Help Prevent Sex Trafficking in the Dominican Republic

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Thanksgiving is coming up and Daraius and I are very grateful that we are healthy, have wonderful families and all the things we really need.

Other people around the world aren’t as lucky as we are.  Traveling shows us just how good we have it in the US.

Many children and women in the Dominican Republic may be forced into prostitution and human trafficking.

Prevent Sex Trafficking Fundraiser
CODR Helps Prevent Sex Trafficking And You Can Too!

The Orientation and Development House, or Casa de Orientación y Desarrollo Real (CODR)

The Orientation and Development House, or Casa de Orientación y Desarrollo Real (CODR) was created to shelter and educate at-risk women to keep them off of the streets.

It is a US based 501(c) (3) charity, which means that you may get a tax deduction for donations.

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit this organization on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

CODR’s mission is to overcome the barriers to university education for folks from poor backgrounds.

Because the Dominican Republic has been identified as a source and destination country for human trafficking, CODR focuses on identifying at-risk females.

And trains young women with self-confidence and education – which are the best protection against exploitation.

Prevent Sex Trafficking Fundraiser
The Women at CODR Study Medicine, Engineering, and Business

CODR believes that access to a university education is the first step in providing equal opportunity to all students, yet access alone is not sufficient.  Once at university, students benefit from an enriched and supportive environment that encourages their education.

Matching Fundraiser

Link:  Donate to CODR

It costs almost $300 a month for a woman to attend CODR which includes rent, transportation and food.  There are 13 women attending CODR, so the expenses are almost $4,000 per month.

Emily and I would like to raise money for the girls and will match all donations up to $2,000.  So you can literally “make me pay” by donating to CODR!

Don’t forget that all donations are tax deductible, and even a small donation of $10 or $20 makes a difference.

You can make a donation by going to the CODR website and clicking on “Donate.

Prevent Sex Trafficking Fundraiser
It’s Easy to Donate to the Women at CODR

Cultural Exchange Opportunities

CODR also offers the opportunity to donate your time.

You can spend a day volunteering at CODR like I did, or you can spend weeks or even months. You can learn Spanish, dancing, and how to cook Dominican food. And you can assist the organization by teaching English, participating in community service events, and more!

If you are interested in partnering with CODR for a cultural exchange experience, contact

The women at CODR are looking forward to your support!

– Daraius & Emily

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