Limited Time: Get a 60% Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points

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Limited Time:  Get a 60% Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points

Million Mile SecretsLimited Time:  Get a 60% Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel PointsMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Until August 18, 2014, you can earn a 60% bonus when you purchase at least 10,000 points from IHG hotels.

You can purchase a maximum of 60,000 points through this deal, and you have to buy them online (not over the phone) to get the bonus.

Limited Time Get A 60 Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points
You’ll Get 60% More Points When You Buy at Least 10,000 Points

Is This A Good Deal?

Link:   IHG 60% Bonus Points Promotion

This could be a targeted offer, so please sign in to confirm your offer!

Normally, IHG charges the following prices for their points (which must be purchased in multiples of 1,000):

  • 1,000 to 10,000 points:   $13.50 per 1,000 points (1.35 cents each)
  • 11,000 to 25,000 points:   $12.50 per 1,000 points (1.25 cents each)
  • 26,000 to 60,000 points:   $11.50 per 1,000 points (1.15 cents each)
Limited Time Get A 60 Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points
Points Cost Between 1.15 and 1.35 Cents Each, but If You Buy More Than 10,000 You’ll Get a 60% Bonus

With this deal, you get a 60% bonus as long as you buy at least 10,000 points.  For example, if you buy 10,000 points, you’ll pay $135 but you’ll get a 6,000 point bonus (10,000 x 60%).

So you’re getting a total of 16,000 points for $135.  That works out to ~0.84 cents per point ($135 / 16,000).

Limited Time Get A 60 Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points
For $135, You’ll Get a Total of 16,000 Points, Which Equals ~0.84 Cents per Point

The deal gets even better if you buy more points, because the cost goes down the more you buy.  Between 26,000 and 60,000 points, you’ll pay $11.50 per 1,000 points.

If you bought the maximum of 60,000 points, you’d pay $690, but you’d get a 36,000 point bonus (60,000 x 60%).

You’re getting a total of 96,000 points for $690, which equals ~0.72 cents per point ($690 / 96,000).

Limited Time Get A 60 Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points
The Cost Goes Down to ~0.72 Cents per Point If You Buy Between 26,000 and 60,000 Points

This could be quite a good deal, especially if you need to top-off your points balance for a special trip.

Limited Time Get A 60 Bonus When You Buy IHG Hotel Points
Where Will You Go With Your IHG Points?

And if you use points towards IHG PointBreaks rooms, which only cost 5,000 points per night, you’ll get a very good deal.  At ~0.72 cents per point, a PointBreaks room only costs ~$36 per night (5,000 points x ~0.72 cents per point).

Keep in mind that if you want to buy points at ~0.72 cents per point, you’ll have to buy at least 26,000 points.  So you could use some toward a PointBreaks room and save the rest for another trip.

If you buy the minimum points for the deal (10,000), you’ll pay $135 and get an extra 6,000 points from the bonus.  If you used the 10,000 points for 2 nights in a PointBreaks room (5,000 points per night) it’s like paying ~$68 per night ($135 cost of points / 10,000 points).  That’s still a very good deal, especially for expensive hotels in Europe.

Then you’d still have 6,000 points in your account, which have a value of ~$43 (6,000 points x ~0.72 cents per point).

Note:   If you just want IHG points for regular hotel stays (not PointBreaks rooms), this is still a better deal than transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to IHG.  That’s because Chase Ultimate Rewards points are usually more valuable when transferred to other partners, like Hyatt or Southwest.

Can’t You Buy IHG Points More Cheaply Using the Cash and Points Trick?

Link:   IHG Cash and Points Trick

Ther are ways to buy IHG points for slightly cheaper than this deal.  I’ve written about the IHG cash and points trick, which involves paying for a reservation with cash and points, then cancelling it and getting the cash portion back as points.

Using this method, you can “buy” IHG points for 0.7 cents per point, which is marginally better.  But some folks aren’t comfortable using this loophole to buy discounted points, so purchasing points through the promotion would be a better deal for them.

As always, do what’s comfortable for you!  I think I’d rather buy the points directly in this case and save myself the hassle of making, then cancelling, a reservation to get cheaper points.

Bottom Line

Until August 18, 2014, you’ll get a 60% bonus when you buy IHG points online.  You have to buy at least 10,000 points (and a maximum of 60,000) and you’ll pay between ~0.72 and ~0.84 cents per point, depending on the amount you buy.

This is a good deal if you need points to top-off your account, or want to book a PointBreaks room for only 5,000 points per night.

There’s another method of getting cheap IHG hotel points, but not everyone is comfortable using the trick involved!

Will you buy points through this promotion?  How will you use them?

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If I buy points with my Chase ihg cc will I get additional $1×10 points i.e.. 6900 points for $690 spent?

Shelley Lacroix


Maybe the issue is that I’m on an ipad. It keeps bringing up a mobile version with no where to sign in. Ill find a desktop but maybe ill use the points and cash trick instead. Tell me, does it make a difference in the price of a hotel the number of points you will get back? Thanks!

This doesn’t look to be something I would find attractive. 16000 points will not normally get you a nights stay. With 20,000 points being the lowest normal points required for a nights stay. If the cost of buying these points is $135.00 it is more expensive than paying cash for the night. A 20,000 points night would cost much less than $100. Of course with the points break all this would change and the cost of buying points would become much more attractive.

@ Shelley Lacroix : Exactly even I am not able to find bonus points any where..

Million Mile Secrets

@Shelley Lacroix @Shan – Sign in to see your offer!

Shelley Lacroix


The link doesn’t mention bonus points for me. Is this for selected people only?

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