Update: Have To Be Targeted For Months Of Miles Promotion

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Update: Have To Be Targeted For Months Of Miles Promotion

Million Mile SecretsUpdate: Have To Be Targeted For Months Of Miles PromotionMillion Mile Secrets Team

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I jumped the gun with Friday’s post on United’s Months of Miles promotion.

As I wrote, the terms indicated that the offer was valid only for folks who received an email or direct mail invitation:

This offer is valid only for original recipients of a direct mail or email invitation to this offer and is non-transferable.

However, a reader forwarded me a link to the promotion, and I was able to register, while Emily and my mom were not able to register.

I interpreted my mom and Emily’s inability to register in the promotion as evidence that some folks were ineligible for the promotion, and that you could find out if you were eligible or not for the promotion by simply attempting to register online.

My reasoning was that if you were eligible, you would get an offer online (like me), whereas if you were not eligible, you would get no offer (like Emily & my mom).

Unfortunately, it turns out that successfully registering for the promotion doesn’t mean that United considers you registered for the promotion!

I called United (at separate times) to confirm that I was registered, but was told that I wasn’t targeted for the promotion, and that there was no record of my registration.

Bottom Line:

If you didn’t receive an email or direct mail about the Months of Mile promotion, but registered using a link be sure to call (800-421-4655) or email United to confirm that you are registered for the promotion!

Apologies for the false alarm.  I was very excited about a promotion with no cap on the amount of miles earned, but will not use my excitement as an excuse.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am not participating in this promotion, because it doesn’t appear that I was targeted for it.

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I no longer care about the registration issue. United changed the terms of this promotion from “unlimited” to maximum of 25,000.

What a joke!

Of course, they had the “subject to change” clause in there, but this a dreadful idea of a marketing campaign.


You can add me to the list of people who WERE targeted — I have the postcard in hand — and spent 1 HOUR on the phone this weekend with both the website rep and the UA rep, none of whom said they could help me — finally I had to go and they promised me they would resolve it and send me an email which they have not done, 24 hours later. EPIC FAIL UA.


I sent an email to UA Insider a few hours ago but I so appreciate you pursuing this as well.


Million Mile Secrets

@Anita – Not at all! I’m curious to see what the response is.

Jack and anyone else who is having the problem of being told they’re not targeted but got the postcard, email me at the akparsa@yahoo.com (junk email) address and I’ll give you my real email address.

I think our goal at this point should be to find a live human at Mileage Plus who is able to get to the bottom of this and not give us the brush-off.


PS – MillionMileSecrets, sorry to use your blog as a meeting place 🙂

Million Mile Secrets

@STAN – I’ve heard that if you buy a lot of gift cards which get coded as originating from a financial institution (such as AMEX gift cards directly from AMEX) it may increase your chances of a financial review. You should be okay with buying gift cards from retailers since AMEX is unlikely to know what you purchased from the retailer.

@Shami – United just tweaked their chart, so I don’t expect another change anytime soon. That said, it is better to earn and burn miles than to accumulate them.

@me – It doesn’t seem to show up in the “my promotions” even for folks who were targeted.

@sil – 500 for 4 transactions makes it hard to maximise.

@Anita – I suspect it will be very hard for United to deny the bonus miles if you have the targeted postcard. You could also send United an email to ask them to confirm that your husband is targeted and enrolled in the promotion.

I love it that you are using this blog as a meeting place to resolve this!

@Nick – Let us know what happens!

@KateFromCA – Pretty much the same thing happened to me. If you have the postcard or email, you should be okay. It would be a publicity disaster to deny you the miles after sending you a targeted invitation.

Judy J – You can usually only earn miles or use a promo code.

@everyone – This promo hasn’t been run very well, and United should explain to folks who received the targeted postcard why they are being told that they weren’t targeted when they call in to confirm.

I will reach out to UA Insider on FlyerTalk and ask for a resolution.

@Anita, it’s a good idea that “we can combine forces on how to get through to United and get this resolved”. I would like to join the “combine forces” too. This is big issue.

@Judy, I have the same issue too. United’s CSR told me that I am not targeted. But After I signed up and every time I sign in I received the “keep earning” page. If I am not targeted how can I keep earning?

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