It Still Works! An Easy 1% Back on Your Rent Each Month

It Still Works! An Easy 1% Back on Your Rent Each Month

Million Mile SecretsIt Still Works! An Easy 1% Back on Your Rent Each MonthMillion Mile Secrets Team

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Good news to report!  Rent payments on RadPad still earn 1% cash back when you pay using the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard!

Folks expressed concern they’d no longer earn cash back from RadPad because of an email update PayPal sent about which types of purchases count.

But it’s still working as an easy way to get free money each month when you pay your rent!

It Still Works An Easy 1 Back On Your Rent Each Month
Sit Back and Watch the Cash Back Roll In! You Can Still Earn 1% Back on Your Rent Payments With RadPad

I’ll help you make the most of this service.  And show you how to use RadPad to earn miles & points!

What’s RadPad?

Link:   RadPad

Link:   RadPad FAQs

RadPad is a service that helps you pay rent.  You can pay up to $5,000 per month for free with a debit card.

It Still Works An Easy 1 Back On Your Rent Each Month
RadPad Is a Convenient Way to Pay Your Rent Each Month. And Your Landlord Doesn’t Need an Account

Or, you can pay a fee to pay with a credit card – more on that in a bit!

Your landlord does NOT need to make an account.  Because she or he simply gets a check in the mail from RadPad with your information on it.  And they can cash it like any other check.

It only takes ~2 minutes to sign-up.  To get started, fill in your rent amount, due date, and email on the RadPad website.

Note:   You can NOT use RadPad to pay other bills, your mortgage, or HOA dues.

Get an Easy 1% Cash Back!

Link:   PayPal Business Debit Card

When you pay your rent via RadPad with the PayPal Business Debit Card, you earn 1% cash back.  Because it counts as a purchase.

Some folks expressed concern they’d no longer earn cash back from RadPad because of recent updates to how PayPal processes what counts for cash back.

But 2 of my friends have had success earning cash back this month!

It Still Works An Easy 1 Back On Your Rent Each Month
RadPad Purchases Still Earn 1% Back With the PayPal Business Debit Card

One friend already received an email from PayPal confirming he earned cash back from a RadPad purchase this month.

It Still Works An Easy 1 Back On Your Rent Each Month
Another Friend of Mine Reports Success, Too!

And another person I know also earned 1% cash back from RadPad.  PayPal categorizes RadPad rent payments as “purchases eligible for cash back.”

So, this is still an easy way to get a rebate on your rent payment!

Earn Miles or Points, and Meet Minimum Spending Requirements!

RadPad recently recently lowered their fee on MasterCard credit card payments to 1.99%.  I wrote about why it might be worth it to pay with a credit card to help meet minimum spending requirements.  Or to earn extra miles and points!

It Still Works An Easy 1 Back On Your Rent Each Month
Saving Your American Airlines Miles for a Splurge in First Class? You Might Consider Paying RadPad’s Fee for Credit Card Payments to Get Big Travel

You’ll offset the 1.99% fee if you’re able to get a value of more than ~2 cents per mile or point you earn (such as redeeming them for Business or First Class flights).  So you’ll come out ahead using RadPad and MasterCard!

Here are some MasterCards that work with RadPad that you might consider if you need to meet their minimum spending requirement.  Or want to earn more miles or points:

And depending on how you like to use your miles & points, it could be worth using RadPad on a regular basis (not just to meet minimum spending requirements) to earn more Big Travel.

For example, you’ll always come out ahead with the Barclaycard Arrival Plus card.  Because you’ll earn 2 Barclaycard Arrival miles per $1 spent.  And you’ll get 5% of your miles back when you redeem them for travel purchases of $100+.

So you’ll pay ~$20 for each ~$1,000 you spend on RadPad as a fee.  But you’ll earn 2,000 Barclaycard Arrival miles.  And when you redeem them, you’ll get back 100 miles.

If you’re close to earning the required 10,000 miles to cover a travel purchase of $100+, using RadPad could make sense.

Bottom Line

Paying rent on RadPad with the PayPal Business Debit Card is a fantastic way to earn extra cash back each month for something you’d have to pay anyway.

There was concern that PayPal had changed their rules.  But I’m happy to report purchases made on RadPad still earn cash back!

And, if you want to earn more miles and points, or meet minimum spending requirements, you can use a MasterCard like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus or Citi ThankYou Premier.  But keep in mind you’ll have to pay a 1.99% fee.

It’s not worth it all the time.  But you can come out ahead, depending on how you like to redeem your miles.

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Be aware, when using RadPad, their guarantee your rent will be paid on time is no guarantee at all. If your rent check is received late, you are responsible, not RadPad, even if you paid on time or early.

RadPad's rent "guarantee" only covers up to $50 in late fees, and only once every 6 months. Most apartment company's late fees are much more than $50.

I'm currently dealing with a late/not received rent payment on my first time ever using RadPad. It's not fun. RadPad sends their checks USPS first class mail with no tracking. YYMV, but consider the risk when using RadPad.

How about risk of Paypal shutdown?

How can I make 5 separate payments to meet a requirement to use my debit card 5 times?


@Anthony - I'm glad you found a way to make it useful! Sometimes deals are only good in a few specific situations, but some folks like to make the most of them! 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting!

I did an exercise to see how much money I could earn over the span of a year just for manufactured spend on my Arrival card and it was something like $30. 😛

But I have to thank you for the advice on using RadPad with my Arrival car to put me over the 10,000 point mark. I hadn't thought of that. Definitely will do this since I have travel coming up next month.