Potential Extra 25,000 Points for Recent Continental Credit Card Holders

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Potential Extra 25,000 Points for Recent Continental Credit Card Holders

Million Mile SecretsPotential Extra 25,000 Points for Recent Continental Credit Card HoldersMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote that applying for the Continental OnePass credit card with a 25,000 mile bonus could prevent you from getting the bonus on the United Explorer card later on.  That’s because the Continental OnePass card would convert to the United Explorer card and since Chase usually allows you to get the sign-on bonus only per card type, it wasn’t clear if you’d be eligible to get the bonus again.

Well, a number of readers who already had the United Explorer card applied for the Continental OnePass card and were approved.

Even better, readers commented (I clearly didn’t research this aspect very well) that Chase is matching folks who applied for the 25,000 mile Continental OnePass card, in approximately the last 3 months, to 50,000 miles!  All you have to do is send Chase a secure message.

To send a secure message, log into your Chase account, and click on “Secure Message Center” to the right of the “Welcome First Name Last Name” in the top part of the screen.

In the comments, the ever helpful CanadianMillionMiler, shares his template for success:

Yesterday I got approved for the Continental card which I
applied on February 27 with a signing bonus of 25K+ 5K
miles. However, I recently came across a few discussions
online in various forums that there is a better offer of
50K Continental miles, I would like to request that Chase
kindly offer the miles matching of 50K miles that others
have recently been able to get matched.

Thank you kindly for all your help and I look forward to
hearing from you.

Warmest regards,


Now, you’re not guaranteed to get the extra points, but if you applied for the Chase Continental card in the last 3 months, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  As always,  you’ll get no miles if you don’t ask.

Thanks again to readers for sharing their experience in the comments so that we can all earn extra miles and points!

Bottom Line:  If you were approved for the Chase Continental card in the last 3 months, it doesn’t hurt to send a secure message to Chase to ask them to match you to the 50,000 mile offer.

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Slight errata for my above posting: “Ames” -> “Amex”.

Also important to note however, is that Chase boosted my OnePass+ to 50K

*despite* the fact that I already possess the Explorer card packing a 50K bonus.

So don’t let that stop you from receiving re-consideration.

Thus, Chase’s reasoning may have more to do with the now-traditional 90-day match policy rather than “OnePass+ will transition to Explorer, so that we (Chase) will

boost you now in-lieu of a new bonus”. I received 50K on United VISA Signature Select, OnePass (old), Explorer, OnePass+, sequentially, all in short order.

Luck of the draw, perhaps.

Million Mile Secrets

@loquitur – Thanks for sharing the details. Chase usually lets you get the sign up bonus on different card types, and they do seem to introduce a “new” card type often. You got quite the haul!

Wow, just in the nick of time, so thanx! — the 20K increment to 50K

was requested at 10 weeks+ since first card use and presumably

just barely within 90 days from approval.

On behalf of my family, I am very fortunate to have boosted

Continental / United miles via at least 4 separate bonuses in

the last year, including “old” Continental OnePass CC (30K bonus),

United Select (50K), newer Continental OnePass Plus (30->50K),

and the United Explorer (50K). Despite what many have warned,

they were really all separate products. My timing just happened

to be right to partake of all of them.

In the old days, folks could churn the AA/Citi cards whereas Chase supposedly

clamped down. But in reality, there were so many separate CC products

tied to United/Continental (not including xfers from Ames/MR and

Sapphire/UR) that the constraints were minimal. But maybe this is

the “last hurrah” … — loquitur

Well i did not expect to get the 25,000 extra for my Business card from Dec 2011 but i just got this secure message.

Dear E…..,

Thank you for contacting Chase about your United credit

card account.

As you requested we have added 25,000 enrollment miles to

match the 50,000 enrollment bonus. You will see this

adjustment on your April 2012 billing statement.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the

Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

L. L……..

Email Customer Service Representative

Thanks Darius for your Blog. Been getting lots of miles lately!


Million Mile Secrets

E – Very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the great tip! I received the 30k offer about six weeks ago and was disappointed at missing the 50k when I heard about it. I sent a secure message (changing the wording from the above suggestions, as CanadianMillionMiler recommended) and was given 20k points.

Million Mile Secrets

@Anonymous – Thanks for sharing that! It will be useful for the other folks who didn’t get the points.

@Vince – Congrats! And thanks for sharing.

I emailed and was declined the extra miles because I applied over 90 days ago. However, I called to cancel my card and they offered 10k bonus miles to retain me.

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