The Barclaycard US Air Affiliate Link for 40,000 Miles is Really for Only 30,000 Miles

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[Disclosure:  The link to the 30,000 mile Barclaycard credit card earns us a commission, but the 35,000 version does not.  The 35,000 mile version is much better because it waives the annual fee and gets you more miles.]

On Friday, I wrote that my affiliate link to the US Air card offers 40,000 miles after 1st purchase, but the annual fee of $89 was NOT waived.  And I strongly suggested that the links to the 35,000 mile offer from FlyerTalk with the annual fee waived and without the bait and switch wording in the affiliate offer is likely the better deal.

However, I checked my affiliate link today and it offers only 30,000 miles after your 1st purchase and 10,000 miles after a balance transfer.  Earning miles for a balance transfer is almost always a bad deal, because of the fees, so I see this as a 30,000 mile offer with the annual fee of $89 NOT waived (making it even worse).

I also consider it misleading that the ad text screams out “40,000 Bonus Miles” and the fine print later says that 10,000 miles comes from a balance transfer for which you have to pay a fee.

Bottom Line

So my mother-in-law rule says that the links to the 35,000 mile offer from Flyertalk with the Annual Fee waived for the 1st year is the MUCH better offer (despite it not paying us a commission).

That’s because you get 35,000 miles after your 1st purchase with the $89 annual fee waived, which is much better than 30,000 miles after paying a $89 fee (and which also has the possibility of getting you only 15,000 miles for $49 if you’re approved for a lower version).

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