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Save Money on Gas, Hotels, and More With the Latest AMEX Sync Offers!

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Update: One or more card offers in this post are no longer available. Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

With American Express Offers you can save money on everyday purchases.  What I like about these deals is that you can also combine them with other discounts and coupons for even bigger savings!

You can register almost all American Express cards except corporate cards, prepaid cards like Bluebird, and gift cards.

To Get the Discount, Simply Register Your Card for the Offer and Pay With Your AMEX Card

How to Find AMEX Offers

There are several different places you can find American Express Offers.

Log-in to Your AMEX Account, Scroll to the Bottom of the Page, and Click the “Offers for You” Tab

You will NOT see the same deals on each site.  So if you are looking for a specific deal and can’t find it, check another site.

Current AMEX Offers of Interest

1.  BP

Use your American Express card at BP by May 31, 2014, and get $5 back when you spend $30 or more at the pump.

Note: If You Pay Inside, You Will NOT Get the $5 Statement Credit

Choose gas as your category on the American Express SimplyCash card to get 3% cash back along with the $5 statement credit.

2.  Hampton Inn

Spend at least $150 for your stay at Hampton Inn March 21, 2014, to May 31, 2014, and get $25 back.

Unfortunately, you can’t use TravelPony for this deal because you’re required to book directly with Hampton Hotels.

Combine $25 Off With the AMEX SimplyCash or AMEX Hilton Surpass for Even More Savings!

If you have the American Express SimplyCash card, choose hotels as your category.  Then you will get 3% cash back along with the $25 statement credit.

Or you could register your American Express Hilton Surpass card for this promotion and get 12X points in addition to the $25 statement credit!

3.  Lowe’s

Spend $50 by May 31, 2014, at Lowe’s and get $10 back.  

Have a Home Improvement Project Coming Up? Save $10 With Your AMEX Card

With this deal you can save at more stores than just Lowe’s.  That’s because Lowe’s sells many gift cards including: Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, movie theaters, restaurants, etc.

The fine print does say that you will NOT get the statement credit if you buy electronic and “design your own” gift cards from Lowe’s.  But it looks like other types of gift cards are NOT excluded.

4.  Petsmart

Shop at Petsmart by April 30 2014, and get a $5 statement credit when you spend $25 or more.  

Save $5 When You Spend $25 at Petsmart With AMEX Offers

Combining this AMEX Offer with the Lowe’s deal would be a great way to stock-up on cat food for Joelle!

I could go to Lowe’s and purchase a $50 Petsmart gift card and get a $10 statement credit.  Then I could go into Petsmart and buy $25 worth of food to save $5.  

The terms and conditions state:

Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.

So you should be able to get a statement credit for each AMEX card.

Emily and I have 6 American Express cards.

So technically we can spend $450 (6 AMEX cards X $50 PetSmart gift cards at Lowe’s + 6 AMEX cards X $25 at PetSmart).

And we would save $90 (6 AMEX cards X $10 back from AMEX + 6 AMEX cards X $5 back from AMEX).

Hmm…can you freeze cat food? 

How to Save Even More Money

Let’s say you want to take advantage of the AMEX Offers PetSmart $5 statement credit to save money on a Kong Cat Scratcher, which costs ~$32.

Tip: Get a Free ShopRunner Account with AMEX for FREE 2-Day Shipping at PetSmart and Other Stores.

Make sure you sign-in to your ShopRunner account for free 2-day shipping.

Here’s how you can save even more:

Step 1 – Check Evreward

Search for PetSmart at evreward to find the best shopping portal and cash back deals.

Go to Evreward to Find Shopping Portal Deals

Step 2 – Buy a Store Gift Card (Doesn’t Always Work)

Go to the shopping portal of your choice and buy a PetSmart gift card.  You will NOT always earn points or cash back when you buy gift cards through a shopping portal.

I personally would skip this step because it doesn’t always work and the payoff isn’t worth the hassle for me.  But I know that some folks are all over these kind of stacking opportunities.

Buy a $25 PetSmart Gift Card Through the Shopping Portal

If you go through Mr. Rebates to buy your PetSmart gift card, you could get:

This gives you up to ~$14 in savings!

Step 3 – Look for Discounts & Coupons

With a quick search on RetailMeNot, I found coupon code “PET4PERKS14” for $5 off when you spend $30.  However, there could be better offers out there.

Enter Coupon Code “PET4PERKS14″ to Get $5 Off $30 at PetSmart

This coupon expires May 2, 2014.

Step 4 – Use Gift Cards to Shop Through the Shopping Portal

Go back to Mr. Rebates and click through to PetSmart.  Add the item to your cart then enter the coupon code “PET4PERKS14” to save $5.  Remember to sign-in to your ShopRunner account for free shipping!

Get 5% Cash Back at PetSmart With Mr. Rebates

For this step you save an extra $6.25 ($5 RetailMeNot coupon + $1.25 Mr. Rebates Cash Back).

Step 5 – Add Up Your Savings!

By following these steps you could save:

So you save a total of $20 on a ~$32 cat scratcher.  That’s a ~63% discount!

This is just 1 example, you can probably find ways to increase these savings!

Bottom Line

This month’s American Express Offers include statement credits for shopping at BP, Hampton Inn, Lowe’s, and PetSmart.  These are just a few that looked interesting to me, but check to see if there are other AMEX Offers that could save you money.

I like AMEX Offers because you can stack them with other discounts for a lot of savings.  That means more money for travel!

What are your tricks for getting the most savings out of the new AMEX Sync Offers?

Editorial Note: We're the Million Mile Secrets team. And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments. These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. And that’s just how we like it! :)