A First Class Passage To India – Jet Airways Business Class (Mumbai to London)

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Jet Airways Business Class Review

This is a continuation of our First Class trip to India, a journey where we had Big Travel with Small Money!

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I booked this trip using 67,500 American Airlines miles for a 1-way ticket from Mumbai to London on Jet Airways and from London to Kansas City via Chicago on American Airlines.  My next trip report will cover the London to Chicago flight.

I arrived at Mumbai International Airport, and made my way to the airport staffer who was ushering business class passengers to the front of the line.  You are not allowed to enter airports in India until the police match your name to your itinerary (you need a printed copy BEFORE entering the airport).

After a cursory look at my passport and ticket, I was allowed to enter the airport and made my way to the Jet Airways check-in counter.  This was much different from Emily’s First Class experience where she was met at the entrance to the airport and ushered right to her seat on the plane.

But it didn’t really matter.  The lines were short and soon I was in the Clipper lounge which is shared by Jet Airways.

The lounge was overcrowded since it was shared with other airlines.  I helped myself to some chicken tikka sandwiches.

Jet Airways Business Clas
Clipper Lounge – Food

I also tried the biryani, but it was cold.

Jet Airways Business Class
Clipper Lounge – Biryani

I left the lounge and bought a fiery Indian meal from a fast food restaurant.  It tasted so good!

I boarded the plane and was escorted to my seat by the flight attendant.  I wasn’t feeling well, so apologies for the poor quality of the pictures.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class – My Seat

The seats are laid out in a herringbone design and each seat has easy access to the aisle.  I found this very helpful later on in the flight.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class – Herringbone Design

A few minutes later, I was offered fresh watermelon juice and coconut water.  I had one of each and they were both very refreshing.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class- Watermelon Juice

The seat was comfortable and had a power outlet for my laptop.  Soon after take off, I had a snack.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class – Dessert

And some dessert.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class – Snack

The flight attendant offered to make my bed and soon I was sleeping.  The bed was a bit narrow, but it was flat and had a pillow.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class – Bed

I made a trip to the restroom and noticed the Bulgari after shave.

Jet Airways Business Class
Jet Airways Business Class- Bulgari

Landing was uneventful, and I made my way to the American Airlines lounge.  I slept through most of the flight, but it was pleasant.  The seats and cabin service were nice and I’d certainly fly on Jet Airways again.

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