Spring Break to Maui: Alaska Airlines First Class & Getting Locked Out of Our Car!

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Spring Break to Maui:  Alaska Airlines First Class & Getting Locked Out of Our Car!

Million Mile SecretsSpring Break to Maui:  Alaska Airlines First Class & Getting Locked Out of Our Car!Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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Alaska Airlines First Class
Alaska Airlines First Class


Emily:  Daraius and I took a Southwest flight to San Jose, and the next morning we flew to Maui on Alaska Air.  We spent the night at the Hyatt House in Santa Clara.  We arranged for a free shuttle from the hotel (by phone) and waited about 10 minutes for the shuttle to arrive.

We spent $118 for the hotel room because Daraius wanted a Hyatt stay credit.

Trip Report Index:

Hyatt House rooms feature small kitchens and a separate living area.

Alaska Airlines First Class

The bed was comfortable and we went straight to bed.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Hyatt House Bed

The next morning we had a quick free breakfast and took the shuttle back to the airport.

Check-in was very quick and we got to use the priority security lanes which saved us a little time.  The Alaska Airlines flight was nice and the crew were friendly.   It was a short flight, though, and Daraius and I thought it would have been better to save our miles and fly in coach the next time.

We spent 37,500 American Airlines miles for the flight in First Class, but could have spent only 12,500 British Airways Avios points if we had flown in coach!

Alaska Airlines First Class
Alaska Airlines First Class

The first class cabins had slightly larger seats than the coach section (2 seats vs. 3 seats).

Alaska Airlines First Class
2 Seats per Row

The menu looked good, and sounded more appetizing that typical American carriers.  The food was much tastier on this flight than on our United flight back from India!

Alaska Airlines First Class
Alaska Airlines First Class Menu

We were also served a yummy passion fruit, orange and guava juice that tasted very fresh.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Passionfruit, Orange and Guava Juice

For lunch, we were first served a cucumber salad with barbeque pork and a Hawaiian roll.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Cucumber Salad with Barbeque Pork

Next came the main course, which was glazed chicken with baby bok choy, mushrooms, and rice.  I really loved the glazed chicken…it came with a very tasty sauce.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Glazed Chicken with Baby Bok Choy

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse which tasted more like chocolate pudding. It was very good!

Alaska Airlines First Class
Chocolate Mousse

Daraius enjoyed it too!

Alaska Airlines First Class
Who is a Big Glutton?

For entertainment, the flight attendants passed out mini digital players that were a little smaller than iPads.  You could choose between TV shows, movies, and music.

Alaska Airlines First Class
In Flight Entertainment

I thought the screens were too small to really enjoy it, so I slept after I ate lunch, and then worked a little.  Before landing, we were served Mai Tais.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Mai Tais

Soon enough, we landed, collected our checked bag and took a shuttle to Alamo’s car lot.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Maui Airport

We paid for an economy car, which would have been a Chevy Spark, which was about the same size as a Toyota Yaris.  However, when we got to the lot, the attendant said we could choose from the mid-size or full size cars since they were out of economy cars.  This usually happens when we book an economy car!

We opted for a Ford Focus hatchback – complete with a sunroof!   It was good on gas while we were here and it was big enough for just the two of us.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Ford Focus Hatchback

Our first stop was at Costco which is right by the airport to get Spafinder discount certificates which got us 20% off at the Spa at the Grand Wailea in Maui.  I forgot to order these in time online from Costco, so we made a stop at the store.

Here’s a map from the airport to Costco.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Costco in Maui

We got a snorkeling kit because you have to pay for them at the resort, as well as Spa Finder gift certificates for 20% off.  We also bought a discount certificate for the Atlantis submarine tour.  We found out later that there were cheaper options for the tours in-town.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Discount Certificates at Costco

There were other excursions for reduced prices, such as luaus, helicopter tours, snorkeling tours, and whale watching tours.  There was also a large selection of souvenirs, including chocolates, macadamia nuts…

Alaska Airlines First Class
Macadamia Nuts & More

…and Hawaiian shirts.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Hawaiian Shirts

They also had a large selection of alcohol.

Alaska Airlines First Class
Large Wine Collection

We picked up a few other provisions, and then loaded up the car.  Unfortunately, Daraius was absent minded and locked the keys in the trunk, so we got locked out of the car!  Fortunately, we have roadside assistance on our phone so we called Verizon who said it would be about 40 minutes until anyone could come.

He also went back into Costco to see if they have a locksmith service.  I laid down in the grass while I was waiting, and the truck owners from the truck parked opposite us returned.  The woman looked down on me laying in the grass with a puzzled look, and I told her my husband locked the keys in the car!

She said, “My husband’s a car mechanic and can help!”  Immediately he started getting out his equipment, and then Daraius came back saying that Costco didn’t offer any lock-out service.  Our new friend used what looked liked a blood-pressure cuff to open the car door slightly, and after about 3 minutes, opened the door with a metal rod.  It was such a relief!

We thanked them profusely (Daraius was so embarrassed!), and marveled at the luck we had to get the car unlocked.  What were the chances of having a mechanic with his tools in his truck park right next to us?!  We’re always blessed with the kindness of strangers.

After the incident, we took about 40 minutes to drive to our hotel.  Kaanapali (where the Hyatt Regency is located ) is very developed and touristy, and we sat in more traffic than we expected.  The views were nice though – I loved seeing the mountains by the ocean, it and reminded me of California.  On the way, we saw lots of strip malls, restaurants, and other shops.

There were even a few fruit stalls on the road.  We also passed a few beach front campgrounds, full of locals with their entire families.  The barbequed meats they were grilling sure did smell good!

Finally, we got to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa.

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Darius you aren’t the only dummy. I just got back from Costa Rica yesterday. I stopped at a coffee shop on the way to return my rental car. After eating my pastry I started to leave but couldn’t find the car keys. Went back to the table where I was sitting, checked the ignition, checked the path I walked into the restaurant but no keys. Dug through my backpack and pockets then came to the conclusion I must have left them on the counter when I ordered. As I approached the counter to ask if they had the keys, a woman stepped in front of me and told the cashier she needed to return some keys. I asked her where she found them and she said she thought they were hers and picked them up from the counter. She realized the mistake when she got to the rental car company and had the rental company drive her back to the cafe to return the keys. As for other dumb stunts, I could add the story about how I ended up with the front two wheels of my 4×4 rental car hanging over the side of a 15 foot drop off on another Costa Rican trip but I don’t want to hog your comments section. 😉

Million Mile Secrets

@Dave – LOL! I actually had a laptop computer fall from a hill into the Pacific in Costa Rica. The only thing worse was that I could have potentially fallen, but glad that it didn’t happen. Hope you had a nice time in Costa Rica!

If you are heading to Maui and want a discount on dining try looking for Outback Steakhouse gift cards. You can use these at Roy’s. Roy’s Kaanapali is a fantastic restaurant. My wife and I ate their twice it was so good. Try Roy’s Trio. 🙂

Downtown Lahaina will have less expensive dining options. It’s also a cool place to visit right around sundown.

Also check your tourist magazines. Grab all of them at the airport. There are numerous dining coupons you can use at the restaurants on the resorts. There are also activities and spa discounts.

We are leaving for Maui and Honolulu the end of May. You have already helped me with renting a car using Thank you points and the Southwest CP. I am looking forward to hearing about your itinerary bargins and dining choices. We are looking forward to our first trip to Hawaii!

Million Mile Secrets

@Don – We found cheaper prices in downtown Lahaina for the submarine and other activities.

@Pam – Have a great trip!

Our family will be in Maui in July. Where is this place with a good discount for the submarine and luau?

Glad you all are enjoying the trip reports! The Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea was the nicest spa I have ever been to, and it paid off getting the spa gift certificates. A coach flight would have been fine–it was only a 4 hour flight. I loved Hawaii and can’t wait to go back!

@bitachu- Thanks! The submarine tour was one of the highlights of our trip.

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