Help Young People Study Abroad With FLYTE!

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Travel, it’s said, is the best education.  We’re lucky, as miles & points enthusiasts, that we can see the world at little to no cost.

There are lots of opportunities for young people to study abroad.  But often, families can’t afford it.

That’s why I’m happy to support my friend Nomadic Matt’s new venture, FLYTE (Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education).

FLYTE provides financial assistance to young people who don’t have the means to travel overseas for school.
Help Young People Study Abroad With FLYTE
Share Your Love of Travel and Learning by Donating to FLYTE, Which Helps Young People Study Abroad

I love this idea!  It’s a fantastic opportunity for folks in our hobby to give back!

What’s FLYTE?

Link:   FLYTE (Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education)

Link:   Nomadic Matt – Take Flyte

Nomadic Matt started FLYTE to give disadvantaged kids the opportunity to travel and learn.  He writes:
Travel is a life changing experience.  When you explore the world, you get a better sense of the people who inhabit it.  Opening yourself up to new experiences can have a powerful impact on you and help you figure out who you are and what you want to be.  I’ve been experiencing that impact for 10 years.  Travel has shaped my life and given me purpose.

I didn’t get to travel when I was a kid, but as an adult I’ve worked to have the means to do so on my own.  Not everyone gets a chance to travel the world or has a family that can take them on a trip, so I want to bring the power of travel to kids who might not otherwise get chance to travel abroad.  I want to broaden their horizons and help them see what a big world is out there.

Help Young People Study Abroad With FLYTE
There’s a Big World to Explore! Kids Learn From What They See Firsthand. We Can Impact Their Lives Forever by Helping Them Travel.

I completely agree!  Travel has changed my life and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit new places, meet interesting people, and experience life outside my comfort zone.

We’ve shared our passion for travel by booking flights and hotels for our family and friends, and taking our folks on amazing trips.

By donating to FLYTE, you can bring travel to young people who otherwise might never get the chance.

Nomadic Matt adds:
When you live and grow up in a small or inner city community, you don’t always feel like you have the opportunity to do what other people do.  Limited economic means and opportunities means you aren’t enrolled in some fancy school and thus don’t get the advantages other kids have.

You don’t get a chance to see the world or learn about the circumstances outside your neighborhood.  I want to level the playing field.

There are lots of organizations out there that send students on cultural trips, but those companies work with set tours and partners and are usually located in big cities.

They typically go to a limited number of destinations as part of a work-study type of program, but I wanted to do more than that.

Instead of being a tour company, our goal is to be a grant organization that will fund trips for people from around the country.

I want a teacher in rural North Dakota or inner city Detroit to be able to take her kids on a trip anywhere – not just to a pre-selected set of destinations.  I want kids from around the country, not just those in big East Coast cities, to be able to see the world.

Help Young People Study Abroad With FLYTE
Not Everyone Has the Means to Travel – FLYTE Hopes to Level the Playing Field

Here’s how you can take part!

How to Donate

Link:   Donate to FLYTE

You can donate to FLYTE online.  Currently, donations aren’t tax deductible, but they’re working on it!  So you could wait a bit if you really want the deduction.

And you’ll get some gifts if you donate!  For example:

$25 donation – You’ll get Nomadic Matt’s electronic guides:  How to Teach English Overseas, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking, and electronic guides to the cities of NYC, Paris, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Hong Kong $100 donation –  All of the above, plus a FLYTE t-shirt, bumper sticker, and a personal thank you message from the class that your donation helps send overseas $500 donation – All of the above, plus an hour of travel planning with Nomadic Matt and a backpack from REI for your own trip $2,500 donation – All of the above, plus a free domestic flight and your name listed on the FLYTE website as a premium donor
Help Young People Study Abroad With FLYTE
It Feels Good to Share the Joy of Travel!

You can give any amount you choose.  And your donation will help cover:

  • Teacher training materials
  • Airfare
  • Local transportation costs
  • Meals
  • Academic costs

I’ll be supporting Matt’s new venture, and I hope you will too!

Bottom Line

Please consider donating to Nomadic Matt’s new charity, FLYTE (Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education).  It helps fund study-abroad trips for young people who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

This is a terrific way to share your love of travel with folks who aren’t as fortunate.  And it’s an amazing opportunity for kids to further their education overseas.

I’m happy to support this cause!

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