American Express Not Honoring Targeted Bonus Points (If You Weren’t Targeted)

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American Express Not Honoring Targeted Bonus Points (If You Weren’t Targeted)

Million Mile SecretsAmerican Express Not Honoring Targeted Bonus Points (If You Weren’t Targeted)Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Update: September 17, 2011, 4:40 pm – American Express may not honor targeted bonus points if you weren’t targeted despite previously notating them on your account.  If you have written communication, it may be easier to get those bonus points.

As we know, American Express was allowing folks to call in and apply targeted offers for more points to their account even if they weren’t targeted for that offer.

But this is no longer possible.

However, I’ve read reports of American Express refusing to honor bonuses that were previously promised to customers by American Express customer service representatives.

FlyerTalk member HikerT, has posted on how calling the American Express Executive Offices at 212-640-2000 may help.

I didn’t apply for an American Express Gold or Platinum card, because I knew that I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t get the small sign on bonus bumped, so I don’t have any personal experience with this.

If you’ve been promised points which haven’t yet shown up in your account, you may want to give the executive offices a call!

(Hat tip to HikerT!)

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This is November 2014… A year ago, I had a targeted offer via mail from AE to sign on for a business account, purchase $2000 on card, and earn 75K points (all within a 90 day period). I did everything to a “T”, and kept every piece of documentation, including the mailer (where it says $2000 in purchases four times in different places for the 75K bonus points). By January, I did not have my points, and called customer service “Cynthia” (took note of the name and everything the rep told me, opened an “inquiry”, no response. Called again in the spring, “Char” said my inquiry was closed as it claimed I had not spent the required $5000. I told her I had all the documention that the requirement was for $2000 in purchases. I called back, took all notes, rep said it appears I “should have been” awarded the 75K points. She opened another inquiry. No response. This fall I received my “annual fee” notice, called again to cancel my card. Rep asked why, I gave her the whole story (her name was Megan Davis). She asked that I fax all my documentation to her and her supervisor (Jeremy Bressard). I did. No response. Four weeks later I called and asked about the inquiry. I was transferred to Megan and Jeremy’s team rep (“Najee”). My account said it was “closed”… I asked why, she said it “could not be validated”. I cancelled the card and they assured me I won’t have to pay the annual fee (bet I get rebilled). Needless to say, I would NOT recommend anyone trying to open an account to earn bonus points… what a nightmare!!

The only way you will get the bonus points is if you are targeted and even then you must have proof of email or letter. I made many attempts with calls, the reps are nice about it and apologize and tell me they cant apply the points, so I ask to speak to a manager but the furthest I got was an “inquiry of my account” before they will apply my points. I have my email of invitation to apply for the premier gold card and I even clicked on the link was approved, I met the spend and waited 8 weeks but I am still having a hard time getting the 75k points applied and this is going on 4 months. What is going on? Them saying an “inquiry of my account” makes me feel like I am bad. I am not lying they promised it. American Express approached me with this offer……

Million Mile Secrets

@Yonkers51 – If you have an email with the offer you should be able to get the bonus points. I would write them a letter and call/fax the executive offices to get the points.

Success! Thank you HikerT and Daraius:)

I was awarded the personal 75K points in July. I applied after for the Business Amex. After getting Daraius email alert over the weekend I called 1st thing Monday morning (I was told they would investigate and it took them until today, Wednesday to award the 75K points to me).

Granted over the weekend I called several times to the non-corporate # and was rejected every time. I even sent a SM and was also rejected.

I’m so grateful that I enrolled in this blogs’ email alerts.

Again thank you both.

Million Mile Secrets

@Kevin – I would call back and tell them that you are disappointed and was promised the miles. Ask them to look up the phone records (they have a record of all calls) which should indicate this. They might just give you the miles then!

@Ryan – Thanks for sharing your success, and thanks to HikerT for the tip!

I called into the executive office and the representative said that they could not find the notation on my account from a month ago when I spoke with an AMEX rep and was told that the notation for 75,000 was on my account! I’m a little disconcerted by this turn of events and feel extremely let down by AMEX by this process. They are usually so helpful. Lesson learned is that I’ll always ask for the rep’s name from now on.

I was promised 100k for plaitnum, it was confirmed by a supervisor when 25k posted. I called the 212# and got 100k posted within 1 hour!!

Million Mile Secrets

@Jason – It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

@Jeeves – Thanks for the update. It would be nice if they honored what they initially promised!

@ndav – Sweet! Thanks for sharing.

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