A First Class Passage To India – British Airways Concorde Room – London Heathrow

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This is a continuation of our recent First Class trip to India, a journey where we had Big Travel with Small Money!

Concorde Room - British Airways

Trip Report Index:

After clearing security at Terminal 5 at Heathrow, we entered the Concorde Room, British Airway’s First Class lounge.

We saw the very sleek and discreet white colored entrance, showed our boarding passes to the attendant, and entered the lounge.

I wasn’t blogging when we took this trip, so unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures!

We had booked a private cabana in the lounge which is described by British Airways as:

“private cabanas, hotel-style rooms, with a comfortable day bed and en suite bathroom for complete relaxation”

Unfortunately, with our flight delay and additional delay at Heathrow’s security checkpoint, we had only 1 hour to enjoy the lounges and make our way to the gate.

We also wanted to have a massage at the Elemis Spa, but there were no slots available in the Concorde Room. But there were slots available in the Business Class Galleries Lounge next to our departure gate.

I wanted to try out the massage, so we booked two 15 minute massage slots.

That left us with 20 minutes to explore the Concorde Room, so we decided to sit by the bar and have some champagne!

The bar was very elegant and there were lots of crystal chandeliers.

Concorde Room - British Airways 2
Concorde Bar- British Airways – Emily Reading The Menu

The atmosphere was very muted in the bar, and I felt that I had entered a set for a James Bond movie!

The lounge was very elegant. It had several fireplaces, plush velvet and leather sofas and chairs, crystal chandeliers a full bar, and lots of food.

Concorde Room - British Airways 5
Concorde Bar- British Airways – Emily at The Bar

The Concorde Room also has private dining booths with staff who take your order and bring you your food. We didn’t have the time to eat here, but I did snap a quick picture!

Concorde Room - British Airways - Private Dining
Concorde Room – British Airways – Private Dining

The tables were very well laid, with a crisp white table cloth and leather wall paneling.

Concorde Room - British Airways 4
Concorde Room – British Airways – Dining Table

Outside the Concorde Room, there was seating area where you could play with a big wooden horse or watch the planes through the glass windows!

Concorde Room - British Airways 8
Concorde Room – British Airways – Big Horse!

We watched the planes for a few minutes.

Concorde Room - British Airways 7
Concorde Room – British Airways – Watching The Planes

Even the lounge outside the main Concorde Room by the windows put American Airline’s First Class Flagship lounge to shame in terms of spaciousness and decor!

Concorde Room - British Airways 6
Concorde Room – British Airways – Outside Lounge Area

The 20 minutes in the Concorde Room passed by sooner than we expected and soon it was time to trudge to the Elemis Spa in the Galleries Business Class Lounge.

It took us at least 15 minutes to get to the Elemis Spa.

Once there, we had a choice of the following massages:

  • Customized Flying Facial
  • Stress-Away Shoulder to Scalp
  • Flying Feet
  • Exotic Hand and Arm Re-Energiser

I chose the Shoulder to Scalp massage and Emily chose the Customized Flying Facial.

I shouldn’t have anticipated how relaxing the massage would be, because I was disappointed with the massage.

I sat in an automated massage chair for the first 8 minutes by myself, and for the next 7 minutes the massage therapist gently pressed on my shoulders and scalp.

I like a really firm massage, but the therapist massaged my scalp using the same amount of pressure as my hairdresser does when she washes my hair!

Oh well, lesson learned – next time we’ll spend more time enjoying the lounge! And what was I expecting in a 15 minute massage in any case?

At least, Emily’s facial seemed to have relaxed her, but then Emily is always more relaxed than me!

We poked around the Galleries lounge for a few more minutes.

Concorde Room - British Airways 10
Galleries Lounge – British Airways – Funky Upholstery

We helped ourselves to some water and juice from the breakfast bar in the lounge. Even though this was a business class lounge, the food and drink offerings surpassed those of American Airline’s First Class Flagship lounge!

There were yogurts, crisps, fresh fruit, milk, cheese, juices and lots of other food available.

Concorde Room - British Airways 9
Galleries Lounge – British Airways -Water & Juice

The lounge was very busy when we left, and we preferred the quieter Concorde Room.

Galleries Lounge
Galleries Lounge – British Airways – Crowded Lounge

We left the lounge and made our way to our gate.

At the gate, I bumped into a former accounting professor and we chatted as we made our way into the plane headed to Mumbai, India.

We didn’t know that this segment would be the most memorable part of the journey for both of us. So stay tuned for that report!

Bottom Line:

The British Airways Concorde Room surpassed my expectations for a First Class Lounge.

It was elegant, understated, spacious, luxurious, refined and the food and drink options were terrific. You could even reserve a massage or a private cabana to unwind!

There really was no comparison between the bare-bones American Airlines Flagship Lounge with their carrot sticks and ranch dip to the British Airways Concorde Room with its understated luxury and sit-down dining service!

What do you think? What do you expect from a First Class lounge? Tell us about it in the comments!

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