Get Compensation for European Flight Delays & Cancellations With

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Get Compensation for European Flight Delays & Cancellations With

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Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

I’ve written about AirHelp, a service that assists travelers with compensation from airlines in the event of overbooking, flight delay, or flight cancellation.

There’s another company, called, which provides a similar service.  They’ll help you file a claim with the airlines (up to 600 euros, or ~$661) and, like AirHelp, they’ll only charge a commission if you win your claim.

Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With
You Could Receive up to 600 Euros (~$661) If Your Flight Was Delayed or Cancelled – but There Are Restrictions

But only certain European Union flights are eligible.  I’ll explain how it works!

What’s the Deal?


Link:   AirHelp

If, in the past 2 years, you’ve been denied boarding due to overbooking, or your flight was delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline.

In general, you could be eligible if:

  • Your flight landed in the European Union and was operated by a European Union airline
  • Your flight departed the European Union on any airline
Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With
You Can Only Claim Compensation If Your Flight Departed the European Union, or Arrived in the European Union on a European Union Airline

The European Union includes these countries.  Note that Norway and Switzerland are NOT on the list.

To compare, AirHelp has similar rules – but you can also file a claim for denied boarding if your flight occurred within the US.  There’s no option for this with

If you have a valid claim, will pursue the airline for compensation on your behalf, once you sign paperwork giving them Power of Attorney over your case.

They’ll even take the airline to court.  If you win, you’ll pay them a commission of 25% plus 19% tax.

How Do You File a Claim?

You can start a claim with online, or through their iOS or Android app.  They’ll ask you a few basic questions about your flight.

Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With
Easily Start a Claim With Online by Telling Them About Your Flight

If your situation is eligible, you’ll be asked for the flight number and date of travel.

Note:   As you can see from the example below, your arrival time must have been delayed by at least 3 hours to qualify for compensation!

Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With
Flights With Arrival Delays of Less Than 3 Hours Aren’t Eligible

If your flight is eligible, will ask you to sign a Power of Attorney form.  And you’ll have to submit evidence for your claim, like:

  • eTickets / email confirmations
  • Boarding passes
  • Photos (of delayed aircraft, flight status boards)
  • Any other documentation given to you by the airline (vouchers, new itineraries, etc) says they have a 98% success rate in court.  But the average time it takes to resolve a claim is ~100 days.

Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With
Depending on How Long Your Flight Was, You Can Receive up to 600 Euros in Compensation, Minus’s 25% + Tax Commission

That’s because some airlines don’t respond to their requests, or use delay tactics to stall the claim.

That said, once your claim is settled, will take a 25% commission, plus 19% VAT (tax).

Note:   If you used certain Chase cards to pay for your ticket, you could receive up to $500 in compensation for a delayed flight.

So Which Is Better, or Airhelp?

I don’t have personal experience filing a claim with either or Airhelp, so I can’t comment on which is better, faster, or more successful.

That said, AirHelp charges a flat 25% commission (tax is included), so they’re marginally cheaper.  Plus, they’ll process claims for denied boarding in the US, which does NOT do.

Get Compensation For European Flight Delays Cancellations With Adds 19% Tax to Their Commission, but With AirHelp It’s Included

You can only claim for flights in the past 2 years with  With AirHelp, the limit is 3 years.

So at 1st glance, AirHelp seems more useful and flexible (and slightly cheaper).  I’d love to hear from folks who’ve used either service to find out about their experience!

Bottom Line

If you’ve been denied boarding, delayed, or had a flight cancelled departing from or arriving to the European Union in the past 2 years, could help you win compensation from the airline.

You could get as much as 600 euros (~$661) depending on your circumstances. will file the claim on your behalf, and if you win, they’ll take a 25% commission (plus 19% tax).

Other companies, like AirHelp, provide a similar service (and it’s slightly cheaper with more flexibility).

Have you successfully filed a claim with 1 of these companies?  Please share your experiences in the comments!

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Today it is very easy to check if you will get some money back of delayness. Just go to and enter flight details

You also receive compensation for being downgraded. The EU rules are pretty specific on compensation so do your homework first. We were downgraded on BA and were entitled to full refund of the fare for that segment (for us it was the Trans Atlantic portion so it was substantial). BA denied and stonewalled at first until I learned on flyertalk you threaten to file a court claim online through money claim online (UK Small Claims Court). After that we were paid promptly – not the full amount but the balance wasn’t worth pursuing. An interesting strategy by BA as I have flown Business Class to Europe 4 times in the 12 months following our downgrade, none of the flights with BA now that I know how they treat their best customers.

Well — I just got back form a trip where we had mechanical problems and made an emergency landing in Slovenia – where we were stuck with no announcements, food, or water for 14 hours while they unsuccessfully tried to fix the engine and then requested a anew plane. Sounds like a great time to try the service!

I used on a canceled return flight that originated in BCN.

After about 18-months and a complete run around, they wanted me to sign a document giving them a higher percentage of any refunds (than listed on their website). Well, there hadn’t been any refund-to-date an based on the garbage they fed me the prior months, I told them to…….

Completely worthless for me.

Why did they put a picture of Skyler White as the CEO of the company?

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