket to Europe. Upon doing all my research and calculating I was ready to hit BUY NOW. WOW, did I get a surprise! In my particular case they had a Carrier Imposed Fee of over $1000…..can this be possible? And if so are you aware of this & is their a way of getting around …..this just blows my mind…..I just can’t imagine after using 115,000 miles I still have to pay over $1000 to redeem miles.

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas…..enjoy your newsletter everyday…

Unfortunately, if you’re using American Airlines miles to fly to Europe the taxes can be high. With $1,000 in fees I’m guessing you’re flying with their partner British Airways. You could fly to Europe on American Airlines planes, or with other partners and you’ll pay much much less in fees. Stay tuned, I’m working on a post for next week about this.

Hi, I compared flights using Iberia Avios to British Air Avios points. Both flights NYC-Paris in business class, same dates and came up with BA 115,500 miles + $1,341.94 compared with Iberia 98,000 miles + $318.07. Huge difference. I knew that BA would be higher, but is the discrepancy consistent with your experience & calculations? Thank you

Absolutely, Iberia is almost always lower, that’s a great find!

I read my email daily and I love hearing about the travels you share with us. I have 2 questions.

1. What is the lowest cost option for car rental if booking through SW?

2. Does any particular rental agency offer more SW points?

3. In your opinion who do you think offers the best deal on car rentals with unlimited mileage?


+1 for They always come through for me and have saved me literally thousands over the past few years. I can’t recommend them enough.

find the cheapest car rental you can find online, then go to and ask them to beat your price. If they can’t, you got a bargain but often times, they’ll find something cheaper. I found that using points to rent a car is a bad bargain, but if you’re set on using points, be my guest.

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