New Delta Credit Card Offers (which I won’t be applying for) [Expired]

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New Delta Credit Card Offers (which I won’t be applying for) [Expired]

Million Mile SecretsNew Delta Credit Card Offers (which I won’t be applying for) [Expired]Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Update: One or more card offers in this post are no longer available. Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

There are 2 new Delta credit card offers available.  I updated the “Airlines” credit card tab yesterday, as soon as I found out but am blogging about it today since I was in all-day meetings yesterday.

I don’t paid any referral fee for the links in this post.

1.   Delta Gold 45,000 Miles.  Lucky posted about a 45,000 free Delta mile offer from American Express for the Delta Gold credit card after spending $3,000 within 3 months.  However, the business and personal cards are available only until December 19, 2011 or so the offer page indicates.

This is much better than the current best offer of 30,000 miles, though you may be able to get up to 50,000 Delta miles by checking your targeted offer.  However the standard offer of 30,000 miles requires only $500 in spending, but since you can get the bonus only once, you should (if possible) apply for the card with the higher bonus.

If I remember correctly, the highest public offer for the Delta Gold was 45,000 miles (please comment if you know differently!)

45,000 miles is not spectacular, but it is much better than the previous 30,000 mile offer.  The previous 45,000 mile offer was at least 9 to 12 months ago.

So for a Delta card, this is a good offer.

If I had a credit card applications coming up, I would consider this 45,000 mile offer.

But I don’t, so I won’t be applying for the card.

The Scarcity Concept

As a marketer, I find it very interesting to see how American Express/Delta is making use of the scarcity concept to push this card. 

The “scarcity” concept is social science research which indicates that men and women’s brains turn to mush when presented with uncertainty and limited time offers.

Being told that a product is scarce or is going to become scarce makes folks do dumb things they otherwise wouldn’t do.  Like buying that perceived scarce product pronto.

Have you ever wondered why used car dealers like to tell you that someone else was eying the same car you took on a test drive?  Or that a sale is for a “limited time?”  Or that the late night infomercials all have limited quantity of whatever it is they are selling and that you should call in NOW?

3 ways the advertisement is trying to make you apply for the card:

  • The headline says “Earn 45,000 Bonus Miles while there’s still time.”  The use of the words “while there’s still time” suggest that you may want to act quickly.
  • Next up, we have a burst (the red circle) which says “Limited Time Only.”  It means nothing, but it sure gets folks to act differently.
  • And for extra credit, the URL actually has the words “limited time offer” in it! “

This could very well be for a limited time, but the ad copy is certainly using the hard sell!

2.   55,000 mile Delta Business Card.   Readers have written in with a new Delta business card which offers up to 55,000 miles.

You get 25,000 miles after the 1st purchase and 30,000 miles after spending $10,000 within 6 months.

If you’re not a big spender, you’re better off with the 45,000 mile offer for $3,000 in spending within 3 months.

Delta SkyMiles are very hard to use, particularly for domestic travel.  You may be able to get 1 free US ticket with 45,000 Delta miles.

But Delta miles are great to use on Delta partner airlines for travel to Europe, India, Australia, and French Polynesia.

Bottom Line:  If you’ve been looking for a Delta card, the new Delta 45,000 mile offer may interest you.

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Hi Daraius,

Do you know if I could apply for the delta gold and delta gold business at same time?

If I recently closed a personal AMEX SkyMiles card, how long until I am a “new”customer and can get the bonus again? Is it even possible to re-apply for the same cards to get the same bonuses or is this a one-and-done proposition? Thanks!!

I already have the Delta AMEX gold personal card; got it LAST December w/the 45K mile sign-up bonus….

My annual fee just hit, and I’m trying to decide whether to pay it and keep the card, or just cancel it … So I now have 3 Q’s (in addition to the ones I previously posted above….)

1 – Has anyone had luck getting the annual fee waived and/or getting additional miles or other perks to keep the card?

2 – I also received (via email) my code for the $99 companion ticket – which AMEX is supposed to provide each year upon “renewal.” Well … I have NOT (yet) renewed; depending on some of the info I get here, I may or may not renew … IF NOT, will the code that AMEX already emailed me still be valid??? Anyone have experience with this issue? (i.e., received code; then canceled card; then used $99 companion code successfully???)

3 – IF I do keep the card and pay the annual fee, but then cancel later (i.e., in 2 or 3 mos.), will AMEX provide a partial refund of the annual fee??? (fyi – I recently asked Citibank about the same issue re: the AA card, and 2 spearate citi reps BOTH told me that if I pay the annual fee and then cancel, I will get a prorated refund of the annual fee …; that’s what made me think that AMEX might do the same…)

Thanks – a million!!!

Million Mile Secrets

@IntheD – Your previous offer was a better offer since you got some miles for a lower amount of spending. Not sure what is happening, but I’d call AMEX about the application.

@E – Good luck! – I agree that SkyPesos could be worth a lot more for certain kinds of travel, but the value to folks will depend on how thy use Delta miles.

– #2 – I’m skeptical as well. 2 cards seems awfully low to me! #3 – You can usually get the bonus once per business card and once per personal card. #4 – You would probably need to call the reconsideration line to reduce credit lines from your existing lines or cancel a card to free up some credit.

– All mile and point programs claim to be able to change the terms and conditions any time and there’s nothing we can do about it. But in the meantime, we can get value out of the miles and points!

@John D
– Very interesting! Looks like this was a variation of the offer which IntheD received. I suspect AMEX is testing various offers to see which ones consumers prefer.

I’m relatively new to the travel hacking world. For this deal, I found it funny that my wife and I both were targeted for this card via mail and email. The email solicitations were only good for 30 or 40K but one of the applications that came by mail had a sweeter deal:

25K miles after the first purchase

25K miles after spending $5,000 within six months

2,500 miles for 1 additional card

1 free companion ticket within the continental U.S.

Delta skymiles are worthless, because while you may be able to deduct $100 off of a ticket today Delta may change the rules effective tomorrow and without notice and there is nothing you can do about it. Its more like holding 45,000 in some really unstable nation’s currenty where it could get devalued at any moment and without any warning…. eg. the voucher policy.

In fact by pointing out the “values” and shortcuts here its almost certain to reach Delta corporate chopping block.

Delta sucks and it Will get worst! Worst yet AMEX who is paying for the miles and financing the airline doesn’t seem to care. Until Delta/AMEX starts loosing biz they will continue to act this way.

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