Avis Cancels Cheap Weekend Reservations

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Avis Cancels Cheap Weekend Reservations

Million Mile SecretsAvis Cancels Cheap Weekend ReservationsMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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Avis has cancelled reservations made with the AVIS free weekend deal.  Thanks to jsafford for alerting me!

I logged into my Avis account and found all my upcoming reservations were cancelled.  Here’s the email which I got from AVIS.

Avis Cancels Reservations
Avis Cancels Reservations

Prepaid reservations are being refunded without any cancellation fees.

This was a mistake so I can understand why Avis isn’t honoring it.  Oh well.  At least they were quick to cancel the reservations.

Though I hate how big companies can get out of their “mistakes” but the average consumer has to pay for his or her mistakes.


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Avis offered to honor the promotion for those eligible for it. sounds fair enough to me. I can’t seem to muster any sympathy for customers who only want to get something for nothing. So now you some of you want to boycott Avis when you weren’t even a loyal customer in the first place? Make sure to ask for your upgrade as well. Honestly, Avis probably doesn’t want or need your business, and neither would I.

Bunch O’ Whiners! If you did any research at all, you know that this offer was targeted to a specific population. Nothing worse than a bunch of people who try to abuse a program, then cry like babies when it gets pulled.

With a bit of searching (really, very little) I got a rental for $107 all in for my 4 days in fl. You can’t tell me $93 was loss making. No way. I’m not super bent out of shape about it, but it was a pain, and they lost some business.

They absolutely should not charge the cancellation fee for prepaid res. yeah, they can correct their mistake, but it still was a mistake on their part. Let’s be reasonable here. Especially since they should want your business in the future, or even on this trip, just at a price they want.


It’s has nothing to do with what I think is the “fair” price should be. It’s has to do with at what price they can rent the cars out then recover their fixed costs, variable costs, and make a little profit on top.

My point is that avis would not be in business much longer if they have to give away $3 rentals to thousands of people.

It’s not the bloggers fault, it is the fault if the Internet. Too many people have access to the information too quickly, the company has no time to act.

I can tell you I am not a profitable customer to the travel and banking industries. But I really don’t want anyone of them go belly up.

Rule #7 for reading blogs. If several blogs go agog all at once over a “deal” that is spectacularly too good to be true, it won’t be honored. Perhaps there are exceptions now and then, but these are ones I always pass on. Here everyone is jumping on a targeted offer as though they were targeted.

Million Mile Secrets

@MidCentModFan – It sure looks like a mistake to me because the Avis website now says that you can’t use that coupon online. Which is what it should have said initially.

@Scottrick – They *did* cancel the reservation. The email says “tentatively cancelled” and the reservation shows up as cancelled in my Avis account!

The 24 hour cancellation policy for air tickets is not because of the airlines’ generosity, but because they are required by law to grant a 24 hour grace period. And some employees of big companies don’t check their work before making it accessible to the world on the internet!

@Amol (@PointsToPointB)
– The email says that no cancellation fee will be assessed for prepaid rentals, so give them a call. But ideally you would have got a full refund.

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