Protect and Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet!

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When you’ve been in this hobby for a while, you end up with a TON of gift cards!

That’s because they’re useful for things like meeting your minimum spending requirements, saving money on a trip to Disney World, or earning 5X points at office supply stores!

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
How Do You Keep Track of Them All?
GoWallet can help you organize your gift cards for free!  I’ll show you how it works!

What’s GoWallet?

Link:   GoWallet

Link:   GoWallet for iPhone

Link:   GoWallet for Android 

GoWallet is essentially the Award Wallet of gift cards.  With this tool you can store all your gift cards in 1 place.
Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Get Organized With GoWallet

You can use GoWallet on your computer, iPhone, or Android mobile device.

How Does It Work?

GoWallet is easy to use!  To get started with GoWallet, just sign-up for a free account.
Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Just Enter Your Email Address and Password

Then start adding gift cards to your new account.

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Like I Said, You Wind Up With a LOT of Gift Cards!

On your computer, you select your gift card type and enter your card number.

You can add gift cards from:

  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Retailers
  • Visa

But a new feature on the mobile app can save you time!

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Click the “Add” Button at the Bottom of the Screen

Next, select your gift card type.  Now you can take a photo of your card.

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Fit Your Card Into the Blue Box and the App Will Snap a Picture

Once you capture the image of your card, the app will add the card and its balance to your account.  This works very well with Metabank Visa gift cards.  Your card information is automatically uploaded, all you need to do is enter the 3-digit CVV code on the back.

But this doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to with retailer cards.  Sometimes it doesn’t recognize your card or you have to enter the balance yourself because balance updates aren’t supported.

Keeping Track of Disney Gift Cards

You can earn 5% to 6% cash back by purchasing Disney cards at US supermarkets or office supply stores with cards like:

But some readers have mentioned that keeping track of how much money is left on each Disney gift card becomes a hassle.

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
GoWallet Might Be the Answer!
GoWallet says they provide automatic balance updates for Disney gift cards.  However, some folks say it works while others say they have to manually enter the balance.  So try it to see if it works for you!  That’d be 1 less thing to worry about while at the park!

What Are the Benefits to Using GoWallet?

Aside from keeping your gift cards organized in 1 place, there are several other great reasons to use GoWallet.

1.   Keep Your Cards Safe

Personally, I’ve never had a gift card stolen.  But I have misplaced a few!

If your card information is saved on GoWallet, you may be able to call and get it replaced.  Or you can use the card number to make purchases online.

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Having Your Card Information Stored on GoWallet Could Really Save the Day!

2.   Easily Check Your Balance

GoWallet automatically updates the balance of your Visa and some retail gift cards.  This is a great way to quickly double-check before you throw away old gift cards.

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Don’t Throw Away Good Money!

3.   Leave the Stack of Gift Cards at Home

The GoWallet app keeps you prepared for unexpected shopping situations.  Because there’s nothing worse than walking into a store then remembering you left your gift card at home!

But if you have the GoWallet app on your phone, you may still be able to use your gift card even if you don’t have it on you!

Protect And Organize Your Gift Cards With GoWallet
Just Have the Cashier Scan Your Phone!

However, this doesn’t mean you can get rid of your gift card entirely.  Not all retailers support this feature.

4.   Set Your PIN Code

You need a gift card with PIN capability to load your AMEX Bluebird or Serve account.  With some gift cards you can save time by avoiding the phone call and automated menus and creating your PIN code on GoWallet instead.

Are There Risks?

There is always some risk associated with storing your information online.  That said, I’ve used GoWallet for several years and have never had an issue with my gift card information being stolen.

But do what you feel comfortable with!

Bottom Line

GoWallet can help you organize, protect, and monitor your gift cards.  You can use this tool on your computer or through the iPhone or Android mobile apps.  And it’s free!

What’s your experience with GoWallet?

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