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Your Daily Happiness: Cat Gets Stuck Between Airplane Walls (Video)!

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I just became a cat owner for the first time in my adult life.  And I can say for certain that cats are way easier to take care of than dogs, especially puppies!  They clean themselves, are almost always fully house trained, and sleep most of the day.

If your significant other needs a pet, there are worse options than a cat.

She Wanted a Cat.  I Didn’t.  So We Compromised!

But they can be anti-social and have a need to explore every nook and cranny.  So they are much more likely to get themselves into something they can’t get out of, like a tree…or in this case an airplane wall!

The best part of this video is how nonchalant the cat is about the whole thing, it looks like it could just hang out in the wall for a few hours, no problem!  I don’t know which airline this is, but if you can figure it out, please let me know in the comments.  The subtitles look French, so maybe Air France?

I’m pretty sure all airlines require cats in the cabin to be in their carrier at all times.  I’m guessing an overeager owner was trying to sneak in an illicit snuggle when this tragedy happened.  But based on the flight crew’s reaction, it’s safe to assume everything turned out okay for everyone involved.

If you’ve never flown with your pet before, check out our guide to pet-friendly airlines.  Flying with a pet is actually safer than you’d think based on what you see in the news.  Just note, if you have a short-nosed dog or cat breed (i.e. brachycephalic) most airlines won’t let them on board.  And it’s recommended you don’t take them on a plane even if they do.

So if you need to transport your Pug or Pekingese, check out our guide to train travel with pets.

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