No Sign-Up Bonus? No Problem! The Barclays Arrival Premier’s Ongoing Bonuses Give You a Sign-Up Bonus EVERY YEAR

We devote thousands of hours of research to help you get Big Travel with Small Money. You support us by signing-up for credit cards through partner links which earn us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

No Sign-Up Bonus? No Problem! The Barclays Arrival Premier’s Ongoing Bonuses Give You a Sign-Up Bonus EVERY YEAR

Million Mile SecretsNo Sign-Up Bonus? No Problem! The Barclays Arrival Premier’s Ongoing Bonuses Give You a Sign-Up Bonus EVERY YEARMillion Mile Secrets Team

We devote thousands of hours of research to help you get Big Travel with Small Money. You support us by signing-up for credit cards through partner links which earn us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Update: One or more card offers in this post are no longer available. Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

If putting $15,000 to $25,000 in spending on your card each year is easy for you, this card may be a keeper for life!

The Barclays Arrival® Premier World Elite Mastercard® has a solid ongoing earning potential that can earn you up to 25,000 bonus Arrival miles (worth $250) every cardmember year.  That’s on top of the 2X Arrival miles per $1 you’ll earn for every purchase!

You can apply for the Barclays Arrival® Premier World Elite Mastercard® here.

Use the Arrival Miles You Earn From the Barclays Arrival Premier to Visit Australia!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Barclays Arrival Premier.  It’s not for everyone, so I’ll give some alternatives at the end of the post.

The Barclays Arrival Premier Has NO Sign-Up Bonus – But Don’t Count It Out Just Yet!

Apply Here:   Barclays Arrival® Premier World Elite Mastercard®

If you’re a big spender who likes the idea of earning 3X Arrival miles per $1 (3% back towards travel), give this card a look.  It doesn’t come with a welcome offer, but the bonus miles you can earn for everyday spending year after year can more than make up for that!

That’s especially true if you value any of the card’s 10 airline transfer partners.

How to Earn Miles With the Barclays Arrival Premier

The Barclays Arrival Premier earns a flat 2X Arrival miles on every purchase.  It has no bonus categories to keep track of.  So if you don’t want the mental gymnastics of remembering which purchases earn what, this card is up your alley.

But the ace up this card’s sleeve is the bonus miles you’ll receive for spending certain amounts each cardmember year.  You’ll earn:

  • 15,000 bonus miles for spending $15,000 each cardmember year
  • Another 10,000 bonus miles for spending an additional $10,000 each cardmember year

So if you spend exactly $15,000 or exactly $25,000 in a calendar year, it’s like you’re getting 3X Arrival miles per $1 with these bonuses!

Many Small Business Owners Could Easily Hit $25,000 in Purchases Without Breaking a Sweat

For example, if you spent $25,000 in a cardmember year, you would earn a total of 75,000 Arrival miles ($25,000 in spending X 2 miles per $1 for regular spending = 50,000 miles + 15,000 bonus miles for spending $15,000 + 10,000 bonus miles for spending another $10,000).  That’s worth $750 in travel!

How to Use Your Miles

You have several options for redeeming your Arrival miles.

1.   Purchase Travel

You can redeem your miles for a value of 1 cent each toward travel purchases, like airfare, hotels, campgrounds, cruises, etc.  But you can only redeem for purchases of $100+ (10,000+ miles).

You Can Use Arrival Miles Towards Things Like Airfare, Campgrounds, and Cruises

Once you’ve earned Arrival miles, you can go to your online statements and erase any travel purchases you’ve made over $100 in the past 120 days.

2.   Transfer to Airline Partners

You can also transfer your miles to 10 airlines.  You’ll receive a transfer ratio of between 1.4:1 and 1.7:1, depending on the airline:

  • Aeromexico – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Aeroplan – 1.7:1 ratio
  • China Eastern – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Etihad – 1.4:1 ratio
  • EVA Air – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Flying Blue (loyalty program of Air France and KLM) – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Japan Airlines – 1.7:1 ratio
  • Jet Privilege – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Malaysia Airlines – 1.4:1 ratio
  • Qantas – 1.4:1 ratio

Most miles transfer requests are processed within 3 business days, though it could take up to 15 business days.

Remember, you receive 2X Arrival miles per $1 for every purchase.  So if you intend to transfer your Arrival miles to airlines, you’ll be getting a return of more than 1 mile per $1 spent.  That makes this card extra helpful for folks trying to collect miles with the above airlines.

Note:   Only the primary cardholder can transfer miles to their own airline loyalty accounts.

3.   Statement Credits and Gift Cards

If you aren’t interested in using your miles for travel, or if you don’t have the minimum redemption amount of 10,000 Arrival miles, you can use them for a statement credit or for merchant gift cards.  You must redeem at least 5,000 miles.

I do NOT recommend this, because you’ll only get a value of 0.5 cents per mile.  For example, 5,000 miles will get you a $25 statement credit.

Benefits of the Barclays Arrival Premier

MasterCard Airport Experiences

The Barclays Arrival Premier comes with MasterCard Airport Experiences, which gives you access to 1,000+ lounges at a big discount!  You’ll pay $27 per visit, per person.

This Card Will Give You Access to the Al Dhabi Lounge in the Abu Dhabi Airport (One of My All-Time Favorites!)

Global Entry

Signing-up for Global Entry can save you a LOT of time in airports if you travel frequently.  That’s because it’s designed to help you speed through customs when you return home.  And it often helps domestically by clearing you to use the PreCheck lane.

The Barclays Arrival Premier comes with a $100 Global Entry credit every 5 years.  So you can always renew your 5-year membership for free!

Chip + PIN Capability

Chip + PIN credit cards are super handy when traveling to areas that make heavy use of unmanned kiosks, like Europe.  For example, gas stations in Iceland require a Chip + PIN card to purchase fuel.

The Barclays Arrival Premier is Chip + PIN enabled.

Free ShopRunner

Because the Barclays Arrival Premier is a World Elite Mastercard, it comes with added perks, like a free ShopRunner account.  Here’s what you’ll get with Shoprunner:

  • Receive your online orders in 2 days
  • Save potentially $15+ on every order
  • Get FREE returns on every order
ShopRunner Review
Mazzy Posing for the Camera Next to Emily’s ShopRunner Delivery

You can read Emily’s review here!

Is the Barclays Arrival Premier Worth the Annual Fee?

The Barclays Arrival Premier has a $150 annual fee.  But it’s waived the first year!  So you have nothing to lose by giving this card a 1-year test run.

That said, this card is probably not worth the annual fee for most folks.  The card earns a flat 2 Arrival miles per $1, which is equivalent to 2% back in travel on your purchases.  Plenty of no-annual-fee cards earn cash back at the same rate!

However, if you answer “yes” to both of the following questions, this card might be a keeper for you:

1.   Can You Meet the Tiered Spending for Bonus Miles?

If you’re able to hit the $15,000 or $25,000 spending thresholds to earn an extra 15,000 or 25,000 miles, this could be a good match for you.  You can earn these bonuses year after year!

2.   Do You Value the Barclays Arrival Premier Airline Partners?

If you’re trying to collect miles with the following airlines, the Barclays Arrival Premier could be what you’re looking for:

  • Aeromexico
  • Aeroplan
  • China Eastern
  • Etihad
  • EVA Air
  • Flying Blue
  • Japan Airlines
  • Jet Privilege
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
Transfer Your Arrival Miles to Etihad to Book a First Class Apartment

If you spend exactly the card’s tiered minimum spending requirements, you’ll earn the equivalent of 2+ miles per $1 with most of these airlines (or slightly under 2 miles per $1 when transferring to Aeroplan and Japan Airlines).  That’s pretty incredible!

I don’t fall under this category.  I don’t collect miles in these programs, and I’d rather spend $25,000 per year on other cards (and earning valuable sign-up bonuses!)

Does the Barclays Arrival Premier Have a Foreign Transaction Fee?


Who Is Eligible for the Barclays Arrival Premier?

We don’t recommend folks apply for travel credit cards like this unless your credit score is above 700.  If you’re not there yet, that’s totally fine!  Just take a bit to build it up a little, and apply later.

Even if you have similar cards, like the Barclaycard Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard®, you can still open the Barclays Arrival Premier.  You don’t have to cancel another card to qualify for this one.

Just note that in the past, Barclays has been unlikely to approve folks who don’t spend much on their current Barclays credit cards.  They want to see you using your cards before they extend you more credit!

Credit Cards Similar to the Barclays Arrival Premier

If you don’t think the Barclays Arrival Premier is a good fit for you, there are other cards that are very similar!

1.   Barclaycard Arrival Plus

Apply Here:   Barclaycard Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard®

The Barclaycard Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard® also earns 2X Arrival miles per $1.  And like the Barclays Arrival Premier, you can redeem your Arrival miles for travel at a rate of 1 cent per mile.

It does NOT come with bonus miles for certain spending.  But it has a sign-up bonus of 60,000 Arrival miles (worth $600) after spending $5,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of account opening.

I Paid for Room Service With Barclaycard Arrival Plus Miles

The card’s $89 annual fee is NOT waived the first year.

2.   Capital One Venture

Apply Here:   Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card comes with 50,000 Venture miles (worth $500 in travel) after you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.  It earns 2X Venture miles (worth 1 cent each towards travel) on all purchases.  And 10 Venture miles per $1 you spend on hotel stays booked and paid for with your card through this link (through January 31, 2020).

One great feature of the Capital One Venture is that there’s NO minimum redemption increment when redeeming miles, unless you’re using miles to partially pay for a travel purchase.  In that case, the minimum is 2,500 miles ($25).  This is much better than the Barclays Arrival Premier and Barclaycard Arrival Plus, which only lets you redeem miles for travel purchases over $100.

The card’s annual fee is $95, waived the first year.

3.   Citi Double Cash

Apply Here:   Citi® Double Cash Card

For folks who don’t want to mess with annual fees, transfer partners, and purchases that qualify as “travel”, the Citi® Double Cash Card gives you a similar return to the Barclays Arrival Premier.  You’ll earn 1% cash back on all purchases, and an additional 1% on payments on those purchases.

Bottom Line

If the Barclays Arrival Premier transfer partners appeal to you, or if you can complete $15,000 or $25,000 in spending per year, this card is the way to go.  It has NO sign-up bonus, but you’ll receive bonus miles for spending certain amounts each cardmember year.  You’ll earn:

  • 15,000 bonus miles for spending $15,000 each cardmember year
  • Another 10,000 bonus miles for spending an additional $10,000 each cardmember year

If you can’t hit those thresholds, it’s a better idea to apply for a card with a valuable welcome bonus, like the Capital One Venture.

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