Shhhh…Earn 60,000 Free Hawaiian Airlines Miles a Year (or 120,000 Hilton Points)

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Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Link:  Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar
Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

I’m really, really lucky to have terrific readers who not only help each other on the blog, but share ideas in the comments and email so that we can all earn more miles and points to have Big Travel with Small Money!

Ariana (Thanks Ariana!!) writes in with perhaps the cheapest way to earn a ton of Hawaiian Airline points which can be converted to Hilton hotel points at a 1:2 ratio (bolding mine):

I’m really enjoying your blog and find it very helpful as a new travel hacker. I read your article on how you transferred your 35,000 Hawaiian Miles to your Hilton Account, resulting in 70,000 points.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Hawaiian has a search toolbar that you can download.  Not only do they offer miles for purchases on sites like Amazon, but you can earn 1 mile/3 searches, up to 5000 miles per month.

I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and though it takes a bit of work, I have 13,000 miles without making a single purchase.

I knew that you can earn miles by downloading the toolbar from other airlines such as United, American, US Air, and Delta, but the maximum number of miles which you can earn by performing searches is capped at ~500 miles per month.

But I was surprised to learn that you could earn up to 5,000 Hawaiian Airline miles (convertible to10,000 Hilton Points) per month with the Hawaiian Airline Toolbar by performing online searches!

Here’s what the Hawaiian Airlines website says:

Yes, you can earn a maximum of 5,000 miles per month for searches using the HawaiianMiles RewardsBar.

You’d have to make 15,000 searches a month or 500 searches a day to earn 5,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles.

I won’t be searching online 500 times a day because I’m always running out of time, but this is a great way to earn free miles for those of you with a bit more free time (or motivation!) than me.  I also prefer using Google instead of yahoo for web searches.

If you’re thinking of earning some easy free miles, Ariana has some advice.

One word of advice: Sometimes Hawaiian doesn’t credit your entire balance and it takes some work to get your miles.  I recently earned 3000 miles in one week, but only 1000 posted.  Customer service is useless and will just tell you they’re “waiting for a response from the marketing department” before crediting your miles.  I complained to them through Twitter and the situation was rectified shortly after.  Just make sure you tell your readers to keep screenshots of their toolbar, showing total miles earned at the end of the month.

She also notes that after earning 1,000 miles the counter stops showing additional miles, but that it is possible to earn up to 5,000 miles a month.  And don’t forget to take a screenshot of the total amount of miles you earned in a month!

One more thing regarding the Hawaiian toolbar that’s worth noting. After earning 1000 miles, the line next to the toolbar will stop showing additional credit for your miles, but you will still see your searches being counted.  At first, I thought this meant I was limited to 1000 miles, but I’ve continued searching and earned the maximum 5000.  Thus its important to take a screenshot at the end of the month, so you have proof that you completed the 15000 searches needed for 5,000 miles.

It is worth mentioning that Hawaiian Airline is the only airline which will let you earn miles (1 mile per $1 spent) for shopping at Amazon, and that Hawaiian Airline points can be converted to twice the number of Hilton hotel points.

Hawaiian Airlines charges 40,000 to 80,000 miles for a trip to Hawaii from the 48 US states.  Or for 55,000 miles round trip, you could fly from Hawaii to French Polynesia, because the only thing better than visiting 1 tropical island is to visit 2 tropical islands!

You could also redeem points on their partner, Delta for flights within the US for 25,000 miles and to Europe for 55,000 miles.  These flights have to be on flown on Delta (no partner airlines allowed), so it may be hard to redeem since Delta usually has very limited availability on its own flights.

You could also redeem miles on Continental, but it is expensive at 40,000 miles (versus 25,000 normally) and the partnership ends on December 31, 2011.

Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air also partner with Hawaiian, but the high fuel surcharges on Virgin flights make this an expensive proposition.

The cheapest Hilton hotels are 7,500 points and the top category 7 hotels are 50,000 points a night, so you could get a few nights at a Hilton as well!

Bottom Line

It does take time to perform searches online, but you may as well get paid if you’re doing them anyway.  The 5,000 monthly limit on miles earned by searching online makes the Hawaiian Airline toolbar a better choice to earn lots of miles.

Will you use the Hawaiian Airline toolbar to earn lots of miles? (Hat Tip to Ariana!)

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