Points: A Love Story

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Points: A Love Story

Million Mile SecretsPoints: A Love StoryMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Note: This post is satire and you shouldn’t follow any of Points Envy’s suggestions, nor should you break the law.  Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

While we recognize that most people are not so quick to associate romance and the Points Game (aside from maximizing earnings on gift purchases and hotel rooms), this week on Billion Mile Secrets we recount the touching story of one points-enthused couple for whom lounges and premium cabins provided the backdrop for a thrilling but turbulent romance.

Like most of you, the first time we heard Rihanna sing that she had “found love in a hopeless place,” we assumed she was referring to the Admiral’s Club at LAX, a depressing place where we too had found love more than thirty times in 2012.  Once, while finding love in the shower room, we noticed the initials S.P. and D.M. carved into a heart in the ceiling.  We added the initials “P.E.” inside the heart for fun, and then vaguely remembered that we had seen the same initials in a heart in a Thai Airways first class restroom once, where we had also made our mark.

These seemingly related carvings sparked our curiosity, and after doing extensive research on FlyerTalk and in various lounges and first class cabins, we were able to track down further details about this intriguing couple.  We finally caught up with S.P. and D.M., who agreed to share their story with us.

The tale begins in late 2010, when Steve P. excitedly boarded a shiny new A380 at Changi Airport, eager for his journey home to Los Angeles in Singapore’s Suites product.  The friendly Singapore purser escorted Steve to his suite, where he found an attractive woman lounging inside.  Steve initially wondered if this was all part of Singapore’s stellar service, but he soon realized something was amiss when said woman failed to address him as “Sir.”

Having double booked the site, the airline apologized profusely to Steve and the woman, Daisy M., and offered them each 150,000 KrisFlyer miles in compensation.  As there were no other immediate Suites flights available to LAX, and both Steve and Daisy understandably refused to fly business, they decided to share the suite for the trip home.  The rest is recent history.

By the time the big bird touched down the two had fallen madly in love.  “It wasn’t just the impeccable service and cuisine, the Dom, the apertifs, the fine wines, the cocktails, and the liquor shots, we really did hit it off immediately,” recalls Daisy.  “Before long we were comparing our points balances and the cards in our wallets.”

Steve remembers a similar experience, though he told us: “That was actually a Premier Rewards Gold card, but she was too drunk to discern that and I let her believe what she wanted.”  Despite the subsequent disappointment for Daisy and her also later learning that Steve was merely AAdvantage Gold, a spark had flown and the two decided to plan another trip together.

Classic date spot

As we all know, it’s easy to think you’re in love when you’re jetsetting in refined luxury, and so continued the story of Steve and Daisy for the first few months.  Yet before too long, the couple became troubled by the little things, like Daisy nagging Steve for his overuse of lie-flat positions on transcontinental flights.

Later, Steve forgot to use a shopping portal when purchasing flowers on their six-month anniversary, effectively ruining the entire evening.  And then there was the time Daisy forgot to enter Steve’s Known Traveler number in a reservation she booked, resulting in him having to go through the normal first class security.

Yet these failings were forgivable and things were mostly ok until “the incident” on Lufthansa.  Shortly after boarding their flight from Munich to Boston, Steve and Daisy were joined in first class by a single mother traveling with a young child.  Steve was perturbed by this violation of the “first class rules,” while Daisy didn’t mind, and even found the child cute and fun.  To numb his pain, Steve quickly got drunk and busied himself with the IFE.

After some mild turbulence caused the child to become loudly upset, Steve lost his cool and screamed that he hadn’t used his hard-earned miles to fly in a “frickin’ first class kindergarten.”  Paralyzed with embarrassment, Daisy decided to end things right then and there, and even went so far as to force Steve to move to an empty business class seat for the remainder of the flight.

The two did not speak for weeks, but Daisy was reminded of Steve when she came across a Million Mile Secrets post about the benefits of the Southwest Companion Pass.  Thanks to Southwest Airlines and Chase Bank, Daisy realized that she loved Steve despite his faults, and that she wanted him to be her life companion, at least for another year or so.

Daisy contacted Steve and explained her feelings. Before too long the couple reuinited and were off exploring great American destinations like Greenville, South Carolina and Odessa, Texas.  Though we imagine flying Southwest would be enough to destroy any relationship, the two were content to travel in economy after realizing that all they really needed was each other, and also after realizing that they could be reimbursed for drinks through their Amex Platinum cards.

In late 2012, Steve decided it was time to get serious, and he proposed to Daisy in the most romantic setting he could imagine: the LAX US Airways Club.  While nobody at the Club cared, and the couple could only celebrate with house white wine since some travel bloggers had cleared out all the champagne earlier in the morning, Daisy looks back on the moment as the happiest in her life.  As she likes to say, “I always knew it would end up like this. It was love at first flight!”

While we can never forgive Daisy for that awful, awful pun, we appreciate seeing The Game bring people together instead of tearing us apart as it normally does (case in point: comments on our posts).

We are not the only ones in awe of this concept, as we understand some enterprising Silicon Valley guys are working on a new dating site called Frequent Flirter that intends to bring travelers together by matching up people with similar home airports and loyalty program activity.  We tried it out and found that no one was in our league, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Daisy and Steve, congratulations and best of luck.  And please, for your children’s sake, stop flying Southwest.

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Hey Darius,

Just letting you know that thanks to your blog and your tips, I was able to book an amazing two week European trip for less than half its original cost. This is what I did:

– 2 RT flights – Aug 2-Aug 18 (AUS-LHR-AMS-AUS continuing to Hawaii on november) free one way =D

– 4 Nights at the Park Hyatt in Paris thanks to the Hyatt CC bonus ( $ 4000+ for the reservation)

I’m always reading your blog updates and I’m inspired. Thanks so much for all the helpful hints!!



First, I am admitting that I have no right what so ever to demand anything on your blog. However, I would like to give an honest opinion that you can simply disregard since it is just me. I found the satire hardly funny and often annoyed. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have read it. Maybe I have too much free time to kill, and read every post if I see something new. I’d rather prefer you to skip a Sunday post than to have Points Envy here. Anyway, just one opinion.


Excellent work Points Envy.

I want to join the Frequent Flirter site and become an original member.

I can flirt so much that I’ll even volunteer to moderate it.

Just found love in the hopeless Admirals Club at LGA. Thanks points envy!

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